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  1. iPhone 7 + Case & Charger

    Selling iPhone7. Includes charger and $100 OtterBox case. $400
  2. Welcome to The Slap and Tickle

    Happy times. I'll be there whenever I wander in.
  3. I just wanted to say very quickly to all of you, thank you. My stint has Plot Marshall was short, but I think that we accomplished a great deal in that span. I look forward to see where game goes over the next year in my absence. I am sure you will all continue the great work that we've done over the past several years. All of that said, I will still maintain contact with anyone who wants to discuss plots, need advice, etc. I'll most likely be back in a year or a year and a few months, but I do plan on coming back. I'll be 'staying' in game through my blogs. Most of all, I will miss you guys. I haven't missed a game in about six years now. It will be strange to not pack my car the first weekend of every month and drive to Cleveland, NY. I will truly and deeply miss all of you. Please don't think of me as your ex, but as your friend with benefits who is going away to college. We'll still hook up in a year or two.
  4. Swords. Real and Fake.

    WTS 2 Dag-esqe Martial Length Boffers. No idea if they're Dag legal or not. $20, 1 Dagger Dag-esqe Boffer. No idea if legal for Dag or not. $10 or $25 together. 2 Bamboo Kendo Sticks $20 A handful of steel swords that are non-functional. $20-$50 Two daisho. Real smith forged steel katana. These are functional cutting blades that I used for competition and cutting. PM me for details and price negotiation. These will cost several hundred dollars per set. Thanks!
  5. Post your requests for RP skills and RP skill advancement here. The deadline is March 1st.
  6. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Everyone should probably post reasons WHY they deserve to rank up too.
  7. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    (Primary) Chosen 1 & Medium 1 for Aiden.
  8. The El Cairn Wants Reggie

    Al'Cairn *
  9. Best of December 2015

    Finishing Amanda's retirement plot and getting some new monsters out the door was a big accomplishment. I was very pleased with how it turned out despite being nauseous afterwords. I wasn't sure how the PCs received it and was very nervous. The look on Zach's face when he turned his head for a second and got a crossbow to the torso. The look on Jimmy's face when he wasn't looking at me and a crossbow bolt hit him right over his shield from 40ft away. Brave Companions Breakfast was a lot of fun. That was an excellent idea. Props to JC. The chance to play my new PC was a lot of fun. I will certainly be sticking with him. I'm going to pick up a few new things for his garb and cannot wait for April. Getting in character and walking down the hidden path only to find an unarmed Fe Da Butcher walking towards me. It was a good amount of RP that I was very happy to have had. After this conversation, I walk into the Field of Giants and run into Ulysses. We had a long conversation as well that was very enjoyable. I was really surprised at this timing and couldn't be happier with the chance to RP with some new players. A big thank you to all the people who NPC'd tirelessly and GM'd. I really appreciate all the work you did this season to make it great. I can't wait to see all of you at Feb Feast.
  10. Cheers! (First event scramble!)

    It's totally plausible that you're "mid-transformation", so your hair will have changed, but your eyes are still in that process. If that works for you then it works for me. Feel free to contact me via Private Message, if you have questions or just want to discuss your character concept. See you at game!
  11. Best of November!

  12. The Challenges of Corruption

    For Greed, I will claim Anthony and Adam Parente. They fought as zombies at CoK. Both appeared at Turkey War. Adam left early due to injury, but Anthony stayed the duration of the event. Anthony and Adam have both achieved rank of Skeleton.
  13. Cairnhold Legion Roster & Contact Info

    Archer - Skeleton Whiplash - Christopher Tesorio Reporting for duty!
  14. The Challenges of Corruption

    Gluttony - In Progress - Assisted Weapon Check on Blues, Reds and Projectiles at CoK VII with Ser Janowin, TrannyPat and Silk. Assisted with Projectiles Weapon Check at Turkey War.
  15. Harvest Fest 2015

    The annual Pinedale Harvest Festival will soon be on us. The 2nd shift (Saturday 10-3:30) will be an all PC shift, with no GM plot provided during that time. Any player who does not currently have a PC is more than welcome to create a lvl 1 persona to participate in the events of the day or to man the Inn (Please speak with Christina about inn stuff) It is traditional for PC parties and/or individuals to hold various contest of skill, sport or chance during the festival so please start forming ideas if you haven't already started. If your event would like a game provided reward ( a buff, magic item ect) please send your proposal to Kender for approval as soon as possible. Post here if you plan on running an event, I will try to update this post to keep things organized.
  16. September Preproduction and Retirement

    Raines Scarcella Crafting - Talisman of Warding Production - 4 Scrolls of Second Breath
  17. Plot Survey

    Hello everyone! Please fill out both and help us make game better! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Eq9KuihmLMPxNsqCagvGjYZQGue87XwExJtft5neUtI/viewform?edit_requested=true Fill this out after every game! If this survey is filled out after every game it is worth 10xp at the end of the year! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Zs6YkGfEOgO2D2KHsYKiGcbvUpWzRspQRFlEBDU0-X0/viewform?edit_requested=true
  18. Best of August!

    ~ Getting murdered by Dan-Wraith. #hubris
  19. Mid-season Shift schedule

  20. Changes for plot

    Thank you, Dave. Any amount of time spent volunteering for our game is always worth recognizing. Ten years worth of volunteering? What can you say? I don't think there's a single person that attends Kingdoms of Novitas who doesn't know how much work you've put into the game. Thank you again and enjoy your time as a player. (I'm sure it won't last long. You'll be back to work before you know it in some capacity.)
  21. Good evening everyone! I wanted to update everyone that Plot will now be answering Lore regularly. We have put a staff member in charge of Lore and only Lore. To use your Lore skill, please submit your request at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the event and staff promises you a response. Thank you!
  22. August preroduction and retirement

    CP - Master's Blade: Nature(8) & Goblin Iron(8) EDIT: Because Pat Lane is a tool. PP - 5x Scrolls of Synchronize - "From the Hand of Lady Luck, I Draw Synchronize."
  23. I'm Interested!

    Welcome, welcome. Our next event is August 7-9, 2015. Hope to see you there!
  24. Noodle Strikes

    The best recommendation is for you to show up and try it. Theory-crafting over the Internet won't help either way. If you find that Kingdoms of Novitas isn't as 'realistic' as you prefer then I would recommend our Dag unit, the Cairnhold Legion. You can ask Hivemind about it when you attend your first event.
  25. Dart Pockets

    Amanda is correct. This is already something several players do. They could search your spacket pocket just like any other pocket.