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  1. I do nothing

    check the off topic forum?
  2. Seeking Yahoo or Google Contact

    his character, not him

    happy birthday
  4. Open Call for Ideas

    Not terribly wise though
  5. Pinedale Charter

    a few concerns I thought of what officers of the 'court' are on what shifts? This gets complicated even more with the rotating shift thing that had been proposed. What if the Warden(s) on a given shift are off doing some quest or something when there is a problem?
  6. 2010 February Feast Registrations

    proving its not a popularity contest? *zing*
  7. Never LARPed

    you are, as far as I know, wrong
  8. Vampire LARP and tabletop books (free)

    Alot of the old masqurade books got disbursed from the lending library, they don't have to go back
  9. Becoming A Game Master

    the plot marshal I'd imagine, and they'll distribute as appropriate
  10. New players

    Its a legal liability issue, unless you are the minor in question's guardian I don't believe it will be allowed
  11. Just for Fun

    We did, sort of. I hung back to make sure the rest of you knew.
  12. ...We had rotating shifts.

    while sometimes it makes me sad to miss hanging out IC with some groups I prefer the stability and continuity of set shifts
  13. Transportation to November event

    I wound up finding multiple opportunities and don't need you to make the run to oswego after all. Thanks anyway
  14. Transportation to November event

    That would be great, thanks!
  15. KoN WoW

    yeah, I have like 7 level 80 toons. Check my facebook for a list