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  1. May 2012 Announcements

    For me, personally, it's a much smaller annoyance to have to clean up after someone else than to have to sleep in the regular cabins.
  2. Benefit Raffle for Lew

    Are we doing this at this event?
  3. Free Books

    I'm totally interested in New Spring and Magic Kingdom for Sale.
  4. Sam and Marisa would like bunkspace with me, or rather, space in the same building as me.
  5. Congratulations, smallest Marsh!

    Booyah! Happy for you guys. :D
  6. Well, are there any beds still open in the other lodge? If so, Sam, Marisa, and I would like to grab 'em. If not, I'll stick in Resurrection.
  7. Marisa was not there, I was. My bunk had been given away when I showed up, though.
  8. God dammit. I knew I forgot something. Thanks.

  9. Loot Is Broken

    Nero has something like that. It's not so fun.
  10. Multiple things for sale, for feb feast.

    Is the Cello still for sale?
  11. Albany Practices

    Sam and I are both spear fighters.
  12. Benefit Raffle for Lew

    Thanks guys. This is awesome. :D
  13. Players with personal crises

    I've just watched the video that's part of the link Dave posted. The agency's utter lack of fact checking has led to a nearly physically-violent confrontation with a neighbor who now believes that I burned my own house, and the cats with it.
  14. Players with personal crises

    Media hasn't bothered to talk to any of us, so yeah... We're getting donations already, both cash and physical items. It's all appreciated.
  15. 2012 Feb Feast Auction items

    I won the gauntlets of diagnosis.
  16. Big monsters were scary

    I like the way the game plays now. I don't use dissipate or any magic but charm and disengage. Only got two body and do three damage. Never had an Elven Steel weapon. Just a poison sword for a while, and plain steel. Game's plenty "scary" if I walk around without a sizable escort. Or even then, if we happen to walk into the wrong situation. Don't see a need to just buff everything else. At Feb Feast me and a few others got caught in the field by respawning Dellins. They went down in a hit or two from my spear, but they still wrecked our shit. Had their caster(s) healing them during the fight to get them back in and kicking ass. Didn't need to be 12 monsterous DR Smite weapon masters for that. Game's fine where it's at.
  17. Players with personal crises

    I didn't give them money, apparently. I let them stay at the house free of charge, let them use my car, etc. But because I didn't hand them all my cash? I was a horrible person and they burned the house down.
  18. Players with personal crises

    As an update to those of you who don't have me on FB: The guy who I thought had burned down the house turns out to not be a dick. He cooperated with the police and allowed them to wiretap his phone, and got the person who did it to confess. So, three arrests have been made. The police have a taped confession. They did let one of the people go, not sure if it's bail or a full release. Tomorrow I meet with the insurance appraisers as well.
  19. 2012 Ragnarok Pre-Reg list

    Won't be able to come this year on account of all my gear being blown up. And the whole money thing. :(
  20. Players with personal crises

    We have a paypal account for donations: lakerhode@gmail.com Please include a note that it's from a KoN person if you are able to donate anything.
  21. Players with personal crises

    Thanks for putting this up. As of now: I have a place to stay. I have a new laptop so I can keep in touch with folks. Tomorrow I get new clothes and stuff, so I don't have to run around as Shen. The house was fully insured, and we're already starting that process. Cops are currently investigating this as a possible arson, as apparently the house didn't just burn, the front half of it exploded spectacularly enough to do some serious damage to two of the firetrucks that were there (no, we had no gas, our oil tanks were in the back, etc, no one knows what caused the explosion). No one's hurt and it appears that immediate needs are taken care of. Once I figure out what we're doing in the medium and long term, I'll definitely be able to let people know more of what we need. As of now, though, money is where we're tightest.
  22. New T-shirts for Feb Feast 2012

    One medium please.
  23. 2012 Feb Feast Auction items

    oman. I didn't plan on spending any money at Feast this year, but that plan's pretty much gone out the window (well, maybe. If I lose I still don't spend any money :D )
  24. Sam's Decay. If it isn't already claimed, I'd like to use Plague Bearer for myself.