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  1. Legacy LARP

    Bumping this post along with the field trip thread. I had suggested that we tty out this game as a group. The next event is August 9-11. NPCing is free, PCing is $45. The characters that Amanda and I are playing are getting married in character so it may be a good show. That and there is plot that is likely going to attack the wedding itself so, who knows, you guys might be hired to wreck a wedding. Talk to me for more info. I think this will make for a fun LARP field trip.
  2. What is your favorite part of each event?

    After-event wrap up at the diner.
  3. Hello I'm new [Introduction]

    Queensbury is quite a trip away from Cleveland. Still, hope you can join us soon.
  4. Introduction!

    Lookin forward to seeing you this month. NPCing is a good way to ease in to the game.
  5. Sewing or chilling or something?

    I believe Amanda and I can show up now.
  6. You know you play Novitas when...

    When you have dry cleaned your gambeson more than any of your suits
  7. leather armor

    Manual of Arms says you need armor 3/16" thick. How heavy of a leather do you need to typically achieve that? What would that translate to in Novitas armor points? Thanks.
  8. Frog

    Dave often has a few for sale before events. Check out his stock.
  9. Barn Floor Build Project

    Nice big space. Interested to see it in person. Gives me some inspiration.
  10. Summer LARP field trip!

    My favorite picture from last Legacy event:
  11. Dagorhir at Vanderkamp - NPCs Needed!

    All Novitas people are NPCs?
  12. RPNess meta game

    I've been a bit out of the loop as far as RPNess goes. Wanted to ask some general and specific questions. As Legionnaires are Amanda and I expected to side with one of the queens in particular or will the Legion be split up? Are we allowed to participate and not participate in each event of our choosing or must we do as much as possible barring injury or illness? Since we are donating our tent for an IC encampment for the weekend will it be available for our personal use during off game hours or should we seek shelter elsewhere? Does this event count towards Legion credit for purposes of ranking up? This will be my second official event in a year and a half of playing. Still a zombie. I think these are all of my questions for now. Thanks.
  13. "player specific" looting

    My pants will be really valuable.
  14. The Best, Worst and Funniest Moments of KoN May 2013

    Rosalia has a last name?
  15. Mandatory

    Fortunately in this case "alt" means "alt", not "replacement"