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  1. reconnecting

    She grins at Narene and picks her feet from the dirt. Rubbing debris off her soles and turns to face her friend. "It's nice to see you Narene. Are you well? " She turns her attention now to her left foot, picking at a splinter with diligence. "Are there any problems with our- family and friends?"
  2. reconnecting

    With gusto Nalowen plops down on the stump next to the fire. She pulls her shoes and socks off and place them hopefully at just the right distance from the fire. They were wet, not yet soaking so she hoped they would dry before, anything catostrophic happened. She hangs her head and looks at her feet. Chapped from the cold months, maybe next year she would take that merchants deal on the 'perfect balm for what ever ails you' , it couldn't hurt... could it? Though the ground is packed around the inn from its traffic she manages to wiggle her toes into a bit of dirt and soot. She can feel every root , small and large, the growth of fungi down the way, the movement of the earth as the winter thaws and the green starts to replace the muted colors of the colder months. Her expression grows warm, and she cranes her neck and shoulders to the sky and stays, eyes closed as if she were in the arms of a loved one. She brushes against a root, disconnected from its sun giver, it sings a soft song before flittering away leaving only the shell of itself. "goodbye.... and thank you." After a brief moment of silence and stillness she stretches out her arms and curls each finger into a small fist before finally finding rest, watching the fire, she listens to the songs of the earth happily.
  3. Best of September!

    ~Best~ Getting to meet Mary's character and talking for some time about the gods and the trees and human/elven culture. Not getting hit by those Bagmen because of Mary's keen eyes. Being with the Druids and not being shady. ~Worst~ Nearly passing out first shift NPCing. Over all heat exhaustion even though I was taking all the precautions I could think of . The general grumpiness of people because of heat. (myself included) SUNDAY >.< Left early to go to work and felt so miserable I didn't even go.
  4. October Lost and Found

    He just told me. Thank you so much!
  5. October Lost and Found

    I left a leather peice in the inn by accident. It's pretty big and an auburn color. It was on the edge of a table hanging to dry off.
  6. Greetings!

    Mattering on your cash flow and character ideas you can search on etsy, get some wonderful stuff from badassgarb or commission from people who play at our game. Throughout the forums are a ton of resources mattering on the kind of character you plan on making. If you have any specific questions about venders or sorts of garb or materials please ask ( though a little digging you can find quite a bit of info ). :3
  7. Brooch Advice.

    So I have some beautiful brooches from Al that I just got to wear this weekend. They were great, but are so pointy it's a little dangerous at times. I was wondering if any of you put anything on the edges of your pins to not catch on them? I like the point for going through fabric easily so I'd prefer not to dull them, but may have to because I don't want to end up seriously pricking myself. Thanks!
  8. September shift change

    Answering for the druids. Rarely are all the players at game, and we are MOSTLY lumped together because we like to RP with each other and wanted to make sure at least some of us could roll together. And to make it easier for you guys cause half of us would prolly be independents. >.< If at any point it DOES become a problem we will quickly fix it though. :3 Thanks for the heads up.
  9. September shift change

    SG: Jamie /Noriko Mary/ Aya Chris/ Saitoh Bill/ Emil Fred/Abel Tom/Zacharia We need 3/4 . because Goblins. Chris is a GM, Bill is Logistics
  10. Quill and ink Penner

    I like this idea. Seems sturdy, and pretty. *thumbs up*
  11. 2014 summer prop shed clean out

    Looks more like start at 11 :D
  12. Alright! On the 12th of July we will need people to help clean out the prop shed. Starting at 10am. There will be xp awarded for anyone who comes and helps along the project. We will need febeeze, and garbage bags at minimum . Anyone who wants to talk about reorganizing garb and such please feel free to msg me here or on Facebook. Can't Waite to see you there! If you know you can make it please say so That way I can plan jobs and work. :D
  13. Desert in Novitas

    We have the same landscape as the areas we live in. For a good reason. No deserts.
  14. Cabins and you

    Jamie Finley, Clan Miyuki/ Druids (as SG we need back to back but put Nalowen where ever.) Prefer to sleep in Gost, or confirmation, will move if need be. Al Ferro Independant (would like back to back shifts because of prosthetics) We sleep in the same bunk. Clan Miyuki Chris Tesorio Bill Alfieri Fred Clark ^They sleep in encampment with other guys^ Mary Ferro (sleeps in confirmation due to medical condition) Myself (gost normally)
  15. Making Tag Bags

    Lori, if you want to come by my place some time I can do some teaching on basics and you can make some tagbags if you'd like.