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  1. Confusion over Elixers...

    Kender works outside of boxes and mere boundaries. They need not apply to him!
  2. I have an old existing character and a new character I'll be bringing in with very different character builds. I can help test this out.
  3. A merchant comes to the inn

    "I'm sorry. I misspoke. I need a scroll to enchant these tabards, otherwise they really aren't worth much to anyone. As for price I'll reduce the price of the item for the price of the scroll. I'm only accepting level 1 spells at the moment since that will allow me to produce all five tabards. I'll enchant these with any spell of your choice assuming that I can somehow get my hands on the appropriate scroll."
  4. A merchant comes to the inn

    (OOC Note: This is a post from my character that I will be introducing in the September event. The plan is to have him speak with an Australian-ish accent and I'll be trying to mimic it while posting. If it's too annoying/hard to read then I'll tone it down on request. Just a couple things to keep in mind.) *A youngish man walk in from the field heading towards Pinedale. He wears chiefly greens and browns, seems to be carrying an overstuffed backpack, and carries a quarterstaff as a walking stick. He makes his way to the inn and slides the backpack off one arm before rotating his shoulders a couple of times and stretching out his neck. He'll speak with whomever may be nearby outside the inn.* "G'day, there. Is this Poynedale? If it is, then Oy've got some noice things in me backpack here that I'd like to complete crahftin' and get to sellin'. Roight now Oy've got foive tabids that are primed and ready for some enchantment. Trouble is, I need a few materials to finish the deed. Lowest calibur spells need apploy for this job since Oy intend to complete all foive in time fer September. As you may be able te see heah, Oy've got them awl identical but each a different cuhluh. My intention is to have each one cast a different spell, but I leave that to you, the consumuh. My cuhluhs are red, green, yelluh, puhple, and dahk blue. Obviously, Oy onley have one of each so if ya want a specific cuhluh you'll have to hop on boahd quickly. I'm valuin' these oytems at 35 coin a piece. Oy'll subract the price of a scroll or potion if ya supply it. You'll have to anyway if you want it to do anything wuthwhile. As a salesman, Oy am flexible so negotiations are accepted. Oy hope Oy've caught someone's attention."
  5. Sanctioned Fighter Practices

    Great. Sounds easy enough. So far I've got psiko, Malikai, and Leslie coming in with me. If there is anyone else in Oswego that needs a ride I can comfortably fit one more person.
  6. New ornamenter questions

    Well... part of the reason I'm so bent on getting these items made is because I already paid for the materials. Therefore, completed items make me happy. I'll start RPing IC and see what I get. I'm only making first level items so I suppose I'll be flexible on the actual spell they hold.
  7. New ornamenter questions

    Ok, I'm just trying to reconcile this in my head. Do you mean that I can RP with people in the IC area of the forums to set up some kind of deal? The only reason that I'm curious is the idea that I picture my character will arrive in Pinedale for the first time in game in September. Also, I also assumed that the items that I want to sell in my first session need to be completed before I even get there so the items can be numbered and etc. Can I use the coin that I would get from entering the game (for level and my Tradesman skill) to just buy the scrolls and enchant my cloaks at Logistics before the game starts and call it even?
  8. I gave a sales pitch to one of the boot vendor people since they live nearby. I didn't have any cards to offer though.

    Hooray for 31 XP for me ;-)
  10. New ornamenter questions

    So if I want to bring in four items with a different spell on each of them then I need to possess the scroll ahead of time? How do I do that? Or do you mean that I'll need to spend levels to actually learn some of my own magic to imbue the items with?
  11. Sanctioned Fighter Practices

    Whatever the case may be, I'm offering my traveling services to the Oswegonians that with to go to this event. Rachel is coming with me so that leaves me with four seats (five if I'm taking small people *coughLesliecough*). If there is a need for food and drink let me know and I may contribute.
  12. Wow, I had a lot of fun today. It was great to come in and chill with a larger group. It was nice to see old faces and I loved the shopping experience. I got a lot of swag for my character and I'm really pleased. Hope to see everyone at fighter practice.
  13. New ornamenter questions

    I read that a new ornamenter is allowed to come into game with as many items as he is allowed to produce in one downtime. My character will be coming in with 20 craft points and at least Ornamenter 1. I want to bring in five items each with their own level 1 magic spell. Do I need to possess the scrolls to make those items as I come into the game? Or can it be assumed that I owned the scrolls when I made the items before coming into game and then am just bringing in the finished products to my first session?

    Don't forget that there is a thread located here: http://kingdomsofnovitas.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1585 to show off pics of gear.
  15. I do have to say that this doesn't affect my overall plan that much too. I don't have any aspect of my costume yet and, well, I'm more interested in meeting the people I've been missing out on for the past year. And like Huntress said, shopping.