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  1. Noodle Strikes

    You can come get beat down at dag practice if you want to be beat on
  2. Cairnhold Legion Roster & Contact Info

    I made ghoul at rag
  3. Rides to Ragnarok

    damn man, rough ok Friday is fine guys I'm out of work and back in rome 6pm ish
  4. Rides to Ragnarok

    Sunday night O.o man I leave for rag sunday morning? you mean friday?
  5. Rides to Ragnarok

    Hive what about Trebuchet?
  6. Let us speak now of intoxicants

  7. Ragnarok XXVII - June 17th-24th, 2012

    Shall have money in hand hopefully in the next few weeks, also I need Ideas to transport this trebuchet down there.....
  8. Father Chrsitmas 2012

    Just texted the boss, got the day off anyone want to split a hotel room?
  9. Great Turkey War II

    Yea sorry about that , That wasn't my call for the record
  10. Sunday, November 13

    alright I'll see you sunday barring any unforeseen circumstances
  11. Sunday, November 13

    Hive can I cop a spot with my towah shield and prettyful mace? what time do you want to leave and expect to be back?
  12. TriCon

    TriCon asked LW to come out its at HCCC college campus December 3rd times and all that jazz to come just a save the date right now boys and girls :)
  13. Great Turkey War II

    That's why I said no to a kids price?
  14. Great Turkey War II

    I don't know about kids price as the assistant admin im saying no
  15. Great Turkey War II

    Aside from a taco smell, sadly no there has been talk that there should be one opening up soon but I've seen nothing yet, for quick easy food we have two dinner buffets, for inexpensive sit down style theres always applebees or friendlys and for Rome favorites such as riggies I recommend teddy's kind of a fancy smancy type place but great fuckin riggies, also we have your normal pizza places my personal favorite is Luigi's they make some crazy type of pizza's
  16. Daytrip Practice

    Yea hive I'll pitch in for gas to roll out with you holmes
  17. Great Turkey War II

    Uhm what do y'all ninjas like as IM YOUR HOOK UP FOR EVERYTHING ROME
  18. Great Turkey War II

    Bumpppp who can I expect for this?
  19. Daytrip Practice

    This sounds like something I may be able to pull-off but only if I get D.P. Dough in Albany on the way home....
  20. October 2nd Fighter Practice

    Hey guys Lost Withiel's having a fighter practice Sunday October 2nd, 2011 unlike the last where Zach drove out there to find nothing, you'll find a brodash and more then likely an oddayin possibly a few others, I dk what it is lately im fiending for fight like a crack baby wants that crack rock, If not i'll see you guys at C.O.K. III which i'll likely be day tripping because I got a new job and shittttt
  21. October 2nd Fighter Practice

    Don't worry Jordan it won't get cancelled I don't care if im alone fighting a tree
  22. Badon

    I'll be down Friday later afternoon early eveningish? I am willing to pitch in for booze so let me know who needs money for what, I'm rolling down with flora and tobias so i really can't bring anything that's not mine although I probably can take someone in my tent if absolutely necessary....Warning I am not liable if I piss on you.....
  23. Badon

    BroBro will be there
  24. Upcoming Lostwithiel Events

    castle has a bar called the dungeon heard its pretty ballin
  25. Canal Fest Demo

    I'll be leaving from Rome I'll meet up with you guys I have room in my vehicle for people not gear? if i take my own gear I can fit one if I don't I can fit five