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  1. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    PIP for January 2016 Event 1) Who is planning on going. -- Artemis and whoever is with him at the time, probably the Guardians of the Well 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. -- Artemis and company will be attacked by the hag that cursed him. She can lead the group of NPC's or she can just send them to attack (honestly, I don't know what kind of NPC would be best here, perhaps harpies, constructs, duped townsfolk). Either way, Artemis will be forced to fight and there will be a token or charm or little doll on an NPC to tip him off to the origin of the attack. 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. -- Its in my August PEL and blog, but here's the gist: Artemis got drunk, pissed off a hag and got cursed so now he ages one week every time he swings his sword. It has been over a year and Artemis is not dead yet; the hag is getting impatient. She intends to speed up the process by getting him to fight more often (her intent is not for him to die from the encounter but rather from swinging his sword - as was the basis of the curse - in this manner will she grow stronger by feeding off of his leaking life force). 4) What shift are you planning to go do this - shift 1 or 2 **EDIT: if this cannot be done during January event, then February would be fine too, thanks :)
  2. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    1) Who is planning on going. -- Just Artemis 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. -- He wants to find the hag that cursed him (I'm guessing she moved out of Pinedale after the deluge). Perhaps he could find out by asking a fortune teller or maybe a farmer tells a story about the hag and Artemis overhears it. Artemis will not go looking for the hag this month he just wants to know where she is. He will go find her in November. 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. -- Its in my August PEL and blog, but here's the gist: Artemis got drunk, pissed off a hag and got cursed so now he ages one week every time he swings his sword. 4) What shift are you planning to go do this - 1 or 2
  3. Best of June

    shift 1 - pc - wow, lots of loot for the guardians! and none of it undeserved, we worked our arses off for it and the payoff was nice :) - undead fight was intense, crazy rave noodles scared the crap outta me, and pat lane never disappoints in a boss fight shift 2 - pc - slower than first shift, but still fun, more rp moments for us - buying the contracts for 2 more prostitutes and getting them settled in to Artemis' House for Wayward Whores (name not finalized) shift 3 and 4 - npc - gotta say, what meant the most to me this whole event was the opportunities given me by the gm staff, the roles I got to play have grown alot over the years. In my first couple of years I was almost strictly combat; but lately Ive gotten to play talky roles and that is an honor for me - also quite scary for me! I still get super nervous when I gotta birth dialogue, but it always comes out ok :) btw, Im a fricking a Wight King! omg, seriously omg - so, ya know thx
  4. Best of April 2016

    PC - first shift with the Guardians was amazing, the group is really starting to bond - meeting an unhappy fire archon and forgetting they can see thru yer dissipate, oops - wings and pizza! i dont care if its poisoned! - having an orgy in the temple with my swingin fiancee, Ingrid, with nick's npc and a possible succubus, phew dodged a bullet there - next morning going out on a bag of tricks and the first group we encountered was MY pc group, aw shit - i should probably go garb up - inducting new members into our group felt great! NPC - the great honor of being apart of the monty python storyline was the bee's knees, baby, i cant express how great this was, and thank you Gost for playing along with! (also Braves vs the frenchmen) - assassinating Titus and then running for my life, finally, we took out a noble, mwah haha - super epic last battle at the graveyard, little ol' me got to be a frickin Balor! wow, so much fun - the hilarious disorganization of the healing of the mass bodies of the post-mindlfair-battle "heal them" "No, dont heal them!" "who is waking them up?" -spellburst dispel x4
  5. The Golden Phoenix.

    Artemis stands up, finishes his drink, slams it down on the table, throws another copper on the bar and exhales deeply. Following the two out of the inn he speaks to himself softly, 'should have just knocked him out and carried his disappearing, ghost-like, lightwing-ass'
  6. The Golden Phoenix.

    As Artemis sheathes his blade the inn door slams abruptly in front of him. He mumbles under his breath 'dammit Sorien.' Sighing shortly he opens the door and scans the room as usual, feeling the warmth and mirth that has been the beginning and end of many a tale for him. He walks up to Sorien and Blagar and then passed them to a seat close to the bar. He motions to the tavern wench for an draught and gets comfortable to watch the confrontation like it was a play. Nimbly bringing an apple to his mouth he takes a sloppy, hearty bite and while chewing he chimes in: "Just stab him Sorien, I'm not in the mood for explanations." Artemis laughed a little as he spoke.
  7. Best of November!

    -writing a letter to Ingrid posting terms to our 'open marriage' -npcing a lunatic pedophile priest right after playing a baby-snatching cult leader, eerily sweet -fighting with Richter 4th shift -bartering at the owl bazaar (no, thats not the real name) -the crazy last undead fight was crazy -running from the shrine of grak to the sluice gate at convergence, seeing bodies strewn along the path, and then being able to pull a ritual of disenchant out of my ass -slept well -kerosene heater worked, but weather wasnt too bad, sooo -Bag O Tricks son! -a pinedale sausage wrapped in a grilled chz sammich is divine and tummy-gurgling :)
  8. Tiki Lanterns and Lighting

    im interested in helping out
  9. 2015 February Feast Pre-Registration!

    is there a way for me to find out if I get to PC or not this weekend?
  10. in search of a weapon smith

    Frustrated at the lack of traffic, Artemis puts up a sign inside the inn that reads, "Weapon Smith Wanted, seek out Artemis by the old Sentinel's Terrace"
  11. Artemis stands at the door to the inn awaiting the casual entrance of Pinedale residents. It is a brisk and rainy morning, but he hopes the slab of bacon he has purchased will awaken and entice the townsfolk with its enchanting aroma. He thinks aloud to himself, "Step one is complete, now I shall await a weapon smith whom I can hire to make me a new blade."
  12. September shift change

    Daniel Young / Artemis Gaege Independent 3 and 4 preferred
  13. Round Shield

    I used luan for my shield, it is very light but cracked once this past year, however, this happened during an intense pvp duel. that being said, it should be perfect for you as long you dont run out to fight in every possible battle, and even then, it should be easily fixable.
  14. Best, Worst, and Funniest moments of April

    Hands down the highlight for me this event was getting a personal plot for Artemis. My gratitude to Kevin, Richard and JC, thank you for reading my back story and providing me with the realest moment I have ever felt in Pinedale.
  15. Entering Novitas

    oh holy goodness brie, i could totally see you as a traveling gypsy or musician, or perhaps since thats your daily life you would like to just be a elvish warrior? looking forward to seeing you next event!