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  1. Novitas T-Shirts

    What color will these be printed on? White as shown? Or some kind of green like the outside edge of the eye? 8^)
  2. Feb Feast Lost and found

    My brown ribbed leggings are still missing... they've been AWOL since before harvest... but I'd still like them back if anyone's found them. 8^(
  3. I miss Shen... He was "good." Most of Pinedale are so sketchy. He was the only one who thought mowing down a Mycaniod couple having a picnic and not actually causing any trouble at all that weekend, constituted murder. 8^P
  4. Merchant question

    Well yeah... but if you'd cooled it with the torture... not that you could.... *Cheeky* 8^P
  5. Merchant question

    I had that too. Learned it from the Lasombra... and Obtenebration too. Shouldn't have spent so much time tormenting Tina. 8^P
  6. First Level Personas for Harvest

    I'm bringing a noob that wants to NPC for a few months before making his character, but is also potentially interested in doing like is suggested and making a 1st level guy to participate in Harvest Festival. Since he'll be going back to NPCing for a month or two at least after that... and NPCing all shifts but festival... here's the question... 1. If he doesn't like the fellow, and decides to make something different, is he using up his "re-stat between first and second events" or is he allowed to just ditch the character completely and start over? 2. On the other hand is he actually required to ditch the character, or is he allowed keep him if he likes him? 2. If he DOES keepthe charactor, and decides to make something different, is he using up his "re-stat between first and second events" or will that come into effect after the first time he plays the character on a NOT all PC Shift? - Marisa
  7. Nature and Primal weapons

    Ohai... if anyone in the Albany area needs repainting done, I happen to have an obscene amount of Through the Roof lying around and am totes willing to be commissioned to repaint things. I did Molly's axe... gonna have to do it again actually since it's got nature damage. 8^)
  8. Forgotten Things

    I was never able to locate my PC leggings for 4th shift. I think I lost them in the move to the tent in the morning after wearing them for 1st shift. If anyone found brown ribbed leggings in Odds, or between Odds and the tent field... I'd love to know where they got to. Thanks. 8^)
  9. Best Of September

    It really sounds like fun. Getting the drop on people is my best chance in a fight. The most effective I've ever been in combat is when they don't see me, think I'm a non-combatant flower gathering hook, or are busy beating on someone else. Bog lurking sounds like a real hoot for those reasons. Also they use the hell out of my favorite NPCing tactic... hide till they go past and fuck em in the back! 8^P
  10. Economy, Magic Item Decay & POWER CRYSTALS

    Yeah, it's not about being 'left out' or not, it's about room for advancement. With the ritual idea lower level people can still continue to obtain new magic items and coin and try and get up to a level where someday they can do the cool ritual thing. With the tax or the recharge fees they'd be stalling out and treading water because they'd be giving all their coin to keep what they had, and never advance. That's the problem, not being 'left out.' There's got to be some coolness for the work and time the higher level folk have already put in, and there's got to be some way to get to that level if you keep plugging along. Therefore the ritual idea sounds very good, and not particularly in need of alteration to include us lower level folk. 8^)
  11. Best Of September

    I have yet to bog lurk... but it does seem like it would be superfun to be all hidden like that and just gank people. 8^)
  12. Best Of September

    I would have expected no different, after all, you had the Command Magic Spell. But everything is funnier in three dude. Rule of three... without that one I wouldn't have had three: "Grog takes all the loot." http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RuleOfThree 8^P
  13. Economy, Magic Item Decay & POWER CRYSTALS

    *Item-Stasis, not status... Anything that causes a "stasis" state for advancement of any type in the game which is instated across the board is going to suck harder for people at the lower end when it starts than for those at the higher end when it starts. Besides... everyone likes to advance and improve and meet goals and things, so being forced to tread water just to keep what you have is sucky. 8^)
  14. Best Of September

    Is that a winky? I never saw one like that... thanks for pointing it out though... 8^)