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  1. Huge CK Work Day Thank You!

    It was good to meet you Rob! I'm glad we could help, I think we could probably manage that a couple times a year. -Dan
  2. Hi everyone! I'm Dan, the Rules Marshal. We're at a new site with new facilities so I need to cover some details. The lean-tos at Kingsley do not have doors or portals, they're missing a wall. You can not magic lock them as they are. It may be possible to use thick curtains which fasten to eachother and to the walls to create something which could be magic locked (like how we let tents be valid targets), but they'll need to be VERY SECURELY FASTENED like a CANVAS TENT DOOR IS TIED SHUT. I don't think it's feasible without considerable alterations to the structures (which we aren't doing), but I wanted to say that it's not impossible. Any questions or comments? -Dan
  3. Hi! I'm Dan, I'm the Rules Marshal. If there's a rule you don't like it's probably my fault! I'd like to talk today about physical contact at KoN. We've got a whole pile of new players and I thought it might be good to cover our rules about touching. (and we had a small break so it's a good refresher for vets anyway) I was looking for quotes and it seems we say the same thing several different ways depending on what resource you're looking at: The bottom line is that unless you're hitting someone with a foam weapon or a spacket, you need to get consent before touching another player. This also can be seen in our looting rules: And in our rules about moving bodies/corpses: If you don't want to be touched, you can opt for detailed searches and if someone says "i'm dragging your body" you can shuffle along with them. Assume every character is strong enough to move any other character (this is a fantasy game!) That's a WHOLE LOT of information, do you have any questions?
  4. Great Weapon Question

    Still weapon master only, and can't hold two weapons in one hand (think of two hand poking with spear while also holding sword with one of your hands, that's not allowed
  5. Interrupting a spell

    Fun (?) fact: If you incant a Dissipate, and are hit between the end of the incant and you getting your flag over your head, you will still take damage but the dissipate will still happen.
  6. Bows Suck

    Regrettably Zeffy, we disallow melee/ranged combo weapons like that
  7. If you were "dead" at the end of last game, you have until the first convergence on your next PC shift to get a revive. You may start your shift wherever you like: I expect that since you all died in the helix you could all be in a pile in merchant town, or in your party's building, or in maplewood proper or even near the spinning jenny. Since you died this time because I called game off and i assured you that no one would be screwed, i'll let you do your production for this month. Note that this is not the norm and will not be repeated the next time this happens. Thanks, -Dan the Rules Marshal
  8. for all poison effects (stun fear pin weaken etc etc etc), when you remove the effect you remove the poison.
  9. It seems too dangerous for our live-action combat oriented game.
  10. Titanium

    Yeah Titanium is legal. No we don't nerf the armor value. The price + scarcity mean we don't really care. We nerfed the aluminum chain shirts because they weigh nothing and were cheaper than beer.
  11. Lore requests and you!

    the e-mail address is lore@mvgc.net
  12. Cairnhold: This is the policy for Significant Others (SOs) camping in camp with us at Ragnarok. There's a couple of options. Rule 0: The SO is already banned/excommunicated/on our Soiree blacklist already. These people can't camp with us, sorry. A: SO isn't in Dagorhir at all A1: They are free to camp with us in your private tent A2: They wear a mask, and generally act like we do B: SO is in Dagorhir, but not in a unit B1: Free to camp with us, if they want to fight with us we're gonna stick a zombie tabard on them C: SO is in Dagorhir, in another unit C1: They can camp with us provided they: C1A: Do their chores C1B: Don't cause Drama C1C: Have somewhere to go if we need to do unit stuff In addition, we're going to post on our private facebook the names of any potential new campers so we can find out if there's a "hard no" from someone in camp. Primarchs will decide if it's enough to disallow them from camping with us. As always, everyone in camp gets on the chore roster and pays a camp fee. Any questions?
  13. Question about Pin

    Pin lasts it's full duration so yeah you're still pinned if you drop dissipate before pin wears off
  14. Question about Pin

    I don't see why you couldn't dissipate or leylines while pinned. dissipate you can't move, and at your leylines point you'd still be pinned.