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    LARP, duh!
  1. Best of June

    I really don't know where to start recounting my event, so I'll just thank everyone for helping me have a great time. You are all so wonderful. Can't wait to see you at the dungeon crawl!
  2. It's Chloe/ Lori!

    I'm sorry I didn't get to meet your PC, but I'm really glad you had fun! See you in September P.S: I participate in Nanowrimo, too :)
  3. The Best of May 2014

    I would just like everyone to know that I will now hear all of Dave H's forum posts in the voice of his Civen Orator.
  4. Electrical Devices in Cabins

    Thank you! We will look into these for our use.
  5. Best of May!

    My first time PCing went splendidly! Everyone made it a lot of fun. My favorite parts were: --Being a noble. Best 4 build I ever did spend. --Telling those alarmed at my unarmed state that "The Sept will provide," and having it come true! Thank you, Goldwright! --My visit to the Temple with Catalus & Co. --Playing a drinking game with a Ribbon of Truth. Genius! Who came up with that? --OOC: Everyone was super friendly and full of advice! And everybody who cheered me up when I was feeling grumpy was awesome. Y'all know who you are. NPCing was great too. I really liked: --Having Lauren paint my face! --Being a ridiculous fey and not making any damn sense!
  6. Garb bags

    I need pouches! Bags to hold my things like wands and potions which can be worn on a belt. I don't have many requirements, besides that they be fairly easy to open/close quickly and that I'm hoping to not spend too much money.
  7. Introducing myself

    Me neither. I just hope some of the things I ordered for the costume arrive in time.
  8. Introducing myself

    Definitely. I've been to other boffer larps before, so I probably could have gotten away without doing so, but I'm glad I did. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I always get very worked up when I'm bringing in a new PC, almost like stage fright. But now that I've scouted the place out, know where the inn and logistics are and who some of the storytellers are, I feel a lot more comfortable with Novitas. :) Ah, sadly no, I've never been sent out as a buzzer. The event I attended was a few months ago. There was a benefit for greyhounds going on if that helps place it. My favorite NPC role was a Terren woman who wanted to hire some PCs to capture Yebbs. Hilarity ensued. And thank you everyone for the welcome.
  9. Introducing myself

    Hi everyone! My name is Mary Ferro, and I have attended exactly one Kingdoms of Novitas event before. I only played an NPC, but I hope to be bringing in my first PC in May. Y'all may know my brother, Al, player of that crimson-caped elf. Anyway, I look forward to seeing all of you next month!