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  1. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Ashlin puts up a piece of parchment on the board. Ashlin Burnheart of the the Burnheart Caravan will be remaining in town for the month of April. If your items need ornamented he is willing to do so at market low costs. Are you in need of convergence long spells but are tired of dropping coin every six hours. Would you like to enhance your friends abilities. The Wandering Merchant is the man to go to! Send a letter for requests!! (PM Me for more information)
  2. Auction items

    I saw this and almost posted to the group items were up............
  3. 2018 Junebilee A&S

    Question, can veteran players throw together a 20$ garb kit that is not judged. I have been wanting to do this for a while and have a couple of good ideas. Plus this gives me inventive to throw together an alts kit.
  4. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    Ashlin raises his sword and shield over his head and waves them frantically in the air. He mimics a shrill mocking battle cry "WHHHHAAAGGGGG!!!!!"
  5. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    "Being my half brother I feel I should be offended," Ashlin begins to walk. "But your words have some merit to them."
  6. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    "The only good times are when the dead people have had my sword in them, are dispatched, and sent on to the well." Ashlin flashes a wide grin. "Shall we?" he gestures towards the lower path with his shield.
  7. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    The merchant looks over his shoulder as if expecting a wraith to materialize from thin air. He shakes his head, shudders slightly and looks back to Nashkarn. "I have a healthy respect for the dead comrade. " Ashlin looks over his shoulder again. "After the hordes of them. i have a healthy fear of them too. Keeps me alive."
  8. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    "They will meet you here in Ghost Town late in the evening. If you would kindly take the lower path down by the lake as to avoid detection i would appreciate it. I rather not have their lives put into unnecessary danger." Ashlin bows his head slightly and flips the coin up at Nashkarn.
  9. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    Ashlin quirks an eyebrow. He pulls a silver from his pouch. With his right hand he flips it into the air and catches it. "I have some merchants and refugees from who i made connections with from Pinedale. I have recieved word that they are making their way up from the caravan. They will be here in a week, maybe two. I need a competent guard to escort them through town." On the third toss AShlin bobbles the coin. It nearly escapes his grasp. As it begins to escape in the cover of darkness Ashlin left hand snags it out of the air. He smiles a cooked smile, holding the coin where Nashkarn can see it. "fThere maybe bad people, you in ?"
  10. Hiring a Detail in Ghosttown

    Ashlin shiver as his small group finishes the Spud Run the patrol. The route takes them from The Slap and Tickle to Ghost town. Maybe its the cold that causes the man's hair to stand on end, maybe its the description Michael has given him of the ghosts that wander the woods late at night. Ashlin shakes his head. "Nashkarn do you want a silver in your pocket?" he asks his companion
  11. February Preproduction

    Twin, I did the thing.
  12. April Pre-production

    Ashlin Burnheart Normal Production Master Crafted Belt of Dissipate 2x GD=16 points (12+4) Bracelet of Disengage 2x GD=8 points -100 coin Scroll Scribe Personal Incant "May the fire burning in your heart survive for I call on the power of Revive!" 4x revive scrolls -20 coin, 1 ritual Ink Merchant Production 5 Vermin Banes 10PP 5 Affection Confections 15 PP 1 Purify Spirit Potion 2PP 2 Black Out Juice 8 PP 1 Magic Strike Oil 1PP 26 Production points traded in for 13 Rejuvenation Elixirs 1 Diagnosis Oil traded in for 1 Ritual Ink Owe 120 Coin Ritual Ink
  13. Forum Name Change

    I would like to have my forum name changed to Ashlin Burnheart, would someone kindly point me in the right direction?
  14. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Ashlin approaches the inn, his cloak masking his face. Quickly and quietly he posts a piece of parchment on the wall by the door before leaving into the night. Ashlin Burnheart, The Wandering Merchant is looking to employ a handful of skilled individuals throughout the coming months. The more one has to offer the more they will be compensated. It is guaranteed that one will receive a master crafted item for services and at least 100 coin in loot. those who fight with a shield will also be paid an additional 50 coin up front. With no previous skill one has the potential to make 300 coin. Send all inquires to The Wandering Merchant.
  15. 4.0 Rules Wiki

    Realms of Evenandra, This may have been pointed out already, but I am working on a new character saw it, and figured I would post it https://sites.google...current-nations