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  1. the 14th

    Silly OT games are in effect @work. Someone crossed their name off at the last second so now I am working tomorrow.
  2. July 24th festival of the horn and blade

    Sorry guys but I am not gonna make it today. My back is killing me and this looks to be a mudbath. I don't know if Dave prereg'd me but if he did and it goes unused I will gladly repay it.
  3. Renewed interest in practice

    I thought I wanted to until I got out of work and realized that it's 15 Brazilian degrees outside. Can't say I'm enthused about the idea now....
  4. July 24th festival of the horn and blade

    im in for fighting and feasting
  5. Renewed interest in practice

    I'm interested in practice. Just waiting on Drea to get home with my car, she gets out @ 5:30. Still going to be @ the park, right?
  6. The Challenges of Corruption

    lol, that sloth even looks like Brett. must be the haircut....
  7. Renewed interest in practice

    Gonna be late unless it's pissing rain. Then I might not show at all. Sorry.
  8. Iron Hills Day Battle

    Sorry guys I can't make this one. My father is buying a new dock and he needs my help at camp. Let the exclamations of "you suck!" and "fag!" begin.
  9. Rag Pre-Reg

    I just pre-registered myself and Jimmy V. Bitch better have my $!!!
  10. Clash of Kings (Oct 23-25)

    Unfortunately I have contracted a severe case of the puke 'n shits and will not be more than 20' from a toilet this weekend. I am sorry but our COK just got smaller :blink:
  11. Ragnarok 2010

    I took this week off, right out from under an 8 months pregnant co-worker who asked that nobody take that week so she can be in her brother's out of town wedding. I guess that means I'm going. Seniority FTW.
  12. November Early Module

    I might be available to PC or NPC. I usually take charge of Logistics setup and prop retreival, if I can get these things done quickly then I will serve in whatever manner is required.
  13. Donations

    Pending a safety check by the appropriate staff, I believe we COULD use more NPC weapons.
  14. T-shirts?

    I am a lazy fuck. I'll get back on this. *shrugs*
  15. Shooting Video

    The pics are always a big hit, logics tells me video would be even better. Hope nobody is too camera shy.