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  1. best, worst, and funniest moments of June

    "Preparing to Rock Your World..."
  2. best, worst, and funniest moments of June

    Trust me, I will miss him too....Be glad I so soon stuck to someone else. :P
  3. best, worst, and funniest moments of June

    --------BEST-------- ~*PC*~ - This is actually under the section "Best but scariest moment I have ever encountered at Novitas while PCing" I also got congratulated by Ann for having gone through that....Cat will be having nightmares for a loooong time....Thanks Dave. -Feeling like I had a "WTF" face on when the 'sword' trainer came along and Rhevaniel(sp) saying Cat should take lessons.... Cat is becoming more afraid of weapons.. -Having more meat shields... Hey, it's what my PC does... sorry that a few of you died because of me... but I got some of you back up..right? That's what counts.. -Corbin's sword story.... I want more stories like this....that was beyond the best thing I have ever heard... -Sexbot...Watching the group around the fire all get quiet to hear what Azgar was saying while he 'tested the sexbot' -Shang Liao...just wait until I become a stronger healer....you will learn to like me being stuck to you...Neccero liked it...I remember him saying after one event.. "I turned around, and there she was....ALL THE TIME..." Yup... -Yoji comes up to a small group sitting around the fire at the Inn. "Anyone for a walk?" Someone else, "To where?" Yoji, "Shrine of Draconus." Everyone, "Uhhhhmmm...........no." -Sidhan showing a group of us where Neccero was buried. You don't know how thankful she is to know. -It was neat to play out in the rain too... except my cloak got too heavy and I had to return to the cabin...I could barely pick it up because it weighed so much...dried for 4th shift though...yay ~*NPC*~ - Dave, "No homogre!" After he sent out a plot to get a gay ogre couple married. "You heard people with funny hats would marry you." -Leading Eliana out into the middle of the field and away from where her friends were dead in shear terror that she would kill my little farmer NPC...That shit was scary... -Naloween(sp) giving said farmer NPC her ring of dissipate so the yebs wouldn't get her.... So sweet, you saved my ass....and again while Eliana was chasing me around the field of Giants...If only I had that dissipate up... -"We are going to spread the word about Vlean, thank you Octavius!"..........and thank you for the metaphor "Golden locks meaning purity....or his chest hair!" -Being a dominated buzzer, all happy and dancing around Vany'a and Goldwright... the 3 other buzzers 4 pierce Goldwright and I turned for Vany'a..(I'm sorry, but I had to >:] ) Our ogre friend got someone too... Belladonna? I think it was.... -New idea for an NPC plot...... PATLANTIANS = Pat Lane + Catlantians -Bret....treasure goblin...... "Live Action Roleplay... serious business"....Best....Picture.....Ever....*Made desktop* --------WORST-------- -A really quiet 4th shift as a PC, everyone was sleepy.... :/ -As stated above, had to change out my cloak because it was extremely heavy -Ivan hitting on cat.... made it to both categories........My nightmares will have nightmares of those nightmares.....eeesh -Having to head out to PC just as that delicious chicken from the wedding arrives....Thank you James even though I just had a taste of it. -Big apology to Robin, I had to work later on and he was the driver.... Neither of us made it to Good Gollys...I don't know why they didn't give me the full weekend off, stupid retail. (By the way, Richard.... I still have your sexy ribbon in my pouch....I forgot to lay it out before I had to leave. If anything, you live close by.)
  4. June 2012 shift balance

    I will be there Neecy
  5. A voice heard at dawn

    Cat walks down the path and past the Inn to face the field and the dark figure. She listens to the language not understanding it, but hearing it's tone of thought. She turns around on the path and heads back to the Bazaar, not even taking a glance at Shang Liao.

    I get it for free >_>
  7. Catlantis Pics?

    Hahaha, Horrible.
  8. A new hero has entered this realm!

    Mmmmm Minecraft...
  9. Catlantis Pics?

    Anyone have those Catlantis pics? I would LOVE to see them!
  10. Funniest, best, and worst moments of April

    Oh no problem at all!! Just be glad how few of us in the inn could still manage the last part of the undead horde! :3 Good fighting! Additional Pro: 1. I did not die as a PC this event...I have people to hide behind every step of the way... including you. :P
  11. Funniest, best, and worst moments of April

    If it wasn't for me, you would have remained the last one standing. Be glad I jumped out of the sancuary to heal Falco. ;_; I swore I would never do that as a healer.....The whole jumping out of sancuary..not the heal Falco thing..
  12. Funniest, best, and worst moments of April

    Good -PC- 1. Becoming a 'burdock' to Neccero. It was funny to hear him tell the story. Cat has her reasons. 2. Falco, ended up pouring acid and a minor power down Neccero's throat while trying to find a revive. "I'm dead, but at least I have two power" 3. Veria (Sorry is I spelled wrong, been awhile) standing with Eliana, Vany'a and myself. Veria- " Healer, healer, healer...healer. Which one of us is not like the other..." All three of them look at me. Veria-"Cat.. Where is your greatstaff..?" 4. Getting to PC with my mentor again MUCH <3 TO VERIA ( Again I'm sorry for mispells) 5. Getting my lady balls to jump out of a sancuary to heal up Falco (Yes, Falco) so he could kill the undead at the door of the inn. 6. Looted my first thing as a PC after a year of PCing, but hey, I don't kill anything. 7. Getting more attatched to Cat as my PC, expressing her more. (She;s gotten touchy when danger is close, hidding behind and holding onto the back armor of the closest person. Really startled some of the other PCs...Eliana...) 8. Feeling as if I helped a lot this even, even though I cant revive, I threw out a lot of heal mortals and restore limbs. 9. Undead opens door. "Cheesecake." I love you, whoever did that. -NPC and More- 1. Olav, that was me on the plot with the two ogres and AJ. Amazing World Ogre Wrestling Federation plot you had, as short as it was. 2. NPCing as a farmer with a Vlen speaker (?) walking up to the odd's cabin and asking them to come to safty in vlen. Vany'a - "I'm and elf who worships Draconis, can I come?" *Silence from us* 3. As an NPC on a fae/pixie plot, Titus being extremly funny and crazy("Hey, can you turn that light back on, turn it on, It's for the good, turn on the light...turn it on....need to see it...") He was traveling with Octavius' crowd. Us - "We won't give you these with him around." Dren - "Okay.. 2 peirce 2 peirce 2 peirce..." We all look at him as Titus falls over. 4. Apperantly I meow while sleeping.... Thanks Steve and Neccey. 5. Thank you to the GM who helped me figure out my seriously messed up character sheet. I apologize for not remembering your name! 6. Catlantians. That is all. 7. Having a crossbow sniper at our tree thing plot. I can't remember the name of the thing. Also, thanks for the laughs Falco before the PCs showed up. 8. "You know if you're a LARPer if you beat the dirt out of your rugs out with your LARP hammer." - Neccero with Dano's Hammer Bad 1. Had a slight player injury and got help for him. He got settled and rejoined us later. What a trooper 'Shang Liao' 2. ..... 3. .... 4. .... I got nothin' :)
  13. On a crisp, clear morning....

    Cat smiles to Neccero, glad to see him once again. She laces her fingers hearing the strange language and tilts her head with his foriegn words. Speaking out, rare as it is, "It sounds like a journey? I've never been.. What's it like?"