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  1. Feb Feast 2018 Chinese Auction Items! This year we're doing a "small" fundraiser auction in February, and the big honkin "holy hell how much are they paying for that magic sword?" one at the 2018 JUNEBILEE If you're not familiar with a chinese auction: We sell you a ticket You put the ticket in the designated bag for the item you're after We draw a ticket, somebody is a winner! If you're not familiar with Feb Feast: We operate the game most of the time on a shoestring budget. We have a fundraiser every year to help allay any fears we have. We sell magic items for dollars and make them super cool: http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Novitasnewyear If you don't know what we mean by "20 points", here's some info about our crafting system! http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Craftingpointstat For this one, we're selling TWO TIERS OF TICKETS. The "normal" price ones: $1 each $10 for "an arm's length" (number varies, but is a better deal than individually) and the "5 dollar tickets" $5 each no discount for buying in bulk $1 ticket items: Leather Belt - Casts 1x 5th level spell 1/gd Gift Certificate to Suzie for a 24 point Item of your choice! Wand - you pick a spell and it'll have between 10 and 50 charges depending on the level: recharges every "Feb Feast" Ring - Automatically casts Heal Body on you 1/gd if you hit 0 body from damage. Mantle - Casts Antimagic Aura 1/gd Hat - Mind Blank 1/gd Necklace - Command Nature 1/gd Necklace - No Inchant Charm 1/gd Necklace - Immune to Lycanthropy, casts Silvershine 1/gd Loot Box - Magic Lockbox casts Magic Lock on itself 10/gd Scroll - Turn any magic item into a Feb Feast Item Amalgamate Scroll - Take any two magic items of the same type (martial sword, hat, etc) - combine into one item with all the powers of both plus the Feb Feast abilities! Blue Trim - Any item this trim is added to gains 20 points of Ornamenting Lantern - Casts Sanctuary 3/gd Sept Necklace - Permanent Garlic Paste Mystery bag - Full of Consumables! $5 ticket items: Wildrunner's Tackle - (Bow, 12 Arrows, Quiver) - The bow shoots for +1 damage, breaks cap, is a Mageblade, and casts Dispel 1/gd The Transcendent Tomes (2 Inscribed metal books) - These translate to and from anything written in the Immortal language (That's the language of High Fae and [REDACTED]!) Scarlet Messenger's Regalia (brooch) - +2 armor for anything it's pinned to, breaks cap Enchanter's Intrigue (Scroll of Transmute) - Change any single weapon to another single material type HACK THE PLANET (Scroll of 50 point item) - Make your own awesome! Great Reverberate Plates (Encampment item) - Casts Aura of Reflection on you and up to 5 people 1/gd each Items will be on display in Logistics, Tickets will be sold all weekend Tickets will be drawn towards the end of the In Character Feast! So that's 4th shift this weekend!
  2. Hi folks! Every year we have a fundraising auction that involves special magic items going out to you players. Some of those items "recharge every february" or "every NNY" or whatever: Yearly. This year we're moving the big auction from winter to the June event: Junebilee. So, because one of our standing rules is "don't screw the players if you can help it", in 2018 anyone with an item like that will get a standard recharge at the February game, and another one at the June event. From then on resets/recharges/whatever will happen in June. Thank you! -Rules Marshal
  3. Hi KoN Players! I'm going to tell you a story, and then I'm going to give you homework. <3 Once upon a time, there were a dozen of us playing this game. Everyone took turns writing plots, playing the one ogre we had horns for, and PCing. As the game grew larger, it became possible to specialize a bit. Some of us focused on rules or plot and didn't have to put in so much effort to the other jobs. We started calling these divisions of labor "Working Groups" Plot, Rules, Operations, Logistics, etc were born! On the forums this was easy, because permissions. Some things we had to tell to everyone in a working group, so we created a "Staff" forum as the sum of all working groups. Fast forward to today, we've grown to nearly ten times our original numbers, but at some point there became this idea of "US vs THEM" as "Players vs Staff". I don't know when it happened, but it's apparent and it's not something we should keep on with. Every one of us comes to game, plays our two NPC shifts and two PC shifts. The game runs because we all make it run for each other. And so, I propose that everyone who's been at game more than a year should join a working group. We're all in this game together, they all need help, they all need new blood, and you have a good enough idea of how the game works to make a good contribution! Come get a look behind the curtain, because the curtain only needs to be there during your PC shift. Working groups have someone leading them, called a Marshal. They're the final say in their little domain. Under them are people who are learning to be a marshal one day, we call them Seconds. Anybody can be in those positions, you've just gotta be competent, trustworthy, and around long enough to get the ambition (and pain) of wanting to manage your friends. Once or twice a year the Marshals, Seconds, and one or two wildcards get together for something called a "Staff Retreat" where they talk about what worked, what didn't worked, and where they're going to steer their working group in the year ahead. Here's a list of the working groups, the person heading up those working groups, and how you can get involved. Plot & Continuity Marshal: Justin C. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/54-thunderstave Writing plots, checking backstories VS the world, running the NPCs of each shift, responding to lore requests, reading your PELs, and more. Props & Atmosphere Marshal: Dustan W. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/643-dustan/ Caring for our existing Props, ensuring that every player/monster/prop fits with the aesthetic we want at KoN, acquiring new props, painting all you nerds, and more. Rules & Balancing Marshal: Dan M. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/37-kender/ Making sure the rules are as simple as possible, making rules available to players & GMs who need them, carefully balancing rules while making changes as seldom as possible, and more. Logistics Marshal: Ryan S. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/597-ryan-staring/ Character sheets, Running Sign-in, Magical Loot, Paperwork, Numbers, Assisting the GM during the shift with loot, and more. Operations Marshal: Dave H. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/2-hivemind/ Care and feeding of the Ranger, Care and upkeep of the site, taxes, corporate business, finances, and more. Marketing & Player Outreach Marshal: Zach W. http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/profile/181-octavius/ Recruiting new players, discreetly handling OOG conflict between players, player retention, and more. In addition, there are two super-marshals: These two can (and have) stepped into any of the other Marshal positions, can do any job at KoN, and often do things that are outside the scope of what's reasonable to expect from volunteers. Dan M (Me) is the "Second Marshal", I'm your huckleberry Dave H. is "First Marshal", he's given so much of his time, blood, sweat, and life to this game that if KoN belonged to anyone it would be HIS game. But it doesn't, it belongs to you, so join a working group. :D PM any of the marshals above for how to get involved!

    http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/ Thanks to several hundred hours of work by Ryan Green and some of the other KoN staff, all the KoN rules are now in an updated wiki and hosted on our own site! Take a look, browse around. These are 98% accurate and since it's a wiki we'll be making fixes as we run into things! Yaaaaaaaay! -Rules Team
  5. Huge CK Work Day Thank You!

    It was good to meet you Rob! I'm glad we could help, I think we could probably manage that a couple times a year. -Dan
  6. Hi everyone! I'm Dan, the Rules Marshal. We're at a new site with new facilities so I need to cover some details. The lean-tos at Kingsley do not have doors or portals, they're missing a wall. You can not magic lock them as they are. It may be possible to use thick curtains which fasten to eachother and to the walls to create something which could be magic locked (like how we let tents be valid targets), but they'll need to be VERY SECURELY FASTENED like a CANVAS TENT DOOR IS TIED SHUT. I don't think it's feasible without considerable alterations to the structures (which we aren't doing), but I wanted to say that it's not impossible. Any questions or comments? -Dan
  7. Hi! I'm Dan, I'm the Rules Marshal. If there's a rule you don't like it's probably my fault! I'd like to talk today about physical contact at KoN. We've got a whole pile of new players and I thought it might be good to cover our rules about touching. (and we had a small break so it's a good refresher for vets anyway) I was looking for quotes and it seems we say the same thing several different ways depending on what resource you're looking at: The bottom line is that unless you're hitting someone with a foam weapon or a spacket, you need to get consent before touching another player. This also can be seen in our looting rules: And in our rules about moving bodies/corpses: If you don't want to be touched, you can opt for detailed searches and if someone says "i'm dragging your body" you can shuffle along with them. Assume every character is strong enough to move any other character (this is a fantasy game!) That's a WHOLE LOT of information, do you have any questions?
  8. Great Weapon Question

    Still weapon master only, and can't hold two weapons in one hand (think of two hand poking with spear while also holding sword with one of your hands, that's not allowed
  9. Interrupting a spell

    Fun (?) fact: If you incant a Dissipate, and are hit between the end of the incant and you getting your flag over your head, you will still take damage but the dissipate will still happen.
  10. Bows Suck

    Regrettably Zeffy, we disallow melee/ranged combo weapons like that
  11. If you were "dead" at the end of last game, you have until the first convergence on your next PC shift to get a revive. You may start your shift wherever you like: I expect that since you all died in the helix you could all be in a pile in merchant town, or in your party's building, or in maplewood proper or even near the spinning jenny. Since you died this time because I called game off and i assured you that no one would be screwed, i'll let you do your production for this month. Note that this is not the norm and will not be repeated the next time this happens. Thanks, -Dan the Rules Marshal
  12. for all poison effects (stun fear pin weaken etc etc etc), when you remove the effect you remove the poison.
  13. It seems too dangerous for our live-action combat oriented game.
  14. Titanium

    Yeah Titanium is legal. No we don't nerf the armor value. The price + scarcity mean we don't really care. We nerfed the aluminum chain shirts because they weigh nothing and were cheaper than beer.