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  1. Don't take this as me arguing with you. I already admitted my response was unfair, and you have your right to post your opinion. But just to kill my curiousity, what was the reason for bringing all these points up again? I realize you had a terrible experience a few years back, and it is definitely your right to let people know that it was not the best experience for you. But, aside from the fact that you have not been back since the game became actually fun, what was the purpose of bringing all of this up again, in the process giving people the impression that the game is still like that?
  2. Okay I edited my original post so that is was more civil, and admitted I was in the wrong, and it was a misunderstanding. Re-read above to see the changes made.
  3. Yup I agree, and fully admit to being a jack-ass. I overlooked the part about him possibly being wrong and I apologize about my outburst. Rick is a good guy, and I don't think any less of him. I'll handle things a bit more civil in the future.
  4. Okay I did not see Rick's #3 reason. So Rick I apologize about the personal stuff. If that was truly your experience a few years back then I can see why you would be upset about the game. If it was like that 3 years ago, and I had attended, I probably never would have gone back. If it was indeed like that then they have seriously improved. But ya, I apologize fully about my misinterpretation. Sorry man. To everyone else, sorry for being the buzz kill on this thread.
  5. I made a post about this earlier that was a bit unfair on my part in defense of KR. I misunderstood Rick and fully admit that. I am editing this post to correct the ass-hat demeanor I had earlier today, and instead give a positive 2nd viewpoint on the game. It sounds like the game was a lot different when Rick, Kevin and Katie attended, and a lot of these issues have been fixed. I will cover what Rick posted in sections below. "I drove several hours to the middle of Pennsylvania to some random camp called Camp Daddy Allen (sounds creepy). First off, there's no parking. None. There are over 150 people at a game and people pull off to the side of a 1-lane road into the woods and try not to double-park too many people. I have a carload of stuff and my first mission is to make an introduction, find a place to sleep, and perhaps get a tour of the area while it's still light out." There is a parking lot on site that can fit well over the amount of vehicles needed for the entire player base of 150+ "FAIL: No one is designated to assist new players to game. You either show up with friends who've already played, or you're shit-out-of-luck. The first person I meet looks at me with an irritated glance and she claims all the cabins are 'reserved' (unofficially) and you'll have to ask for the proper Lord's approval. I explain that I'd just like to NPC and the advice I was given was "my cabin's full, you can try walking up and down the road and find someone with a spot open". Eventually, I managed to find a cabin in the middle of the woods where a certain person couldn't make it to game. I was told newbies get to sleep in the corner so I carried my stuff about a quarter mile from my car and dumped it into the cabin." There are several new player martials, and the first portion of the event is dedicated to helping new players come into game, and get their feet wet. There are even new player mods designated to make new players feel important, and give them something they can do upon entering town. Furthermore, there are no reserving of the cabins. It's first come, first served. You get a bunk, and put your crap on it. They cannot kick you out of a bed. If beds are full, then you ask staff where a good place to sleep is. The only time you should walk up and down the road looking for a free bed, is when all other bunks are taken. If that is the case, there is an overflow area where people can sleep, especially for NPCs. "When I was put into the cabin of 3 other people, all I could say is that it was a room full of level 100 assholes. Some guy was supposed to be this awesome badass fighter... and he shows up at game with a poolnoodle that is suppose to be a 'double ended polearm'. One side is a duct-tape box, the other is a duct-tape glaive. He's wearing a piece of black fabric wrapped in a red scarf and had carpenter boots on. This is supposed to be their cream of the crop. It was borderline embarrassing to be in the same cabin as these people." There are a few peole who don't have/can't afford propper garb, but for the most part, everyone's costuming and garb is jaw droppingly amazing. This one person DOES NOT represent the massive amount of players who spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their garb to be presentable. "The cabins are numerous (about 40 or so) each containing 4 pieces of plywood on 2x4s which constitutes a bed. No mattress or springs." The cabins are actual heated cabins, with real beds, and actual mattresses with springs. "There aren't really any RP roles for NPCs. We asked and were given a strange look." WRONG: The staff there fully supports RP from their NPCs. Seldomly is there a group of NPCs sent out that actually has no RP base to them. The RP is abundant, and plentiful, as well as in depth and stimulating. "Only one small rack of clothes and 2 totes of various "dungeon props". Out of 7 or 8 shifts, you're only required to NPC one of them. So they only deal with about 20 NPCs at a time, so it's understandable." There are over 20 totes of clothing and props, and numerous totes of masks and makeup. "Combat is not even remotely balanced. Monsters can have 400+ hit points. Literally. Let me reiterate this for those of you that don't want to do math... I would have to hit an average creature at game over 200 times to have a glimmer of hope of killing it. Even the weakest skeletons had 40-60 BP and various defenses. Oh wait, I see another epic fail approaching…" SOMEWHAT TRUE: This is a game where people are expected to work together and not solo. They use a high body point system, and people are expected to not go out alone. They expect large groups of PCs to engage the monsters, so they cannot make their BP super low. They have to be high. This makes it balanced in the fact that if they made their monsters able to be defeated by one PC, then noone would ever be challenged at the kind of game this is. Also, the players are good enough to know that if they are a 300 BP monster, they will most likely give the three PCs they stumble across a chance to get away and inform the town of their presence, because they are not just there to kill PCs. However, if a player is dumb and insists on attacking said monster, then their death is on them, and not the NPC. "EPIC FAIL: Defenses are cheese. If you get hit and you don't feel like taking damage, there are any number of things you can call to get out of jail free. Here's a subset of the "your attack fails" defenses people can have active at any given time: Dodge, Parry, Resist, Natural Resist, Stoneskin, Reflect, Elemental Block, Shield Block, Hero of the Last Stand, and various spells I cant recall the names to. You might think "hey, that's not too bad". Except you can take them all multiple times. There's a good chance you'll see someone with 4-8 dodges and parries which means they DON'T NEED TO MOVE AT ALL while fighting you. Derailing from the WIN/FAIL structure for a minute, I need to elaborate on how horrible this is. Let's say you have 8 NPCs in a shield wall (that's high for an NPC group). A PC could literally walk at a casual pace towards the NPCs as they rain down damage calls such as "7 Crit!", "21 Body Fire", "13 Mithril Ice Backstab!", etc. They could stop, trim their nails, sip a few drinks out of their canteen, say "excuse me a moment" as they push the shields aside and walk behind everyone... then turn around and start attacking... and they'd still be alive. Did I mention they were a Mage and aren't even considered a frontline fighter in this game? The one thing going for them is it's NOT a tap-blocking system (thankfully) or I fear combat would never resolve. Kevin and I, as Greater Skeletons swinging for 6 damage each with 200 body advanced towards a priest who happened to trip over a rock and was on the ground. We spent a good while beating on him until our arms got tired, then he casually got up (not calling defenses, just taking the straight damage) and walked a few feet away, then started fighting again. He actually had his back to us a few times because, frankly, we didn't do "that much damage" per hit. Anyway, there's some light at the end of this tunnel…" Let me just say that there are just as many attacks that can break these defenses as there are defenses. The staff spends hundreds of hours coming up with defenses and offensesw that balance each other out. Plus each defense you can only use a few times per game period. Now let me do some math. Parry costs 6 build usually to buy. That's a lot of build. Say I buy 3 parry's. I get hit 75 times. I can only stop 3 of those 75 strikes before I am out of parry's to use. How is this different than your Shadow Skin? The only difference is it cannot be cast on yourself over and over again. The priest example is a rarity. Something like that only happens once every so often. This is not a common occurrence. "WIN: Shifts last until 6AM and yes they can kill you in your sleep. FAIL: Not like it would ever happen since you'd need to hit them over a hundred times. In fact, they could probably wake up, read the morning paper, then lazily lift their sword and beat you up." If you are sleeping, it's an automatic kill for them. "FAIL: Auto-win abilities. Are you faster than the other player and think you're going to get away? Think again. They'll probably point a finger at you and call "Perfect Aim: Incinerate!" for 400 damage, auto-hit. Or even better, they'll call 'Leap' or 'Flee' or 'Jump' which means game hold as they walk ~20 steps towards you, then call 'game on' and stun your ass. There are also abilities called Slay which means you die... unless you expend any one of your 15 defenses." It sounds like there were some issues back then, but the rules have cleaned up a lot of them. Slay does not automatically kill you. "WIN/FAIL: A pick-pocketing game mechanic involves taking a black clothespin and clipping it to a target's pouch, within 10 inches, and after 10 seconds you acquire the contents of that pouch. At first I considered this very lame since it diverts from any real-world skill. However, it was very entertaining at NPC camp to literally "pick pocket" everyone in the room, even the camera guy, without them noticing. It meant nothing as it was OOC, but it was a good time. Unfortunately, the only way you can do that in game is with a GM present. So the odds of this happening when an opportunity presents itself is slim to none." Some people will never have the finesse needed to pick someone's actual pouch like the thief they are portraying. This solves that problem. Keep your damn eyes open and your pouches buried if you want to hold on to your shit.
  6. Awesomeness of July

    Okay here goes... Pros: Coming back to game after oh so long. I missed all you guys. Seeing Amy and Michael. People I haven't seen even before I stopped attending. Rolling the entire cabin of Students as undead, then watching the Fae-kin twin(Sorry I forget your name.) rolling in and saving the day solo style like an action hero. Meeting new players and bunk-mates. Playing undead in general is always fun. Watching the Golems mesmerized by Ivan's helmet. Having the inquisitor ask me to wear the "Death to Minotaurs" sign, and Roland arguing that there are no minotaurs in sight. Being given a magical sword by Goldright. GIVEN a magical sword! Receiving 3 magic items as opposed to my usual number of 0. Banking with Goldright and Titus. Being dropped only once as opposed to my usual 4-6 times during the event, and being dropped via self-sacrifice reasons, not because I suck. Getting OOBER buffs from Prime before the battle with the orcs on the road. Then keeping those buffs until convergence, which helped me imensly. Note to self: Invest in magic. Rolling with the Playboys. Always fun. Seeing Avelis(I might have spelled that wrong.) have the life drained out of him from this plague. I deliberately targeted him on the dancing fae/drummer fae plot, and to see the evidence of the life drained from his soul epically fleshed out his current state of emotion. Sitting around the fire near the lake telling jokes with Steve, Al, and a bunch of other people while we waited for the PC's to arrive during the first plot of the night. Also gotta love how that started. Random Camper trying to be an asshole gets in the middle of the road with a stick and trying to make fun of us yells "This is my road, you may not pass. What will you give me to pass on my road?" Steve's reaction: "My big fucking hammer in your face! Oh wait, you're not one of us..... never mind." (After I knew he was okay) Seeing Goldright take a header off a 3 foot wall, then insuring him that he actually "defeated the wall." Seeing the condition of STQ and friends, after their Fae excursion, and being relieved that I was late to the gathering, and did not go with them. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO CONCENTRATE ON AN IMPORTANT AND DELICATE PLOT, WHILE YOUR ADVENTURING COMPANIONS ARE ESSENTIALLY 8 YEARS OLD?!!!!! Getting to use my new sword's Ghastly Visage power. The Inquisitor stating that he does not wish to see the Fae/Fae-kin in the grips of Darkness. This added a whole new 3 dimensional aspect to Pat's PC. Awesome decision Pat. Just awesome! Yummy food at the Inn. Roland caught stealing food at the Inn by Randy's Inn NPC and trying to explain his way out of it. "I was just in the middle of reaching into my pouch to pay for this." Hot blue women. Turning into a werewolf in the middle of the Inn and killing Avelis. Playing Eric, the angry farmer who's wife got knocked up by Bob's NPC. Sneaking Octavius's dagger away from where he left it and stabbing Bob to death before being killed by the masses. Flower pimp. Being able to kill things other than just orcs, zombies, bandits and skeletons for a change. FINALLY!!! Rescuing PC's from the fate of bagmen. A TINKERER PLOT!!! What an amazing way to finish up an event. Thank you guys sooo much for adding that farmer vs. brownie plot in at the end of the event. I actually felt useful. Getting jumped at the Inn after game by the other PC's and thinking game was still in session. Wade drops Falco, who was about to drop me. I attack Wade. Wade pierce attacks me and drops me. Watching Dave sexually harass Lauren's NPC. Gambling with Lauren's other NPC. Even though this should be a con, contracting the plague. Going to save the ruler of the Picians, and hearing all these stories about how mighty and powerful he is, then finding out he is the size of a lemon. The better part was Schuyler's reaction as the Pician NPC when I offered to buy his ruler from him for 50 coin. Pros Update Prime as Patrick the friendly Ogre! Roland: "You should tell all your friends to be friendly like you, and they too can have drinks and watermelon at our inn." Patrick (Prime): "Friends not smart like Patrick. They stupid and mean, so adventurers kill them." Nom Nom Nom (On watermelon.) Cons: Bugs F*&%ing BUGS!!! This was by far the worst part of the event. The heat was bad, but manageable. When you bug spray wears off in an hour, that becomes a problem when the woods are infested with them. Enough said about all of that. You all know perfectly well what I mean. The heat of course. Not as many players as I hoped for, but it was the weekend of the 4th, so what can you do? MORE TO FOLLOW WHEN I REMEMBER!
  7. Schuyler has our birthday as well!

  8. lost and found

    I heard talk of a "supply-shed cleaning day." I am still missing my studded, black Roman style tunic. I lost it back during the November event. It looks just like the one Rick/Dren was wearing Friday night. I didn't see it among any of the NPC garb, so I am assuming it is somewhere inside the prop shed. When is this shed-cleaning day? depending on how far off it is, I might be able to come help. That might be the best way to find it at this point.
  9. Well, Funny enough...we have the same Birthday. Heya cabin bunk buddy :D

  10. Leather Greaves

    BTW, I probably should have posted this inquiry in the "Garb, Gear and Toys" section. Sorry.
  11. Leather Greaves

    Also, I know I gotta match coloring later, but the darker the brown, the better.
  12. Leather Greaves

    The straps are 11/16 inches wide. 5/8 might work, but it would be a hair off. 20 dollars is not an issue at all. Thanks again.
  13. Leather Greaves

    Yes this is acceptable, and much appreciated. All 6 straps would be preferred (For ease of fastening.), but only the top strap on each greave is truly necessary. I would only need a half an inch, to an inch. Also, on site is not only acceptable, but also preferred. Let me know how much you think is a fair deal.
  14. Leather Greaves

    I just tested the greaves again, and only need the top strap of each greave extended by approximately half an inch. Just a quick sewing job, nothing major. However, I know everyone is busy before play begins, so I know even menial tasks can be a chore. But it would totally make my event.
  15. Hello

    I feel new all over again, since I haven't been to an event since before November. I will be returning next weekend, and look forward to meeting some new faces, and reuniting with some old ones.