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  1. June Preproduction

    Number for a Alchemist's Laboratory
  2. November Spinning Jenny Menu

    Saturday Morning we will be welcoming early risers with our special! Our Breakfast Casserole is made from local eggs, potatoes, bacon and cheese! Our potatoes are cut thin and fried before being added to the casserole, and will be a wonderful day to start your day! Saturday Afternoon the Spinning Jenny is proud to serve something from our Winter Menu- beef stew! Thick cubes of beef served in a rich thick broth are sure to warm the bones of any creature brave enough to try it! Saturday Evening the Spinning Jenny is cracking open our expansive spice cabinet! We will be serving chicken with an exotic sauce, one that is sure to tickle the senses with its spices. Our chicken is cooked in our curry blend, served over white rice. DISCLAIMER: * If you do not have a bowl or plate, there are merchants in town that will rent bowls, and the inn will have a few that you can rent. ** Please be aware that catering to special dietary needs is not a service of the Inn or Operations' Inn staff at Kingdoms of Novitas. While players will occasionally go out of their way to provide alternatives, it is not something we can do on a regular basis. Players with special dietary preferences should always come to events prepared to feed themselves with the appropriate foods. If you have any serious or life-threatening allergies please let the inn keeper know so we don’t serve you something that will send you to the hospital.
  3. Warnings

    Now that things are rolling again, and people are using the forums I promise I will get to upgrading them soon .... that may or may not fix the warnings.
  4. Hey all, just a reminder from your GM and plot staff, if you have lore requests you need to get them submitted as soon as possible after game, the longer you delay the more of a chance we will not get to it before the next game. Thanks!
  5. Helmet, Helmet, Helmet...

    Im not in props and atmo, but I have been playing this game for a long time, so think of what I say as guidelines until you get the official word from our staff. As a note,most of us who have played a while avoid buying armor from LARP centric shops, while it is certainly cheaper, there are numerous reasons for that- the first being materials and construction. They will be made of thin, lightweight metal. They will have little or no resale value because they can only be used in LARP's, while if you spend a little more you will have armor that could be used in heaver hitting games (dagorhir , ect) and also last much longer. 1. 16th to 17th century is getting a little late for our look, however that particular helmet (Morian) would work - its does not scream conquistador to me. 2. Any helmet you will buy you will need to pad and possibly strap (chin strap is necessary) yourself. The comfort is dependent on how heavy the helm is, how its padded and strapped. Anything with a visor WILL NOT STAY UP in a fight, it just wont.
  6. "Land Grab" at Hoover

    Individual/Group/Character/Party Names: Narene Tvarus / Druids /Druids SO's (13 max attendance including SO) Dave Morgan, Tammy Anguish, Bryan Graham, Jenica Rogers, Justin Capen, Dustan Weidman, Jamie Finley, Kyle Egert, Laura Buchta, Ryan Staring, Zara Schmidt, Katie Dimon (so) Space Requested: Elf Town 4 Tent Pod by the archery range (all 4) Encampment: yes Willing to occupy in winter months: yes till taken down, as soon as they are back up Willing to keep mundane junk under bunks: yes TOTAL years as staff (Marshal or Second, or corporate officer) for entire group: 33+ TOTAL years attending KoN for entire group: 56+ Extenuating circumstances: Understand tents not available during winter months, will use unused cabin space if available or work out of heated sleeping space during the winter months.
  7. Powefrul music

    Too used to FB looking for the like button.
  8. Dancing

    No harvest fest this year, but it may be a great IC wintertime activity! All for it!
  9. Available 3 and 4 put me in coach, whatever role you need.
  10. thinking of picking up my first pieces

    Most Leather armor available online from merchants is either overpriced, crap or both. If you want armor for protection the most cost effective thing you can to is buy a shirt of riveted chain (be sure to get one large enough, do your chest measurements at your widest part) DO NOT GET BUTTED yes its cheaper (a little) but it will fall apart in a year or two, riveted will last, and its not much more expensive. If you want leather because of the cool factor of how it looks, we know a few crafters that will make you what you want with good quality, but depending on what you are looking for may cost you $$. https://www.facebook.com/DarkwaterArmsAndArmor/?fref=ts is one that comes to mind. There are a few leather crafters in game but I don't know if they are accepting work right now, i'm sure they will pipe up if they are. Most calimiacil swords are fine, and I think others have brought their rapiers into game before, but C&S has the final say on that.
  11. We try to avoid kidnapping PC plots, we tried it early in KoN and it was great for the rescuers, the prisoners however not so much as they were locked up for an hour or two of there PC shift with nothing to do ....
  12. Best of August 2016

    I just have to give a huge shout out and kudos to Maggie and her NPC crew for Narene's medium capstone plot, it was just amazing, gut wrenching experience that had me in tears at the end was so in the moment. You were all (my party and the NPC's) troopers for following me around in the rain watching me talk to air .... thank you all.
  13. Blog Problems

    Anyone else having issues with posting to blogs currently?
  14. Greetings

    If your looking for material our world book is a great resource KoN Worldbook
  15. Now she just has to wait the 21 more days till game on like the rest of us ....
  16. Front runner for best new player garb award already!
  17. Best of Feb Feast!

    Had a great time as allays! My highlights 1. New coat! I knew it was time I stepped my garb game up for Narene and had some ideas, but had no idea of what Bad Ass Garb would turn my ideas into! 2. Necropants! As soon as I put on my new coat I knew I had to upgrade my pants, and the RNG gods answered! 3. The Druids- all of you make this game worth playing! 4. Such great inn food and service, thank you Inn staff for all your hard work!
  18. Garb Standards at KoN

    Yes, and done
  19. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Narene Tvarus to Medium 5 Narene has gone out of his way to serve very spirit he has encountered and give them peace, some notable encounters were figuring out the ending of a song to give closer, hooking Ivan up with a barmaid to complete the wishes of a match maker spirit, consoling the spirit of a twin that her sister would be ok if she moves on, and numerous others. He has acted as a mentor to other mediums, held Baevynn has his formal apprentice for a time and has provided insight and support to numerous other mediums in Pinedale allowing them to grow into their own. He has invented in game “ceremonies” for the use of his medium powers, looking into the eyes when checking for sparks or speaking with the dead, when using any medium ability feeling cold and distant afterward ect. He is an ardent foe of the undead and any who would prevent the natural return of sparks to the well, going, disposing of such threats without remorse.
  20. Harvest Fest 2015

    Narene will be doing a trading blanket, the trick being that most items will be traded though barter, coin will be acceptable for some items. There will be a variety of items available, mundane, magical, valuable or just useful. As to how much- that the trick, items will be valued as Narene would value them, not necessarily on how powerful they are or how much they cost, so you have to start your barter on what you know of Narene and how you think he would value the item. As an added bonus, the blanket will be surrounded by a temporary ring of truth, anyone inside the ring (including Narene) will be under the affect of truth serum.
  21. Changes for plot

    "We all change. When you think about it, we're all different people all through our lives, and that's okay, that's good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear." I like that quote, use it in my signature, and to that point its time for me to keep moving. I am retiring from my position of Plot marshal as of now, turning the reins over to Chris T (HA! see what I did there?). I have been the Plot marshal for over 3 years, working as the Logistics Marshal before that- it was time for new blood at the head of the plot group and Chris will do a great job with it, adding new and wonderful things in the future- and for once I wont know about it! I will be going back to just being a player, something that I haven't done for 10 years, but I am sure the powers that be will find something for me to help out on soon enough. To all the GM's and plot writers I have worked with over the years, I thank you for your efforts and service and look forward to where things will go from here. To all the players, I leave the plot group in very good hands but please continue to give feedback with PELS, blogs ect its invaluable to what we do. Chris, good luck and if you ever need me to fill in for something you as but to ask.
  22. RP Skill Approval: Summer Edition! Its that time of the year again, anyone wising to advance in a RP skill please post here or PM me your request, RP skill level and why do think you deserve to advance (highlight plot you have taken part in that used your RP skill, character interactions ect) Plot will start meeting soontm to gear up for the fall so please get your requests in by August 1st . (Obviously these will not be approved by August game, will be out by September)
  23. Ragnarok XXX (2015) Pre-Reg List

    You asked for it, so many nerds!
  24. Hiya Everyone

    Hi and welcome, Im the Plot marshal, the guy your background was sent to and is in charge of the GM's overall back-story ect. The one thing I did notice about your submission was that it was very generic as to our setting, you dont mention where this villgae is located, the city isn't given a country ect- the only Novitas centric place mentioned in the background is Pinedale. While we do encourage players to invent names and places we also need them to look over what is already out there for a base of materials. Maggie as given you the link our our world book, I encourage you to read that and try to incorporate some things you like from it into your back story. If you have any specific questions please feel free to post them up or PM me (Coroth) for more information/clarification. Good luck and hope to see you in game!
  25. Jaroth Shemus

    Character Name: Jaroth Shemus Race: High Elf Nation of Origin: Evenandra Player Name: Damien Liske The great elvin mage slowly removed his hand from the figure encased in amber. He had spent the last year locked away in the House of Tyrneaaear's library searching for a way to save her. A way to break the curse that she had been placed under, but he was a professional duelist and a scholar not a corpse lover. In the end Jaroth had failed. He had failed the only thing he cared more about than magic. The House of Tyrneaaear was run by seven families, as a sign of the loyalty they showed to the sept seven, and each family has an Elder. The House of Tyri has one Grand Elder as a symbol of Illuminates or Draconis. No one outside of The Elders know which one. "Master Jaroth" one of the family's house keepers entered his study. "I have a letter from one of the crimson couriers." The older man had an interested look on his face. "Leave it on my desk" Jaroth Had little interest in any news from the outside world. All he could think about was his sisters horrible death. He stared into space for awhile before remembering that the house keeper was still waiting. "You are dismissed." The words were colder than he had intended but the man understood why.The House of Tyrneaaear had lost its most beloved daughter. Jaroth went back to thinking about Jacelyn. This couldn't be the end, after all the time he gave for a hopeless cause. The mage looked at his desk. It was covered in books and parchment, the letter lay at the top. He felt old as he walked over to the desk and picked it up. Jaroth could see the letter had the Burnheart's coat of arms on it. Without any further delay he opened the envelope and his initial letter fell at his feet. Jaroth froze at its sight. He still could remember the day he sent the letter. Every word that was written was forever carved in his memory. He started to replay the words in his head. They turned into a sick melody that was a constant reminder of The Well. Dear Michael, She is lost to us now. Today, The Elders told the rest of the house that her spark has left her. I felt it before it happened. She didn't make it to the well. The curse claimed her spark. It still hangs over her remains. I need your help now, if we don't brake this spell I fear that she will become one of their ranks. Please help us. We need to know anything you and your family know about necromancers. Also anything you may know about the book called the " Necrolilsis", The Rod of the Dead, and the Staff of Rebirth will be helpful. Sincerely, Jaroth He reminded himself why he needed Michael. The boy had traveled to Pinedale he had fought the dead for over a year. A necromancer still attacked his family every year on their travels. Very few people hated the living dead as much as Michael. Jaroth needed a person that he could use outside of his house that he could trust. He noticed on the back of his letter Michael had written a note. Dear Jaroth, Personally my family doesn't know anything about the items you are asking for. We have sent out our feelers but that is we best we can do. If you think that these items can help put your sister's spark to rest I will do my best to help you find them. You are more than welcome to travel with us back to the Freelands. Pinedale is a great place to continue your search. See you soon. . . The child didn't even take the time to find different parchment to write on but that's when it sunk in. Jaroth wasn't going to try to break the curse. If he wanted to Jaroth could try and bend the curse. The Mage's plan was perfect. If he could find the three items, he would have the power to not only free his sisters spark but he may also be able to force it back into her body. At first his new plan seemed insane. Normally the elf would not even consider the thought of necromancy, now it was the only way he could fathom returning things back to the way they were. It was an opportunity that was almost too good to pass up. He called The Elders together that night. The Prince of the House of Tyrneaaear told them of his plan. How with the Rod of the Dead, The Staff of Rebirth, and with the Necrolilsis he may have a way to put his sisters spark to rest. He was careful to hide any notion of bringing her back to life. A part of himself hated the idea of her still walking, breathing, after her time was up. Then he begged The Elders to let him go to Pinedale. To Jaroth's amazement not one of them disagreed. They only had one condition. "We will send out a messenger that will report any findings that you may obtain. You will be required to give this Elf your full cooperation or we will send a group to bring you back to The House of Tyrneaaear." The Head Elder looked grave as he spoke. "Once here you will face the wrath of The Elders," at this the old elf sighed "Do not fail us Prince Jaroth. Give her spark the peace it deserves." He stood up, The rest of The Elders followed suit. "Dismissed." He said putting power behind each word. Jaroth quickly packed a few essential belongings. He did not need a sword. His spells would be his weapon. All he needed was a chance. The Elders gave it to him and he wasn't going to waste it. The only hope his family had of saving his siser's spark. Got this a while back but forgot to post it up, its on his blog as well.