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  1. Internets!

    A medical condition that causes you to get drunk from eating carbs? My only question: Where do I find this yeast? Auto Brewery Syndrome
  2. turtling with a regulation size shield

    I have a regulation size round shield. There's a picture of it on the gallery for Olov Sebastev. My friend is concerned that because its just a few inches shy of max size that Ill get hit for turtling. Is there any one who can clarify that for me?
  3. My Little Pony

    My brother found , thought of you guys right away.
  4. October Bunks

    My friend and I will be coming to the October game. I stayed in the Bazaar for September's game but now that it's becoming the new inn, we will need bunks. Does anyone have a free bunk bed or space in their cabin?
  5. Where were you?

    Seeing as how the September 11th attacks had such far reaching effects on all of us, I thought we might as well remember it. Ten years ago, I was fourteen. I was sitting in Mrs. Breen's study hall class. Another teacher came in and talked to her. She turned on her small radio and we all listened to the news broadcasts. Our school didn't close early and our English teacher thought it would be good to write about our feelings. By that time we had seen the footage on tv. My friend thought it looked like Bruce Willis should make an appearance at this point and fix things. Of course, he never showed. I thought long and hard. I wanted revenge. I wanted to do something. We had been attacked! I came from a military family and had always wanted to join. On September 11th, I knew I had to join. That was the day the military changed from an idle desire to duty. It influenced me to join the Marines, and to ship out right out of highschool. As I see these images again and feel those emotions again, it puts me in a strange state of mind. I didn't know anyone there, yet it had a tremendous impact on my life. I feel pain, sadness, anger, pride, and love all at the same time.
  6. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

    It's a multiple plasma grenade launcher. You have to trigger the grenades with R1 or R2 depending on your button map. Also... regular grenades just work better.
  7. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

    It's a third person shooter with solo campaign and multiplayer pvp.
  8. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

    Against orcs, the bolters are moderately useful. The melee is where you really feel like a space marine. The bolters tear apart regular enemies though.
  9. Looting

    I saw a couple people say they vigorously shake you. But then they went on to do a more detailed search if nothing came up.
  10. items didnt return

    While I agree integrity wise, realistically... I'd imagine it would suck. Im not saying we shouldn't do it, just that it would be a major boot to the neck. You get ambushed coming outside of the bathhouse, you're rolled. The killers loot all of your money and your pride and joy weapon you spent two hundred dollars and a boatload of coin on. Now you have no idea when or if you'll get it back. from a game and rp stand point that is awesome. from a player standpoint... /wrist + /quit
  11. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

    The game is pretty damn sweet. Jumping out of a thunderhawk and jump packing onto an orc ship to slaughter greenskins then riding the crashing ship into a city in the middle of an invasion is pretty sweet.
  12. ordained titles

    My character will be seeking ordnainment. With that I was wondeing if having a different title for each level would be kosher? For example: lvl 1: lay brother lvl 2: brother lvl 3: apostle, deacon, some such thing Lvl 4: father, pater, padre lvl 5: w.e. or should I just pick one title at lvl one and stick to it?
  13. Septemberness!

    So about the burning sensation.... you should probably go see the doctor. It may have something to do with the pretty lady who "love tapped" you.
  14. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

    Sweet deal. Just got the text message from Gamestop saying my pre-order copy would be available Tuesday.
  15. Septemberness!

    I wanted to thank everyone for a fantastic time. I'd been looking forward to this event for over a month and it did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the Bag'o'Tricks encounters we did. That was the highlight of my Saturday. Oh! Except for Slingblade and his magic overalls. That was a great time too. Thanks again, everybody. I look forward to seeing you all in October and bringing my PC in game. Chris