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  1. May Issues

    only in state parks. EDIT: I was wrong, since '92 that changed. but still not appropriate for a christian camp. For changing I would say do what I do...use the Bathroom....
  2. Legion Rank Structure

    I know the requirements have changed for the ranks with respect to time. Can this be updated to reflect that please?
  3. 2012 July and August Events

    Barring work I will be there, I will take my regular bunk if I end up spending the night!
  4. CoK IV Pre-Registration Tracking

    I am putting in for the time off for Badon and CoK tomorrow!
  5. Rag Food 2012

    My pork is simple to make, very little work...just a lot of cook time for the meat (overnight) so whatever day you want me to make...I make =)
  6. Rides to Ragnarok

    why for is me harem weird? =(
  7. Ragnarok 2012 Shopping List

    As I stated in the other thread I will be bring the same 5 gallon orange drink thing I brought to last years Rag =)
  8. Things we need before we go

    I have a machine that keeps water at a constant temp(195 is what I normally set it at) is this something that would be useful, possible instead of a tea pot?
  9. Things we need before we go

    I will have my card with me and am more then happy to share!
  10. Let us speak now of intoxicants

    If you get green apple liquor of some kind and some code red mt. dew I can make a drink for you!
  11. Rides to Ragnarok

    It is possible that my crew will be wanting to come up sat. if possible, please let us know if that is ok.
  12. Rag Food 2012

    Is it june 16th yet? EDIT: on the topic of soda/other drinks. I am bringing my Igloo cooler again should I get the powdered gatorade (i can get a couple huge containers at sams for cheap)? Also I has sams card if there is a club near Coopers lake that can be used to get stuffs on monday!
  13. 2012 Ragnarok Cairnhold Camp Rules

    Hives rules are so much clearer!
  14. Rides to Ragnarok

    I have room for 1, it will be a tight fit with all the gear but doable! So lets set something in stone and make sure EVERYONE can make it!