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  1. Pandurrrrs

    Ive been playing the new content and its been enjoyable. The Monk class (all 3 specs) are enjoyable and thematically cool. The starting zone, and the lvl 85+ areas are visually nice, with music that reminds me of stuff from Avatar.
  2. Couldn't find the old thread, so I started a new one. For anyone who joined the Guild, We'll be on the Server Kryat Dragon. Along with our Adversaries Fleshlightsabers. Though FLS isn't really an adversary guild its people from my old WoW guild who wanted to play Imperial instead of Republic. Anyone who wants to join can go here: http://fleshlightsabers.com/index.php and register. Early release should start soon.

    Dropping the loot and running for your life seems like a valid tactic!

    Pretty sure the guest passes only get you as far as the beta did.
  5. Jenica, you can remove me from any lodge list, I moved back into the cabins.

    It's Diablo, the game has always been linear. You click on monsters until they die, then move forward to click on more monsters. The game has never really changed since the Original.

    It seems the Diablo 3 beta only lets you get to leoric. But its a enough time to get a good feel of any of the classes. It looks like its going to be a great game.

    nothing is really free.

    i thought it said 12..w/e

    anyone else having problems with logging in?
  11. New Weapon Safety

    Punch the tip and twist it
  12. Loot Is Broken

    So your going to have anywhere from 20-40 widgets separated and ready to go for each shift? That seems like more work than adding some variables together to and then calculating the loot.
  13. Funniest, best, and worst moments of April

    Believe me when I say I would have healed you had your body not come into the inn after i used up all my power and scrolls :( You Elves blend into the forest to much sometimes ;)
  14. Loot Is Broken

    Well said.
  15. Funniest, best, and worst moments of April

    I felt really bad about that one. But 5 power and 8 words later all was fixed..right? ;)
  16. Loot Is Broken

    your right..i grabbed the wrong ones. <_<
  17. Loot Is Broken

    The infamous Fatvack: 0 = 5 or fewer NPCs 1 = NPCs have Great Weapons (any number) 2 = each Monstrous NPC 3 = NPCs are level 30-39 (taking into account for extra body and damage) 1 = each monster listed as Uncommon 2 = NPCs are some distance away (beach, field across the road from Confirmation Lodge, Covered Bridge) +9 total Rewards: 18 coin 4 levels worth of consumables.
  18. Loot Is Broken

    You forgot : This is an important modifiers. (fixed)
  19. Loot Is Broken

    All the talk about reward or RP plots. I think Dave said it best in that the plot is its own reward. The god squad helped put the fallen Pinedale Militia member to rest. There was no talk of reward, just a moment for some awesome rp. That is why people take RP skills.
  20. Loot Is Broken

    If you put it on the forums, GMs can have this shit filled out and ready to go before they show up to game. At least for any plots they have prepped ahead of time.
  21. Loot Is Broken

    Instead of talking hypotheical lets look at some examples from this past event: Sat Afternoon Undead 2 - 10-19 npcs 2- Npcs with Armor 2- Npcs with shields 1 Npcs with great weapons 1 Casting 1-2 lvl spells 3 NPC can cast dispel 3x3 Rare monster (wraiths) 3x3 NPC DR elven steel 2x3 NPCs can cast spells or use items that penetrate defenses (Silvershine, Transmutation, Hand of Death, Wraithbane, Primal Form, Enchant Weapon, etc.) +35 So 70 coin, 17levels of consumables and a 60ish coin magic item. Sounds better than the 10-15 coin that was left over in the loot box at the end of the shift. Especially for the beating they took.
  22. April Pre-Production

    Moar Scrolls FF: 20PP 5 Panacea April : 20PP 2 Revive 2 Mindblank
  23. Juice fast

    There was a documentary about a guy who did the juice diet. Similar to Super Size Me. It was an interesting movie, the diet can be expensive since you have to buy a lot of produce to make a little juice. But there are plenty of recipes out there for people looking to fast or diet with juices, googling it should get you plenty of results.
  24. Communications At Events

    Prepaid (track) phones are usually very reliable, and cheap. You can add minutes for call/texting a needed instead of paying for a monthly plan.