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  1. The problem with Pels

    I have the same issue sometimes jamie, i have completely forgotten like HUGE things that happened, it really does take like a week sometimes
  2. True life stories of second shift.... I think the best thing I did on saturday was jump down from the Moon as a Necromancer to battle CORBIN THE NECRO SLAYER! Our band of elite moon necromancers surrounded the beast Corbin and his servants. Corbin surged with the strength of six minotaurs as we tried to beat him into the ground. yet the epic armaments of CORBIN THE NECRO SLAYER were to strong! All 80 of his swords slashed down on my brethren like hammers of pure thunder crushing their bodies into bits. He looked at another freezing time with his mind, then liquified two more of my allies. Twelve of us banded together to complete a ritual of Nox to protect us from this fiend. But twas CORBIN THE M*OTHAFLIP'IN NECRO SLAYER! who shattered our defenses with his smile and then bounded in ripping the necromantic heads from their shoulders and roasting them on pikes while ridding atop his dragon. I tried to retreat, so I jumped over a mountain and flew up into the clouds heading back to my secret moon base. but in the sky was CORBIN THE NECRO SLAYER SLAYER OF ME! He slapped be back to the ground and I plummeted like a meteor. of course my bones were instantly vaporized from the slap, but with the necromantic strength of my necromancy i came to stand to face CORBIN THE NECRO SLAYER… and in all his mercy CORBIN THE NECRO SLAYER committed a personal holocaust against me causing my extinction on novitas for all days to come.
  3. plots

    sent... your all boned
  4. plots

    who do i send plot to?
  5. 2013 Player Census for Shift Balance

    JaiQuan - Yoji (maybe)
  6. Time to Retire.

    <3 <3 <3 Not Erimis <3 <3 <3
  7. Entering Novitas

  8. December Lost and Found

    I am missing my weapons its a curvy dagger anyone see it? Last had it outside the path into next to the inn
  9. On PvP

    I agree with Al about disliking making a distinction between PCs and NPCs. I feel that the line shouldn't be blurred ever… but in reality that is not functional. When looking out over a game and seeing PCs that have devoted time, energy and money into a character, as a player you must take responsibility to act with some level of respect. It takes caution and planning to turn your sights on someone in a game like this and I think as a responsible gamer we all owe some level of that to each other. I was very aware of what took place in this game before I even signed in for the first time, and I think what I came away with was that as a whole people enjoyed conflict and not warfare. I have personally been filled with a taste for killing people at game, but in the end I settle my blood lust and look at the picture in a different way. What do i really gain? How else could I solve this issue, is combat the only option? Can I make my enemies pay in another way? What else can I do out of character? How else can I respond in character? I think it can be simple to retreat to a simple solution of killing someone to get rid of an issue, but take time to think about what it is your doing and how it will effect your character. When you are looking at the dead body of someone you have greeted season after season and their blood is on your hands it should spark a realization. Npc killing I think should be viewed in a similar light. I personally have felt that a lot of Npcs die, when they shouldn't…. but it is a game and i think thats the joy of playing a game. its a hard pill to swallow sometimes because people can become unrealistic about the way they handle themselves IC, but I think a small amount of tension is lifted. Either way I don't think it's the place for emotions like rage or spite to well up in anyone we are all here to entertain each other and death is a natural part of that. I just think that the idea of it being a hack and slash video game needs to be put on the back burner. I don't ever want to be a part of 5 or 6 permanent character deaths…
  10. If your character was...

    Lets see... Loki (Avengers), Prince Nuada (Hellboy 2), Sylar (1st season of heroes), Onikage from Tenchu stealth assassins and finally Orochimaru. and maybe the merchant guy from Resident evil wait did i do that wrong...
  11. Soda in the Inn

  12. New Ambassador

    A calm washes over Yoji's face. His eyes slowly draw to the ground where Blagar spat at his feet. A low growl begins to swell up from his chest and he grits his teeth as he locks on to the form of the blue haired man. In Gershin: "Deserter, Deceiver!" "You dare come here to show me disrespect? After the rumors about town speak of your attempts to become a Lich yourself? And what ALLIANCE do you speak of? This is not what I came here to forge! You twist my words! They have money, power, and INFLUENCE, worst of all it seems they only want to maintain what they already have. You want to deliver final death to those reanimated who come here to speak of the politics of our future, FINE! I am not the insighting violence, I am not the one who will pay for it and I am not the one who brought the creatures to any of your doorsteps! He waves his hand in the air toward Blagar dismissing him. "Die, Kill and be cursed it is all your choosing and I do wish swift death to all your enemies… Just be sure to choose them wisely." He looks to SIdhan "…Rabble-rousing… if you spent less time listening to the whispers of leaves and more time here amongst us, you would know that I have already done my part the deal with Cairnhold is made. I have informed a group of towns people already of my intentions and of the coming of these reanimated politicians from Carinhold. Don't mistake my warning as less then that, I am not here to make you friends with any beast! You want their blood then take it, you have years left to live with your decisions. I have laid out my thoughts, unchanged since the beginning….. WE NEED TO REMAIN FREE, treaty or no treaty. And please Sidhan bring up the past yet again… speak of ancestors and men who are now dust. Speak from that tree top you sit upon gazing down on all the little fish dancing around you. Teach your flock Sidhan, slight the names of all the Snow Goblins, Orcs and men you are better then. You know it all… Wiser then all… Don't forget your hubris. The misguided hearts of even your own people created my race, elves thinking they know best. Untrusting and filled with their own gusto! I tire of being made to look like some usurper to a throne, my sacrifice will lie with the Stranger when I come to judgment…" He turns to leave but stops with his back to the group "Disrespected and scorn I still care for those around me, my door is always open to those who wish to organize and repel this situation of divided lands and treaties. Yet that is a conversation for another day…."
  13. New Ambassador

    I personally think it would be a mistake to insight violence against any sentient reanimated person sent from Cairnhold, if anything I would think that is what they are waiting for. A reason to strike back, a reason to move against us, I think they are ready to feed upon the revenge and bloodlust offered to them. And I have a feeling they are more the prepared to pay us back in kind. Dispatch all of the "wild" or "free" roaming undead you would like, or any reanimated creature that threatens you. Just keep in mind Cairnhold if filled with beings much more intelligent then your common wraith or zombie.... they plot and turn the wheels of their minds as we do and have less then honorable intentions. Also not only are the adventures here at risk but the people of Pinedale that aren't equipped to fend for themselves and beyond. Sidhan you speak as if no other Nation would stand to gain anything from this.... you act as if all will slip into Pinedale and murder us for the good of all... You do not speak like the elf of wisdom and grace I have herd of, gathering young one and enlightening them with your words. Their is fear of the unknown and an undertone of malice in your voice. How do you not know that Gersh will not rise up to support a bid of power from Cairnhold, they already hold dear many ideals that may run inline with the masters of that dark place. Or even the Dell, we are still on the edge of a victory against their tribesmen, not all of our enemies are dead, and from what I understand The Iron Father is worshiped openly amongst them. Is it not within reason to think that if powers would bind together it would be those? Cairnhold does not come here empty handed and awaiting hand outs. Even those peoples that were snubbed, dragonkind included want to be herd again. This issue is not at rest of councils and sectioning of our land. We have a much greater issue here then Cairnhold attempting to hold on to their lands or whatever it is that they are doing. We need an organized response to all this. Elves deciding to take our home is not on the agenda! I have never agreed to live under the rule of any an up tight Evenadrian noble or lord. I am standing here now in defiance of the decisions made and I know i do not stand alone. We need to figure out who supports this bid for our land and once open roads, the flush out a new treaty and return to Freedom! Who here stands against that?
  14. New Ambassador

    "I am sorry, I will do my best to translate for everyone if any need help or I miss anything please let me know." ((OOC- we can assume that from this point all Draconic is being translated as spoken? I am not going to lie seeing as there are so many other here that also speak the langue of the dragons peoples))
  15. Real Life Morality/Religion Assumptions

    I have been responsible about handling my level of PVP at Novitas. Character death is always a threat. So please remove the threats from reality and bring them to a place of fairy dust and magic words. I implore you to seek those of us who to RP and if Combat seems the only resolution then so shall it be. I wish you much GLORY! on the battlefield septon, may your white tabard drip red with the blood of your enemies.