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  1. Great Weapon Question

    The rules say that great weapons may be used defensively in one hand. This got me thinking. Would it be permissible to use my greatsword strictly as a parry blade, wielding a 1-hander in the other hand offensively? And if so, would it require the dual-wielding skill? Or is this rule in place simply so that if I lose an arm, I am not completely defenseless and can still block? I am not looking to skirt rules or loophole, just looking to try a different fighting technique utilizing the weapon I already have.
  2. Party and Shift Survey

    So I'm pretty late to the party, so I will make this easy PC: Brewmaster Shang Liao Status: Independent Player: Richard Swartwood Shifts Desired: Any shifts where there are thirsty heroes. (Or villains, their coin is generally just as good)
  3. Epic Dragon Adventure?

    I'll bring the beer.
  4. Lost and Found June 2015

    John, your pillow is in the locker.
  5. Lost and Found June 2015

    Someone accidentally grabbed my pants hanging off the rafters in the Den (Cabin 1) after game. They are chocolate-colored viking Rus pants with a drawstring waist and no ties on the legs.I need them back ASAP
  6. pel

    You can, but to get the exp credit for it, you also have to email it to pel@mvgc.net
  7. Plain old acrylic paints are what you want. You can buy them at virtually any craft store like JoAnn's, Michael's, etc etc
  8. Legion Rank Structure

    I was eligible to rank up to Ghoul at Althyng, and it didn't happen. It was supposed to happen at CoK, but I couldn't attend due to an injury. Can we make this official at Rag?
  9. Tales From the Freelands!

    Ask Ferrous Irongall about the exploits of Lord Aurum Goldright. You won't be disappointed.
  10. Plot Survey

    Done and done.
  11. Best of April 2015

    Despite the weather, this is easily one of my best and most memorable events. All the good, in no particular order: +The Ettin Plot. Thank you to the townspeople for letting us play that out and not immediately murdering us. Thank you Lemons, Arbor, and Krod, for your candor. +Being part of an RP plot while getting food at the Inn. This is a practice that I approve of. +Thanking Janos profusely for saving the town of Waypoint by sending word that a wight king was incoming. Trying to thank Lemons and Fish for the deed: "We didn't do it, and we are 2/3 of the Brave Companions who can read" +The wandering orc plot was amazing. The Baby. The Ogre. The Murder. Iroooooon Toooooofs! +The Undead fight first shift was amazing, frustrating, and exhausting. Sorry, Flint. +Finally being part of a party. Working together pretty cohesively right off the bat. +The First National Bank of Marcus. Lulz. +Friendly Fire. OMG the friendly fire. It was terrible and hilarious at the same time. "YOU KILLED THE BUN WIZARD NOOOOOO" +The end of game collaboration to figure out what to do about the Nosferatu. More specifically, how to make him dead and stay that way. +Spam mail. So stupid, but so funny. Listening to all the people try and convince the Crimson Couriers to stop delivering it. +New beer bottles are awesome. Makes life much easier. Now I just need a bigger bag to hold them in... +Blue Thunder. Pinedale's newest addiction. I usually sell one bottle if I am lucky (or Leon is at game) this month I sold out. +Trading in my greatsword for a sword and shield. I die much, much less. +More things that I probably cannot think of right now. The bad: -Rain. Snow. Wind. Cold. Mud. -Redneck weaponmasters who bring ogres into the inn and then leave with the loot after I kill them. Nothing about that plot made sense. At all. -Packing light to save space and the amount of stuff I have to carry. Soaking through all my NPC garb first shift and having nothing to wear second shift. -By the gods, I am a shield charging magnet.
  12. Cabins and encampments

    Disciples all set
  13. 4.0 Rules Wiki

    There is a discrepancy between the Wiki and the Rulebook in section 7.13 concerning javelins and throwing spears. The wiki appears to have the old rules. Also, in the rulebook, 7.14 makes a reference to throwing spears as separate from javelins, but in 7.13 where they are defined, there is no reference to throwing spears, only "javelins greater than 42 inches long" Additionally, in the weaponsmithing table, there is no entry for javelins or throwing spears, only normal thrown weapons. For crafting purposes, are javelins & throwing spears (if a separate entry still exists for them) the same as normal thrown weapons and projectiles? Or does this question belong in its own thread?
  14. RP Skill Approval: Winter Edition!

    PC: Shang Liao RP Skill Advancement Requested: Merchant 3 Relevant Plots: None, really Relevant Information: Shang Liao has increased his stock levels of brew significantly. He has introduced new brews over the last few events, and (mostly) has new, non-anachronistic bottles to keep his brews in. Has also brought a "Magic Ice Box" to offer cold drinks during warmer months. He spends a fair portion of his in-game time actively selling his wares.
  15. Best and Worst of FEB FEAST!!!!

    All in all, not a bad event. The good: HOLY SHIT there were tons of people this weekend. The Feast. As usual, done wonderfully by the VK staff. Mucho Kudos to them. Julia. Dat Cello. Fantastico. AND lots of Delia songs. The malt beer I brought to game. It was originally a flopped product that turned into a hilarious test of will. "Drink this. I dare you" Listening from a (short) distance as Eliana chastised Baldisere. I couldn't tell if she was going to fall down crying, or stab him in the throat. Well played, Amanda. Daitoro playing the pissed, pissed Terran uncle. Malcolm! Scotty! Blackhawk! Tranny Tom. 'nuff said. Auction shenanigans Witnessing a new stage of intoxication being born, "Flirting with Guile drunk" Come April, I might actually have a group to join. The not-so-good: Wearing a new pair of socks that I thought would be warm, but they were not. Didn't go out much during PC shift as a result. Elves. Effing elves. Second Feb Feast I have been to that no matter how much I drank, I could not get even a buzz. Going to switch tactics next year.
  16. Feb Feast Questions

    1. Will we be having a Pre-Rag meeting at Feb Feast this year, before everybody gets shit hammered? 2. Dave, do you still have my two 2XLT Legion shirts from Matt? If so, bring them. I will give you monies. I haven't been able to make it to an event since you got them. $12 for the pair?
  17. Feb Feast Questions

    Alrighty, thanks.
  18. Tag bags

    I have found that making a 3"x3" square makes a good tagbag for man hands once it is finished. (Technically a 3"x6" rectangle, folded in half and seamed)
  19. 2015 February Feast Pre-Registration!

    The brew must flow.
  20. Feb Feast 2015 Auction Items

    For the Quicksilver sword, when you transmute it and another weapon, will they both be transmuted to the same material, or can you choose each to have a different material?
  21. Blackhawk

    But he is so cute, and cuddly....
  22. Idea for innkeeper "weaponry"

    I think that I am going to get a couple of these and mix them in with my regular drink bottles, just to mess with people. "Give me a beer!" "Sure, catch!" Muahahah
  23. Welp

    At first level, you have six skillpoints to spend. Each level gives you two more skillpoints. We are a classless system, so you can use your skillpoints as you wish (certain skills have prerequisites, and RP skills are more complicated, and usually require GM approval prior to advancement) A good start would be to read the Character Creation section of the Rules Wiki found here: https://sites.google.com/site/kon0unofficial0rules0wiki/home/rules/3--character-creation
  24. Best of October 2014

    This event had plenty of ups and downs for me. Some really great moments, and some not so great moments. The Good Times: +New armor is awesome. New winnigas are awesome. +BET THE POT! It actually really sucked losing all my possesions, but the aftermath and RP with Raines, Titus, and Micah made it totally worth it. Free beer, bitches! +Terridan doing what everyone else was thinking, fuck the consequences. You, sir, deserve a gold loincloth. +Talking with a blindly bigoted Vlenoan Inquisitor with faekin on either side of me about how fae children are evil and must be destroyed. I wasn't sure who was going to stab him first, Arbor or me. Watching Kyle talk her down afterwards was precious. +Atticus, Ivan, and mycanoids. "Can we kill them?" "NO." "Are they people?" "No." "Why can't we kill them?" "They just want dead trees, I will show them where some are" Later, "Hey Atticus, how did it go with the mycanoids?" "Yeah, they are all dead." +Baldisere and others dig giant holes in the graveyard, disrupting the graves so they can't be raised. An hour later, yebs pop out of the holes. +Whack-A-Troll! +Watching Ivan teabag a limbless Iron Golem, while an overly enthusiastic Arbor cut down some hostile air elementals. +Having Chris Blake's NPC walk up to a group of us in search of epic magic items in exchange for gems. Rosh and I simultanneously said, "Micah has epic magic items, and he loves gems!" priceless. +Sparkly dancing girls.... +Playing a fatvack. Hiding in the woods, creeping out slowly to flank the party. Getting stunned by Naidre. They weren't sure what I was, apparently. Bun wizard walks up to me, bends down at me, then pokes me. "1 blunt". I get up to my knees, " WRAAAAAAWR! FOURTEEN! FOURTEEN! FOURTEEN!" Bun Wizard drops, and all I can hear are people incanting dissipates. +Getting ready to go out on an encounter, Kerrie hands me an item for loot. I give her a look, "Is that the necklace you lost last month?" Yeah, it was. TOO SOON BRO, TOO SOON The Not So Good Times: -Getting thrown out of the Inn by the elves, during the Harvest Festival, in the rain, so they can do their private thing. "Fine. No one with pointed ears gets a drink from me today," The Innkeeper chimes in, "But there is free Terran Thunder here for anyone that wants it, courtesy of Raines!" If I hadn't have left my sword in my cabin, shit would have gone down. -Dying to undead. Dying again to undead before I could even stand up. Dying to uber yebs like 15 minutes later. -Learning new things about some of the people of Pinedale that I didn't need to know. I hate to admit it, but I am starting to agree with Ivan on some things. -Not even knowing about Eliana's wedding until it was already happening.