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  1. Let us speak now of intoxicants

    I have half a bottle of Everclear for Utmost (small can redbull 2 shot everclear & energy drink powder). Its what i got wrecked on last Ragnarok. Gives you the energy of a meth head with a double shot buzz. Looks cool too smoky gray & fizzy. Yes half a bottle because i started partying early ill bring another bottle. UTMOST!!!
  2. Star Wars: Old Republic

    So how is SWOR? I'd like to play as a clone trooper or bounty hunter, be better is Death Watch member was an option
  3. Skull helmet

    I started a white duct tape prototype of my skull helmet. Vasoline saved my eyebrows & a dorag saved my hair. Will post picks as soon at I figure out how to with DROID. Already plotted the relief seams. All's I have to do is cut it, flatten & trace a pattern. With any luck by rag Necrosis have a badass new skull helm.
  4. 2012 Event Dates

    Ides of March, that used to be a dag event Idk if it still is.
  5. Arrow Making

    *note my post is Dagorhir legal. I can not speak for any other gaming systems safety guidelines!
  6. Arrow Making

    Wrap & dap or spray mount one layer of 1/2 inch thick (closed cell) camping mat foam 2 inches wide around the tip of the arrow (the arrow shouldn't have a metal tip), then place a shallow plastic water bottle cap (you know the ones half as deep as a regular plastic bottle caps yes its lighter than a penny and will add to the flight of your arrow) over the tip then "procure" insulation foam used in shipping found in the corners of boxes of hot water tanks sold at home depot or Lowes (funnoodles work but the hot water tank insulation comes ready with a slice half way through with self adhesive) dap/ spray mount & wrap the insulation foam around the camp mat & bottle cap. Then dap/ spray mount one 2 & 1/2 inch approx diameter circular layer of camping mat (closed cell), should be a even diameter over the top of the bottle cap & the layered cylinder of foam then dap/ spray mount a 2 inch thick layer of open cell (soft, couch foam). Finally once dry add a yellow cloth cover over the head and cloth tape around the (closed cell) insulation foam, distinctively mark the head or Fletchings and fire away.
  7. From: Draw Weight

    Recurve bow: 35 lbs at 28 inch draw, Crossbow: 35 lbs at 12 inch draw Per www.Dagorhir.com rules 3/3/12
  8. Wax Hardening Leather

    Submersion in liquid floor wax works fine, but be sure to form the armor before the wax hardens.
  9. Dag Workout

    A twoin mile run in leather & chain armor to break in the leather & build stamina, as for combat skills fight, fight, fight!
  10. Kidney Belt for REALLY SMALL PERSON

    Lmao I'm a 32 waist. Close but no cigar
  11. Bow wanted

    Wanted 35# left handed wooden recurve bow in reasonable condition.
  12. Edhellen sight down

    Do you have 2 38" lengths? I want to make twin death blades. Any one have tips on creating plastidip or latex cross-guards? I'd like to make square iron cross cross-guards for them.
  13. Edhellen sight down

    If you haven't heard the edhellen sight is down. I was hoping to score some ultralight core.
  14. are these okay for use?

    I was considering casting polyfoam heads, but mixing the chemicals for the proper density would be trial & error.
  15. are these okay for use?

    Id normaly make my own but im curious how well they fly http://www.darkknightarmoury.com/p-4968-larp-arrows-flat-tip.aspx