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  1. Great Weapon Question

    Sorry for thread necro. Did this become a thing and if so what are the requirements?
  2. Best of Novitas New Year

    Thinking I was going to get pc'd after my first fight as Atlas. I was like "well shit, this is unfortunate." literally got up and started walking back to logistics before Pat told me to go lay back down in the pit. Classifying the elves. Everyone and their grandmothers telling me that I should write in blood. Free drinks=major hangover Challenging the annoying dellins. Naming Fred. Playing an inquisitor. Fun times "I will not make a character with second breath, I will NOT make a character with second breath! OOO nice cup XD"
  3. NNY items

    How would disease work against monsters with damage retirements? Could you damage a troll or werewolf?
  4. NNY items

    Do the eldritch glove create a tag bag for second breath and ley lines? Can you cast spellburst and use this effect?
  5. NNY items

    If the owner of the founders blade is not a citizen of maple wood can they still be healed by touching the sword?
  6. NNY items

    Can mage weave be applied to an already enchanted piece of garb?
  7. NNY items

    Does the grounding wire absorb 1 damage dart a gameday or all damage darts?
  8. Shields and where to get them?

    A good chunk of our players go to Alex for shields because he does an amazing job.
  9. Shields and where to get them?

  10. Best of September!

    1st shift Being a ranger was pretty badass. At the same time getting killed by my own npcs sucked Going head to head with Jace, Dustin is a great two weapon fighter. 2nd Shift Saturday morning orcs are the most evil creation of all time. Killing two "Cultists" RP with a few old friends. 3rd Shift Hag's earrings. "I'm not wearing these things unless the ghosts tell me too." Dellin fight in the field. I loved those dellins. Final fight, Evan makes the best dominated minion. 4th Shift Talking to everyone as we all prepared for the fight Gathered ritual items for Richter Fighting in the field was a nice change, more npc nightmares coming to kill us all. A battered town prepares to fight at the lake. It ends before midnight. Best moment "Why are you wearing armor?" "Because we are at war."
  11. Best of June

    1st shift (npc) Bog lurking was a great way to start of the shift. Oozed all the way to the inn before any tried to kill us 2nd shift Players were awake for Ork O'clock The wood elf executions were a great Medium hitman "You dare defy the Stranger's will?" That plot was intense all the way from the background to the loot I received. "One silver for every ten years..." 3rd (pc) Sneaking up on the remaining orcs The fatvak ambush was great. One was pretending to be feeding on the other. Just an awesome "oh crap" moment The rp that followed with above plot. JC and Kyle exchanging insults 4th Both ghost plots were tricky to work out but were very interesting Assassins attacking Richter. "He will get up after a minute." Nope, Lord Richter will not lay in the dirt and a pool of his own blood for any amount of time. The undead raid. "The Gates are closed" The ambush that followed on the way back. NEW Monster!!! Richard's undead was bad ass! Will be a great use of a lore request. The memory loss used late in the night was well needed. Final Fight was bad ass.
  12. Best of April 2016

    NPC Fiends that wanted queen buzzer honey, bagart games and evil spirits... Saturday morning orcs is always fun when you are the orcs The Great Marcario!!! Selling his ring of invisiblity *Cough* Bracelet that will make you the strongest you have ever felt *Cough cough* and other things!!! PC Man creates ghost, ghost wants man beaten up, man gets challenged to a duel and beaten up. Accomplished my first long term character goal, RP with the young wild runner ghost. When every character involved is fighting against you and you still manage to pull something out of your ass. "I swear on my dead brother's spirit." Prepping plans to return to Waypoint When Baldiserie and Marcus argued with the bandits to return home. Fighting seemed inevitable, the bandit leader was reaching into his satchel for magical components. Staring the man down and coldly telling him "Don't throw your lives away." So what do they do? They set up a toll closer to the lake. Time to be murder hobos Minotaur!!! We want to revive a werewolf to question it... Even my character noped that and I tend to roll with the bad ideas. Talking to Titus in more detail about compulsion. It was very enlightening.
  13. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Medium 3 Drestroying the Stranger's Bane. Necklace that made it's wearer, including undead, immune to necromancy. Helped perform a ritual with Richter and the Avatar of the Stranger To fix the ley lines (No more daytime undead) This was before rituals were badass. Continuing to seek help from other mediums if I get myself in over my head. Diving head first at every single final rest bell that can be heard all night every night. Seriously if I am PC'ing and there is a bell ringing I am there first person there,usually with a half formed party tailing me. Saving two farmers and a merchant in the spring from being final rested. Also disrupted the final rest ritual that was being cast down by the lake december event all by myself until Baldiserrie arrived. Helping defeat Nabu Nexus Putting Carina Kent's spirit to rest. Dropping everything to put a spirit to peace at feb feast. I explained to him that he was dead and let him talk to his family one last time.
  14. Best of Feb Feast!

    This event was great! The NPC's did an amazing job considering it was supposed to be an all pc shift. Good job to all of the wonderful staff who worked so hard to make this event, and the game, as amazing as it is. Now let's see some of the post Feb Feast hype! PC'ing As per usual, getting my ass kicked by orcs. Ghost! Is it bad that I love seeing dead people? Everything worked out but it wasn't my best performance. The funeral of Ulysseus. It was a sad moment almost interrupted by a group of orcs. The frost bandits were a fun encounter. One of the many things I need to look into XD Mask Fragment? Hmmmmm The final fight was great, enough said. "Choose the smallest and noblest amoung you to ask your question." We picked Beryl? Everyone seemed okay with it except Ferris who was shaking his head. I caught it... I wonder if anyone else did. Richard's worshipper of darkness was a mental ninja... It is the first time in six years that I questioned my character choices pertaining to the gods. I had to make a choice and for a moment it could have gone either way. Richard's words were a torture all of their own. That moment defined how I used to play my character and how I will play my character in the future. It was the best moment of feb feast. It was the best moment of my entire larping experience. Because of this ^^^ Double checking to make sure the dead man was dead and not an Avatar of Darkness. Again, mental ninja... Final notes Couldnt drink because I had to drive back to niagara falls for school/work reasons. i still had a blast watching all of the crazy before I left. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!
  15. 2016 Feb Feast Auction Items

    Does Eleos' Offhand allow you to deal 3 or 5 damage with your main weapon?