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  1. 2015 February Feast Pre-Registration!

    I MADE A COMPUTER WORK! (ish) We want to PC! Delia has things and stuff to sell. You don't want to know how long this post took.
  2. (Free) Fabric

    I will take anything unclaimed that is solid colored. Or nifty looking, I leave that second category to your discretion.
  3. December 2013 Lost and Found

    Soooo. Apparently I left the Delia sign outside. Did/can anyone get that?
  4. Best of December 2013

    Awesome: - Getting a Terrean who came to town just to be sung about was fantastic. Scotty did a phenomenal job, right down to his stubborn Earthkin sparklessness. - Getting to go out on so many fun plots during my NPC shift: buzzers, evil woman in league with the bagmen, singing in the inn Bad:- Starting game off super exhausted with the headache nothing could fix before i had even done any LARP yet. What I have learned: -When someone tells me to go be an entertainer "You know like Delia but with different songs." I will remember that everyone will assume I am Delia in spite of a complete costume change and an introduction and take the time to glue some gems to my face or ears to my ears. But yes it was awesome, next time however I will be a super bedazzled Terran. Also no, you are not the only one by far, this was just a really easy way to frame my revalation.
  5. Electrical Devices in Cabins

    So long as you remember that I will kill you with sticks if you use it when the inn is trying to cook. I'm totally not authorized to do that, but be warned, it may happen.
  6. Sewing machine recs

    Just a I wish I had money to care note; LARP garb, like quilting, would benefit significantly from ever bit of extra length you can get in terms of sewing machine arm. Not necessarily enough to be worth getting the long arm ones, but absolutely enough to be a really valid tiebreaker. If I never have to shove half of a thigh length gambeson through the gap between the sewing part and the machine again, it will be too soon.
  7. Best of November

    Gleeman's cloak? :D/>
  8. November 2013 Lost and Found

    See now I want those cookies. Hmmmmmm, If I had done a drunken striptease, where would I have hidden my cookies?
  9. November 2013 Lost and Found

    What sorcery is this? Did we do some sort of drunken strip tease I don't remember?
  10. Beds in the Inn..

    dance dance dance dance dance
  11. Fabric Patterns

    The real difficulty you are going to have with most of these fabrics is that unlike modern stripes, florals, etc (which are printed on in some way) most period patterns would have been woven in or embroidered on (ignore this for Gersh, where they made all kinds of crazy silk woven in or dyed after). Regardless of how authentic the specific design of the print is, most modern people aren't perfect history buffs with a tiny calendar of exact dates in their heads, and the biggest thing you can do to make a print read as authentic is to avoid anything actually printed on. If you already know a lot about this stuff there are exceptions but if not better to skip those; they will look lousy.
  12. Fashion and armor

    In praise of your keen judgement/perception, that look is indeed chosen to be a core part of her thriving and is NOT what Delia would prefer to wear if left to her own devices somewhere. I've always said she's kind of inclined to be butch, born into a life that rewards her for being anything but.
  13. Merchant question

    I knew going in you wouldn't have wanted to teach me dominate no matter who I was torturing. You were smart enough to know better.
  14. New Player Post

    Hey all, I was the red and white striped hat, er, I mean i was the girl wearing the red and white striped hat, and if you want help coming up with good garb ideas for your characters ( how to make the Asian thing work, what other options might look good, what fits various backgrounds and cultures, what will be easy, cheap, anything) shoot me a PM and I will be more than happy to help you out (: -Suzie
  15. Can we start putting a "What do you want to say to the GM's about this box that the survey doesn't cover/ give as an option" at the end of these? Often I want to say things like 'a mix of all three difficulty levels' or Can we do more plots that have recurring characters from month to month? and there simply isn't anywhere to do a write in on the forms, but I think you might get useful information from people that way. [Edit for spelling/ grammar]