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  1. So this was my first dag event and I had a total blast. So I figured "Why not put up a best of... to see what everyone else liked" so here we are. - Getting power trucked by "Big sexy" the roman. I went to charge an archer and he went to charge me... He won and I did a back roll and got murdered. - Trucking other people with shields. I couldn't seem to kill many people but I legged tons of them, it was upsetting me that I couldn't hit legged shield people. So I just started ramming them over. That was pretty cool - Weapons inspector: "You haven't been calling any of them hard or anything" Dan: "Don't you know? Tony has nerve damage in his back, those 50 arrows or so, he can't feel them" Weapons inspector: "...What?" Tony: "Heh, just kidding" - sneaking past the archers flank and murdering like 7 defenseless people. "How the fuck did you get back there". -Dave, after I killed him. -My garb came together really well, with the help of Dave. Thanks for the help and the bracers+Belt!!!!!!! -The unit battles were fun, even though we kept getting out flanked. - Watching the ninja run around and dishonorably kill tons of people was just silly. - I love seeing and understanding how the game is actually played. My little auburn group is so new that nobody really knows what a big battle is like. - Our battle standard is wicked cool. - Getting to use a longer sword then what I am used to is really nice. Short sword and no shield sucks.
  2. Hello again!

    Hello everyone, its Tony/Azgar/Brother Tobias. I am dropping by to tell everyone that I am excited to be returning to game in May. I expect to be coming with some brand new players, so expect them to stop by on the forums and say hello sometime soon. I am looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting everyone else.
  3. Feb feast handout

    Is there a place where I can view the feb-feast handout, I want to reread the new tinkering items and rules changes.
  4. My Little Pony

    I am so happy this thread is being revived.
  5. Bulk Magic Cards

    I have more magic cards then I know what to do with. I have at least 20k bulk magic cards. PM me if your interested.
  6. Clean your cabins

    Just as a reminder to everyone. At the end of the event on sunday morning. In addition to helping out you should always clean your cabin. A quick sweep, pick up wrappers, cloths, personal goods, and the likes. Me and rich were left with wet underwear, socks, towels, wrappers and more this event. I have heard a few people chirp in with similar complaints. So just as friendly reminder. Clean your cabins please.
  7. 23. Players remove defenses in the following order: magical defenses, magical armor, physical armor, damage requirement, Body points, Wounds. This is in the rulebook this is awesome, why arent we playing it this way. 1. Means that players can still assist when fighting monsters that they cant hurt, even if in a limited capacity (removing armor and buffs) 2. NPCs still can effect PCs that are using the shadow skin buff 3. This thematically makes sense. Why should the steel armor a troll is wearing only be hurt by nature? I just think this is a good idea.
  8. Damage requirment rule

    People should keep track of it. "I have 9 points, four from body, I take five points I start calling no effect" Seems really easy to keep track of and remember.
  9. Hey guys its big Tony (Azgar) I was wondering if anyone goes through the auburn area to get to KON. If so Id love to catch a ride, and I am willing to pitch in for some gas also. My ride situation is totally fallen apart and its looking like I might miss another event =(
  10. Hello all, I've been getting some questions about the dag practice in auburn so this is all the infoz on it. Date: Every Sunday Time: 1:30- (warm ups) 2:00 (battles) 5:00 (wind down and practice end) Place: Auburn NY 13021 "The big field" 118 cottage street (Not exact address but the fields right next door) Currently we have 10-13 people attending every week. Any other questions just ask =)
  11. My Little Pony

    just join the herd, we know you are a closet bronie, no need to hide it!
  12. My Little Pony

    Hell yes azgar pony!
  13. survived febfest to say hello

    good to see you on the boards!
  14. newb pcs werent so new feeling.

    If I recall you did this when I first made a pc. I think it helped out a lot. I think this is a pretty good idea also.
  15. Soda in the Inn

    I would like to cast my ballet. 1 Option should be cola/root beer and the other option could be somthing more exotic. As long as there is a normal option.
  16. Edited: Added guildwars 2, edited prices on SWTOR, WoW. (Please PM me on the forums if you are interested in anything) Guild Wars 2 account -Basic edition Guild wars 2 account -Asking price is cheaper then new copy -No monthly fees on Guildwars 2 Asking price: 35$ Basic black cello - Full 4/4th size. - Only played two or three times - Unglued bridge. (I hate when they glue the shit on) - Black finish (Makes it look pretty) - Comes with Bow - Carry case (Soft, with backpack style straps and standard handle) - Pitch pipe - Bow - Extra strings Asking Price: 50$ WoW account - Level 85 orc warrior (Blues mostly) - Level 85 tauren shaman (full pre-raid epics) - Level 70 something taruen druid - Level 64 tauren paladin - at least a level 20 of each race/class. - Ancient account history* (First payment was on day of launch) - Willing to fax blizzard a full account change if you like, or simply give you total control. - Eligible for "Revive a friend" offer. Asking price: 35$ or best offer. *has been reported as stolen before SWTOR Account - Level 50 Sith Sorcerer - Level 20 something bounty hunter. - Perfect account history. - asking price is less then a new account Asking Price: 20$ LoL Account http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7583 I have also gained about 5 other champions and 2 more skins since then and many more runes Airsoft gun - Ak-47 style - Fired once http://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Aftermath_Kraken_Police_AEG_Airsoft_Rifle_Clear/2614;jsessionid=49B02EA857064CDE912216F6D859F886.app03 Is the exact model Asking price: 30$ Or best offer. bulk MTG cards* - Around 20k total cards - Commons and uncommon in the standard ratio (No rares) - Sets from 4th edition to shards of alara. - Majority of cards from these sets: Mercadian masks block Onslaught block Mirroden block Kamigawa block Ravnica block - Lots of stuff for the new "Modern Magic" format. Asking price: 10$ per 5k cards. *Carrying around that many cards is absurd, also I don't really feel like having people sitting in my attic for 5 hours sifting through shit. These are sold in bulk, you want cards I will hand you a 5k count box I will ensure you get no basic land if you like. Computer store closing stuff Closed my computer store, and I have some stuff for sale Basic HP computer - 512 ram - 100g hd - running windows xp pro. Asking price: 90$ Or best offer Random cables - Many different types of cables ranging from odd-ball gender changers to HDMI cables. Includes things like Sata cables with the hooked ends, power cables, video cables, usb cables, and more. Asking price: Depends on cable, anywhere from 2-7$ Hanns-g Monitor - Lcd - 17 inch - VGA output only Asking price: 60$ or best offer. Depending on what your trading I may accept trade on everything but the LoL account. some of these offers wont stand after feb feast, and some will. I will update the post accordingly. and obliviously anything that says "or best offer" Really means "Or best offer that's reasonable"
  17. Help the Dag Noob!

    You can just have it. Its just taking up space anyways. The edges need to be refoamed but the face of the shield is already done. Edit: I think I only bought it for like, 20 bucks anyways.
  18. Help the Dag Noob!

    Heya, I have a curved shield thats already strapped and foamed. It needs to be touched up a bit, but Id be willing to get rid of it.
  19. Multiple things for sale, for feb feast.

    Yes it is. Same price as listed, you just need to pick it up yourself =)
  20. Helmets for Sale

    second helmet pictures reminds me of this
  21. Agatha

    Azgar, sitting nearby perks up his head and looks towards the direction of the sound. "I think that's Yogi"
  22. A loud banging around Pinedale can be heard, upon investigation you find a poorly written note nailed to the inn door, nearby trees and around Pinedale. Recent politic events have caused large scale changes in most our lives. All those in Pinedale now find themselves citizens of Evanadra, other places in the Freelands are also being annexed and negotiated for by the nearby nations. Many residents of the freelands find this to be unsettling and unacceptable. If you feel the same way, help take action! I will informing and if need be training nearby farmers, peasants, serfs, minor landowners, and all others. The need to keep the Freelands free is of vital importance. If you wish to help, seek me out in Omars Hammer. Azgar Castle
  23. Harvest Festival 2012

    yeah yeah, Azgar is duke of the far cabins remember? I own that empty cabin! =)though I feel like "Get off our lawn" would be a better tag
  24. Harvest Festival 2012

    The brave companions will be hosting the 1st annual "Impress us or get off our porch" contest. In which contests need to impress us with some type of talent or skill, or get off our porch. An additional pie eating contest may also be held!
  25. Sorry we left early

    Billy mays died from one. So it was a good idea you went to the docs'