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  1. New to Novitas

    Welcome, John Plaid!
  2. New to Novitas

    Is this John Plaid or John Khakis?

    Group in Structure 2 officially named "The Fellowship."
  4. ATTENTION: This will be the new official format for Lore requests following August 2016 game. If your lores are not submitted with the following format, they will be bounced back to you unanswered until you submit your request as shown below. This will help improve the Lore experience for everyone involved. I'd like to thank Maggie for putting it together.
  5. Typically a bullet pointed list separated by shifts is sufficient. The Heading need only be the players first and last name for XP purposes.
  6. Best of September 2016

    Post 'em up! For me, in no particular order: +Sending out Baldisere's fanboy. +Lonely townie vampire. +"Curse of Pinedale" serial killer. +SECRET MISSION +Forming The Fellowship. +Training Ashina. +Harvest Festival drinking. It was truly a pleasure to run shifts 1 and 4. See you all next month!
  7. Reminder from your friendly neighborhood Mistress of Copy-and-Paste (aka Plot Marshal Second). Despite what Kinger said in 2008 and Coroth said in 2011, the rule for background submission is as follows: 3.10.2 Backgrounds must be submitted electronically at least two weeks prior to an event. I also reserve the right to bounce back any background that does not include the following heading: Character name: Player name: Forum name: PC Race: PC Nation of Origin:
  8. The Challenges of Corruption

    Claiming Greed for Ryan Staring.
  9. Test

  10. June Event Barbeque

    Potato salad.
  11. Best of May

    I tried to forget... +Terran: "Our princess needs true love's kiss." Valora: "I'm a knight now. I'll kiss this bitch. Wait a second... one... two... seven... GODS DAMN IT! I'M OUT!"
  12. Best of May

    GM: +Being given the hokey genie Halloween costume to use. "MARCOS I NEED YOU!!!! MARCOS!!!" +Outcome of high fae plot. +Unexpected, random, highly effective murder of a PC (he got better). +Getting all of my plots out. +My NPCs' patience while we slowly rolled things out due to the highly unbalanced shift. PC: +New face gems! +Ongoing, great dynamic between Valora and her squire. +Laura: "I'm Valora Dragonsmiter." Me: "... no you're not." Laura: "But I am." Me: "... she's either crazy or dumb." Finding out that this is the Status plot arc. +Giving Azul Stonehammer the town tour. +Talent show! +The labotomized sister played by Courtinie. NPC: +Lillith of Cairnhold returns. >:D +SO MANY NEEDY PCs when I went out as elder. +Lord McCormick and the sneaky indentured servants.
  13. BUMP. Attention: PELs should not be lengthy. PELs should be concise yet comprehensive. If we must put a limit on it, let's say three pages single-space typed in your typical word processor with typical margins. Consider using bulleted lists. Also, all PELs are due at 11:59 PM two Sundays from the conclusion of game. No PELs will be accepted after that time for the purposes of earning XP.
  14. Music Boxes

    I believe this is a tinkered item?
  15. RP Skill Approval & Advancement

    BUMP. Due date has been moved up. Top post changed to reflect this change. SUBMIT YOUR REQUESTS ASAP!