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  1. Best of November!

    Just being back at game, the long hikes to get there before PCs just to sit and wait for 30 mins for them to show up. The rush of night time fighting, the look on PCs faces when they're faced with almost insurmountable odds, and to listen to their enjoyment of defeating their foe.
  2. LOL! I love the new handle!

  3. June 09 Awesometasticness!

    Lets get the mushy shit out of the way first... 1. Getting to see everyone, old and making new friends. 2. Taking Two New players out for a 3 hour walk and showing them around the camp... reminiscing about all the things I did as Rothgar. 3. The diner after larp, Lots of people, lots of fun... Now to the GOOD stuff 4. Being the Lieutenant of Carenhold, commanding hundreds of skaven to roll Pinedale and turn it into the new Carenhold. 5. Seeing the look on Marius' face as the Rat Shaman walked past him and chanted "By the power of Father Nox I cast..." and then the look of relief and anoyance as he said "Creeping Rot" followed by a sigh a huff and a "No effect." 6. My Skaven surrounding me to protect me as the PCs finally finished off my Rangers and mounted a useful counter attack. I literally was surrounded by bodies as the PCs swam through the rats to finally take me down. 7. Great PCs willing to take the Hard road and not the easy way out which will lead to AWESOME plot later. 8. Will Swager, Born and Breed. The loud and overly friendly barkeep... fun to play 9. Playing the Gem Merchant again. Its great to have a NPC that is a legit man that all the PCs enjoy having around and doing business with. to the point Dren left me in his cabin with ALL his loot by myself knowing I had Ley Lines. 10. Said Gem Merchant selling a large gem to Iga for his new Concubine, the Bar Maids did an amazing job for people who Have little to no experience in the Role-playing lifestyle they are Naturals (and I'm not just saying that cause I'm married to one of them.) Then going to Lady Slatestone and telling her he is totaly hittin up other girls before he had a chance to come up with an excuse. 11. Lord Iga: Have you sold the appropriate amount of Bling? Gem Merchant: *blink blink* Yes I believe I did, I will be returning as I have specific requests from both The Nanzu and your betrothed. Iga: So you do buisness for my Concubine, and for my Mate, very good. GM: "Thank you Lord Iga, I shall depart now. Iga: "I hope you do not get eaten in your travels." GM: "I assure you I will not...." 12. Nanzu: "I am in need of another Gem, large like this one for the other hand..." GM: "To even out the weight?" Nanzu: "Yes I must talk to my Father about purchasing one for me..." 13. The Crazy Wizard at the stump. Kev did an AWESOME job as he spent three hours out waiting for the PCs to come and interact with him, only for it to nearly get ruined by other Pcs meddling. 14. Rosalia forgetting the scholar out of the Sept when not only did she travel with Moonfather, but he was NPCing a man who was a Scholar himself... in her defense she couldnt even remember her own name she was so tired from walking to the Sluice Gate, and to the shrine of draconus 4 times, each one doing the full loop around. 15. The Mummy Fight on friday night. The PCs learned they need to be more aggressive and nearly lost Elios because of it. Epic fight, as epic I would say as the Rat Master. 16. Kinger on Sat Night sending random things that where rather bad ass and when asked if that was a good idea responding "We got Rat Fed...screw em..." Or my favorite "Screw those Rat Bastards they deserve it." 17. The Two Trolls, the ogre and the Casvac herding the Ooze... We sent that out expecting it to be trouble for the PCs but completely forgot about Druid Emerys. 18. Watching Gaius... no weapons he still did a damn good job in participating with combats. especially in enchanting Marius' sword... he DOVE out of the In to enchant it then tuck and rolled to run outa the way. 19. Hearing The story about the Ninja from Drew 20. Hearing the story of the trolls and ooze by Mike N. 21. Lady Faeryl inside out.... 22. The Look on Veria's face when there was a mob wanting to hang/burn a man. 23. Miles and his delicious food... even after game ended 24. NearBeer = The Win.... 25. Phaleg = The win... 26. My Tabi-Boots. Granted I could feel all the rocks under my feet which made the rocky road suck... sure I kept getting flowers and grass between my toes.... but my feet didn't hurt the ENTIRE event... and I was on them 3x more then normal this event. not to mention I was actually Stealthy in them.... the boots do make the ninja. 27. Seeing the Flesh golems and their creepy walking. 28. The Slatestones encampment... 29. The GMs and their plots, and the volume of NPCs. There was rarely if ever a dead moment and yet the NPCs didn't feel compelled to go out every time they got back, they where able to relax and recoup. 30. Lord Iga: Return to the Pagoda. Cori's PC: “I’ll be back in a moment, my Lord.” Iga: “No. I am Lord. Return to the Pagoda. Now.” Walking away to see Jenica headed towards us Me: "Iga is a Dick..." Jenica: *giggling like a little school girl.* 31. Thunderface. Drew: "I dont know I should be telling you this but your cabin has come to the decision that the longer your beard gets the louder you snore." Jenica: "Still not nearly as bad as Dana..." My snoring is something I am very self-conscious about and one of my Insecurities, I truly do not like that I do it. But the fact that they make light of it and don't make me feel bad about it helps.
  4. character name origins

    When creating the character I wanted some flair, be something no one else in the legion was, so I went with being a Delin. All I had read and been told about Delins was that they where mostly nordic style warriors. I needed a nordic name, Rothgar was the first thing to pop into my mind, then I looked to my left (where my books where all at the time.) and noticed The Illiad and Odessy sitting right next to Baeowulf and realized where I got it, Hrothgar is the king of the Danes in the book, I had just dropped the H. I just recently went and googled Rothgar to find out what came up.... some interesting things Rothgar was a charicters name in the 2008 sci fi movie Outlander The Marquess of Rothgar appears in the Georgian historical romance novels by bestselling author, Jo Beverley. Godric Rothgar is an Alliance NPC in WoW a shield vendor....(semi ironic) Another person with the name Justin whom joined a site called DIGG apparently uses Rothgar as a nickname. Edited to add : For the Horde
  5. Barbarians Shouldn't Carry Shields

    If I read correctly, and I may have just missed it, the barbarians with no shields thing was taken out of the book. Reagardless, I have a myriad of reasons as to my barbarian carrying a shield. 1. Did it from day one as a member of the Legion. 2. Group after the legion, specificly their big bad ass necromancer begged me to use one and also beraded me for NOT useing one, didnt bother me but gave me insentive to get him to shut up. 3. Weapons Master, which even before it was an in game thing I wanted, requires buying shield use, im gonna use what i have on my sheet when its avalible. 4. Dave says its minmaxing, that makes me want it more cause hes one to talk. 5. Beeing a worshiper of Grak means being your damn self and carving your own way. If i followed barbarian culture id be another number amongst hundreds... id rather be Rothgar. Grak says use anything in combat that will alow you to win... we win by useing shields to keep our lives up theirs down... 6. Races and cultures Change based on player adaptations of them. for instance Orcs went from being mindless humans that just screamed and attacked to poorly cultured brutes who could talk and sell things, not everyone likes it but its how things are.... adapt and move on. 7. GMs dont like Barbarians useing shields, watch how your NPC barbarians go out, almost ALWAYS at least one grabs a shield, its fight smarter not harder. 8. Barbarians are also not supose to use magics... save MABY battle magic... yet ive faught EVERY type of spellcaster barbarian... sent out by GMs... go figure maby whats written down is not exactly how its viewed fluff is fluff, not set in stone rules. Seems like this overall is more of an IC thing then OOC, every barbarian in town with a shield is some kind of outcast amongst the tribes as is... useing shields may just be a sign of intelegence
  6. Moving

    As of December 30th Jodi and I will be moving to an Apartment Complex. Hopefully we can get MOST everything done on the 30th but are ALWAYS willing to get more help if anyone is available. We will most likely have Beer and Food. We are hoping to have it done by the 31st so that we can have beer and food and such for the new years, which, if we are finished will have friends over for a party.
  7. Feb Feast 2009

    I will be paypailing soon, my Wife and I will be there, id like a PC slot if it is available....
  8. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    Rothgar chuckled at Grog's words. "This is yet the third version of the story on how things went I've heard from you alone, not to mention your attitude change... First you go from proud and honorable, to cowardly and sniveling, to apologetic with the acceptance of punishment, now to uncaring." He shook his head and shrugged. "Perhaps Victor spoke the lies of him offering you a non violent way out multiple times and you refusing.. then coming to him the day of and claiming a 'headache' and that your shield was not up to par. Many Barbarians take up shields, especially in Pinedale, but NONE of us rely on them in all matters. And none of us back down from a perceived INSULT to our being. Had it been him stealing your food from your plate perhaps speaking on it, but to insult your Personal Totem? It is at least good you choose to not care of others opinions, but I would still be hard pressed to call you a man." At that point he walked from grog towards the chess game. "Elder Daizo." He bowed slightly out of respect. "You are right on the disappearance of Atticus, however I assure you he is safe, He walks a long road and needs time to think on his life." He looked down at the chess game "Such a fascination people have with a poorly designed war game...I wish you both great victory and glorious deaths." he smiled and placed his hand on Alia's shoulder.
  9. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    "He brings Disgrace to those who gave him a home. He acts out against those he claims have insulted him and his bear." His tone mocking Grog as he stood over him. "Then when they accept his challenge he attempts to set down rules that favor him, thus proving him to be weak and fearful. And if that where not enough, Even after terms are met and agreed upon by both parties, he backs down with tail between his legs." I was obvious both in the tone of his voice and his gestures. "I am known as Rothgar, Alpha of the Wolves, the Tribe of the Freelands." He clasped his hand around her wrist and shook, his left hand resting on the pommel of his sword.
  10. A Stranger Enters the Inn

    The Door opened once more this time however A familiar face to most stepped in. Rothgar looked around the in with a stoic face. He quickly assessed the situation and walked over behind Grog, speaking before he got the chance to. "His name is Coward, and speaking to much with him is giving him more then he deserves." His low voice grumbled with a bit of anger.
  11. OOC/IC swirling together

    I believe he is speaking of it in terms of metagaming. I have to agree with him on some level as the same thing happens to me as Rothgar. I have a brooding and evil reputation that precedes me when most don't know what I actually do save when they are NPCs. Granted I know a lot of people, myself included talk about Slatestones being evil out of character and our PCs dislikes of them, but I do not believe it is all metagaming. I know for a fact that a lot of anti-Slatestone rhetoric was pushed by both Marius and Cambrin and I think it was very easy for people to accept and grow a dislike for them due to the fact they where an unknown element. There is also a great deal of talk ooc about how no one likes the Snowgoblins, or how they are evil bastards but again I think most of it might be just talk and not dragged over to IC. It is very hard to tell if people are metagaming in such a sense because there is more than enough IC things to give them justification for their actions should they be approached about it.
  12. Status/Noble RP Skills, and their benefits...

    I did not mean to imply that the nobles should go on a killing spree... I'm sorry if it came off that way, nor did I mean to disrespect your concept in any way. as far as nobles demanding people 'be their bitch' no, no one has come out and said as much and perhaps putting it that was was a poor choice of words. However, actions speak much louder then words.
  13. Status/Noble RP Skills, and their benefits...

    My Two Cents. Just reading a lot of these posts makes my blood boil, but I've learned to curve my anger in other directions. On the subject of people who are nobles being good RPers and those who ignore NOT being: Many of the oswego players should know my gut response to this. F*ck you. You are no better a role-player then ANYONE else, just because you THINK you are better dose not make you better. You have NO right judging other peoples skills or views just because they are different then yours. Some people get their joy in a political oriented role-playing game. Others in a more frontier game. Just because you don't like it dose not mean they are bad, or that you are better, just that you are different. On the subject of the 'we are Americans who don't understand nobility': I have to disagree there to some extent. Just because Americans in general dislike nobility dose not mean it is inbreed into everyone or the vast majority for that matter. I for one am more then capable of acknowledging such a social hierarchy should It fit what I am aiming for, and I'm sure others are as well. Though If it can be said, and I am wrong on that aspect, it is safe to assume then that just as others are incapable of acknowledging it, the same number are incapable of portraying it. From what I have read, and seen the problem dose not lay with the PCs just ignoring nobility, its in the way that nobility is being presented to the PCs. It goes beyond being an American, as far as to find its roots in being a human being that brings out a rebellious nature towards any form of hierarchy. people don't like being told what to do, especially those who come from foreign lands and DEMAND respect and that you convert to their way of thinking. You may be knighted by the kings and queens of Europe, but you come over to the Americas and we 'savages' are not going to willingly convert to your ways or bow to you as being better. You may a high ranking member of NATO, but the Iraqis do not need to do what you tell them, or pay you ANY bit of respect unless you earn it. NONE of the nobles save MAYBE Marius has truly Earned respect of most of the people in Pinedale, and even he is sketchy on that front. It feels like people are taking the status skill or coming in with it and demanding the other players be their bitches and its not going to go over well that way. Either start killing people to gain respect through fear... or find another way to earn respect. Any noble starts acting like a noble in foreign land and not like a conquistador or like A fairytale snob prince who sits in their castle and whines to get someone to put their shirt on for them and Ill give due respect. On the subject of people acting as though they have status or asking, demanding or whatever you wish to be called by a name denoting status as Cheating.... I suppose that counts me as a Cheater.... as Status has it right now, I should have a rank or two both from being the "ranger called stryder" and through being the recognized chieftain of the barbarians within pinedale. However, I have things I want, and status is not high on the list, I don't want free coin per game, I don't want the sweet level 5 power right now.... I want weapon master, I want a few other things, and I don't think because I have worked myself into a position as chieftain I should put those on hold to get status when its an RP skill that dose things I don't care for.... nor do I think it should be considered Cheating for me to do so...
  14. Acid?

    Once 4 acid has successfully been dealt to your shield, you are suppose to place/throw the shield to the ground and it is useless until a mend armor is cast on it. thus you do not have the shield 'equipped' and can not use it to cast spells from. at least that Is how I have been playing it (not that my shield gets acided out often.) and how I interpreted the rules.