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  1. Hey guys, I need to know if some one near Niagara falls is going to game as I can't make it. I had someone steal my identity and I am out of money for two weeks till shit is fixed with the bank.
  2. September Pre Production

    1 ribbon of truth
  3. Time moving forward

    I guess I have been nabbed of my thread??
  4. weapon creation

    Thank you Dave for the suggestion, and follow up what is the best way to attach it to the rest of the foam, dap??
  5. weapon creation

    I was wondering, and yes I have read the rules so I do not need them pointed out to me, but I was wondering on top of the closed cell foam, do you need to have any open cell foam for a stabby tip?
  6. Latex Weapons, Fighter Practices, and YOU!

    Are buffers allowed at practice just to be cheap and have something to use? The duct tape tube buffers is what I am talking about??
  7. Time moving forward

    I think I could find a black man that looks like Te'alc, if we can find everyone else we could invade in sept...
  8. My Little Pony

    Kender that is a damn good self portrait.
  9. Shift Schedule for Fall 2011

    I took after Dave and also I think posting names would help you in the end that way you know who is left indipendant so as to know where to put them for balance.
  10. Canal Fest Demo

    Thank you good sir.
  11. creation of throwing weapons

    I think I misunderstood you earlier when you said it would not make weight I thought you ment it would be under a minimum not over max my misunderstanding. So no minimum just a maximum.
  12. creation of throwing weapons

    Dave can I ask what minimum weight is for thrown weapons as where the rules are quoted here it says that needs to be less than six ounces... Just curious about the weight in general now
  13. Shift Schedule for Fall 2011

    Bazaar/ STQ Van'ya, rhavinel, necerro, Shelby(oog name), cat, danno, xicris, nimess, 8 people. No changes preferred, rhavinel does logistics sat am.
  14. creation of throwing weapons

    Could I use a frisbee disk such as: http://aerobie.com/products/pro.htm I know the rules say it has to be padded but could I use this as is if it was repainted as it is rubber and it is based off an ancient India Indian weapon, the chakram.
  15. Crossbow

    No I saw an older thread where someone was comparing real bows and saw them reference a 37 lb draw bow so was just curious. Correction how person a bs person b would be with the said bow.