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  1. February Preproduction

    Twin, I did the thing.
  2. April Pre-production

    Ashlin Burnheart Normal Production Master Crafted Belt of Dissipate 2x GD=16 points (12+4) Bracelet of Disengage 2x GD=8 points -100 coin Scroll Scribe Personal Incant "May the fire burning in your heart survive for I call on the power of Revive!" 4x revive scrolls -20 coin, 1 ritual Ink Merchant Production 5 Vermin Banes 10PP 5 Affection Confections 15 PP 1 Purify Spirit Potion 2PP 2 Black Out Juice 8 PP 1 Magic Strike Oil 1PP 26 Production points traded in for 13 Rejuvenation Elixirs 1 Diagnosis Oil traded in for 1 Ritual Ink Owe 120 Coin Ritual Ink
  3. Forum Name Change

    I would like to have my forum name changed to Ashlin Burnheart, would someone kindly point me in the right direction?
  4. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Ashlin approaches the inn, his cloak masking his face. Quickly and quietly he posts a piece of parchment on the wall by the door before leaving into the night. Ashlin Burnheart, The Wandering Merchant is looking to employ a handful of skilled individuals throughout the coming months. The more one has to offer the more they will be compensated. It is guaranteed that one will receive a master crafted item for services and at least 100 coin in loot. those who fight with a shield will also be paid an additional 50 coin up front. With no previous skill one has the potential to make 300 coin. Send all inquires to The Wandering Merchant.
  5. 4.0 Rules Wiki

    Realms of Evenandra, This may have been pointed out already, but I am working on a new character saw it, and figured I would post it https://sites.google...current-nations
  6. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    Merchant 5, have your own NPC butler? XD Alfred "Strange injuries a non-existent social life, these things beg the question as to what exactly does Bruce Wayne Blagar Lightwing do with his time and his money."
  7. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    I do the same thing. XD This is just a game. We all go to have fun. That is how the cookie crumbles. I feel the tension in some of the posts, I am guilty of not understanding some of the sides. We all just want to improve a game we enjoy. There is no harm in that. I cannot speak of anyone who you may or may not have offended but hey =]
  8. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    Finally and I am not for scrapping the skill, but maybe part of the problem is how many games is your character the merchant? Maybe part of the problem is that Merchants in games and stories tend to be NPCs. Food for thought.
  9. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    Merchants having a "leylines" like ability would be great for IC and OOC applications. Once per convergence at convergence they can travel to their official shop. It also allows travel off screen outside of Pinedale every event to lets say other merchants? Merchants guild HQ, and such. I also like the idea of merchant 3 being able to create items with an equal spell level at half coin. (If you turn in an item of panacea, and you also turn in an aditional 80 coin worth of crafted items you can create an item with a lvl 4 spell. Could GMs organize generic merchants that once per shift find the Played merchants and give them better trade deals than other characters? Merchants could also employ NPCs, you are a farmer, "I will pay you up front so you can harvest X madweed next month." This is more of a stretch but traders, prostitues and inn keepers tend to be the ones who know the gossip, maybe an ingame lore request system could be established once per game in the form of yes or no questions. Is XYZ in town? I feel like this point has been beaten into the ground, but anyone really looking for lazers... You go into a store you buy something you leave. You go to a pawn shop you haggle, you leave. Its just kinda how it is. Back to make your own fun, I know 3 people in the conversation above have to use "Lightwing," incants. And no one said you have to play nicely... I am surprised we haven't seen any mafia styles come through yet. There are a few characters who if I find out they went back on their deals are going to get kneecapped.
  10. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    I like merchant... =/
  11. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    You could add in a bonus for being a better merchant, +xyz for having a sign, +xyz for taking on a merchant apprentice at a lower level. I second the idea of getting items others cannot, but small things, buzzer honey and ghost weed and such.
  12. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    Leenoco, I have never played a merchant for the skills. It may sound contradictory, but merchant for me came from one conversation with Richard, on a walk in the woods to clear the paths out during a clean day. At some point I am going to create a Lightwing survival guide to Pinedale. Goes with why I play a merchant and such. Point being as much as people complained about what I did with the skill I made my own fun. The advertising of my goods. "By the power of this lightwing production," the parchment paper from Maggie, the blood contracts, the ability to make 3-4 items a game, the fancy titles. Multiple apprenticeships, some ended well some did not. All of which had some originality that I had not seen in the time I played the game from PCs. I turned a massive profit as a merchant. Walking into sign in making about 500 coin a game. I never collected my 20 coin stipend or whatever at sign in. I did it for the joy... And the ability to torture other characters. But my issue there is that logistics always had problems with my pre production. It caused a lot of hassle for them. Long story short, I made my own lazers. I feel like a lot of the merchants believe our abilities pale in comparison butttttt, I also have been able to play a much larger than life character. And that's the point. BTW, Oz owes me. I plan to collect on that debt XD
  13. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    First I totally agree on the hum-ho ,to use merchant skills effectively it takes a ton of out of game time and a huge headache at sign in. Logistics loves me... Hope the year break was enough to recharge. Secondly, turning items into other items is awesome and grants a boost in the items players want in-game but at double the cost. I feel it defeats the purpose of a lazer if it takes twice the energy to fire. I found it effective with the biggest downfall being master crafted items. I feel the skill would be more useful if it could create master crafted items if the merchant was a master of one of the skills, Ornamenting, Weaponsmithing. So on. Thirdly, have production and craft points points been combined? Because that destroys production of scrolls and options... Who would want to make a couple scrolls at the cost of an ES sword? (Edit irrelevant( Finally Level 5, along the plus line could a master ornamentor create a 40 pt item? and is the item bound to the <level 3 spell rule? And unless you don't need the skills to make the item in question it is worth nothung to your pedallers and ss, and alchemists tinkerers. Lastly, I respect the no coin turn in rule. But could you put a cap or conditions. On it. Only used for general skills and merchant based skills, or even 200 coin per game. It honestly makes not difference to me. I am not putting many more levels into Blagar/Ashlin. But you took the most redeeming part of merchant away with no trade off. Cheap deal. Pun intended XD I am sorry I have been out for a year. And being a lvl 4 merchant I would like to not play it wrong.
  14. The Golden Phoenix.

    (I love you guys ) "Its a long story," the blonde holds the door open for Kaden, "shall we walk?"
  15. The Golden Phoenix.

    Blagar shoots his old companions a fiendish look. Forba moment it was almost as if the Dark fae that had been stripped from his spark had taken over. Or was it the human side of the man that had been corrupt. Sparks began to fly from his eyes as he drew on his magical power. "May the fire that burns within heal purify spirit." The no longer intoxicated man looks from both his companions. What has happened he said cool and calculating. As if the puppet master had returned.