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  1. Novitas T-Shirts

    What color will these be printed on? White as shown? Or some kind of green like the outside edge of the eye? 8^)
  2. Feb Feast Lost and found

    My brown ribbed leggings are still missing... they've been AWOL since before harvest... but I'd still like them back if anyone's found them. 8^(
  3. I miss Shen... He was "good." Most of Pinedale are so sketchy. He was the only one who thought mowing down a Mycaniod couple having a picnic and not actually causing any trouble at all that weekend, constituted murder. 8^P
  4. First Level Personas for Harvest

    I'm bringing a noob that wants to NPC for a few months before making his character, but is also potentially interested in doing like is suggested and making a 1st level guy to participate in Harvest Festival. Since he'll be going back to NPCing for a month or two at least after that... and NPCing all shifts but festival... here's the question... 1. If he doesn't like the fellow, and decides to make something different, is he using up his "re-stat between first and second events" or is he allowed to just ditch the character completely and start over? 2. On the other hand is he actually required to ditch the character, or is he allowed keep him if he likes him? 2. If he DOES keepthe charactor, and decides to make something different, is he using up his "re-stat between first and second events" or will that come into effect after the first time he plays the character on a NOT all PC Shift? - Marisa
  5. Merchant question

    Well yeah... but if you'd cooled it with the torture... not that you could.... *Cheeky* 8^P
  6. Merchant question

    I had that too. Learned it from the Lasombra... and Obtenebration too. Shouldn't have spent so much time tormenting Tina. 8^P
  7. Nature and Primal weapons

    Ohai... if anyone in the Albany area needs repainting done, I happen to have an obscene amount of Through the Roof lying around and am totes willing to be commissioned to repaint things. I did Molly's axe... gonna have to do it again actually since it's got nature damage. 8^)
  8. Forgotten Things

    I was never able to locate my PC leggings for 4th shift. I think I lost them in the move to the tent in the morning after wearing them for 1st shift. If anyone found brown ribbed leggings in Odds, or between Odds and the tent field... I'd love to know where they got to. Thanks. 8^)
  9. Best Of September

    It really sounds like fun. Getting the drop on people is my best chance in a fight. The most effective I've ever been in combat is when they don't see me, think I'm a non-combatant flower gathering hook, or are busy beating on someone else. Bog lurking sounds like a real hoot for those reasons. Also they use the hell out of my favorite NPCing tactic... hide till they go past and fuck em in the back! 8^P
  10. Economy, Magic Item Decay & POWER CRYSTALS

    Yeah, it's not about being 'left out' or not, it's about room for advancement. With the ritual idea lower level people can still continue to obtain new magic items and coin and try and get up to a level where someday they can do the cool ritual thing. With the tax or the recharge fees they'd be stalling out and treading water because they'd be giving all their coin to keep what they had, and never advance. That's the problem, not being 'left out.' There's got to be some coolness for the work and time the higher level folk have already put in, and there's got to be some way to get to that level if you keep plugging along. Therefore the ritual idea sounds very good, and not particularly in need of alteration to include us lower level folk. 8^)
  11. Best Of September

    I have yet to bog lurk... but it does seem like it would be superfun to be all hidden like that and just gank people. 8^)
  12. Best Of September

    I would have expected no different, after all, you had the Command Magic Spell. But everything is funnier in three dude. Rule of three... without that one I wouldn't have had three: "Grog takes all the loot." http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RuleOfThree 8^P
  13. Economy, Magic Item Decay & POWER CRYSTALS

    *Item-Stasis, not status... Anything that causes a "stasis" state for advancement of any type in the game which is instated across the board is going to suck harder for people at the lower end when it starts than for those at the higher end when it starts. Besides... everyone likes to advance and improve and meet goals and things, so being forced to tread water just to keep what you have is sucky. 8^)
  14. Best Of September

    Is that a winky? I never saw one like that... thanks for pointing it out though... 8^)
  15. Economy, Magic Item Decay & POWER CRYSTALS

    I wasn't talking about the ritual idea. I was talking about the original idea of the thread where magic items get nerfed hard, and everyone gets stuck in item-status because they're always trying to recharge what they have, and can't ever afford anything new, or an idea where magic items are taxed and now it's even harder for new players to afford them because they're hardly making any coin to start with and were barely able to afford what they've got. 8^)
  16. Best Of September

    I've edited this a zillion times and I can't get it right, but all it comes down to is that I'm doing my best, and I wasn't remotely butthurt about being dropped, yet again, and I actualy wrote in my post that I have things I need to change about how I'm playing, my posts were full of smileys and toung emotes, and still I have people on my case now on the boards who ARE making me buthurt, not over dying but because I'm feeling lectured and looked down on for having dared to admit I suck at this and need to make changes, and instead treated like a child whining they were treated unfairly, so if you could please STOP, and re-read my post, and where it specifically says I have plans to learn new spells and get new equipment to fix this, that'd be nice. Thanks. 8^/
  17. Merchant question

    Suzi I could have taught you up to cap at Vampire. I was breaking cap in Malknet. Except you know... your character decided to torment mine, so she didn't want to help you. 8^P
  18. Best Of September

    Yup... I did have a pretty good time as an NPC, and on first shift, like I said. I'm just getting tired of getting dead-dead and spark stole all the time. Ask Eliana... I'm like a frigging death magnet. 8^)
  19. Economy, Magic Item Decay & POWER CRYSTALS

    Just to remind the folk having this debate... there are new and otherwise lower level characters running around with minimal in the way of magic items that this could just make things harder for them to remotely catch up. I've been playing Kiralenn for going on 2 years at next FebFeast, and I was still pleased as punch to get my hands on a 4pt magic item this event. It's only my second one since I've been playing. Though my elvensteel sword puts me way ahead of the game on even newer folk, I'm still at a level where I'm scraping my coppers together for a grilled cheese, because I built an Ornamenter and I can only make a 4pt item with my current build, so my target demographic are new and low level charactors like myself. It'd be kind of sad for me if we were to gimp the system in such a way that low level and craftsfolk, and low level craftsfolk, get boned. Just saying.. 8^/
  20. Best Of September

    PC: Shift 1: - Arrive pre-gimped from work, but decide to head out on things that look like low level plots anyway because... low level, and no more Shen, and I gotta make my coppers somehow. Tent is not set up. Sad. - Pet Ooozzze plot... bet they weren't expecting Grog and the "Command Nature." Simple situation... Grog takes all the loot. - I think we ran into the same ooze an hour later down at the barn... landed some really good hits in on a bog lurker who was stymied by my shield when he closed the distance beaters a blazing... Grog takes all the loot. - Got a 4 point magic item just by sitting around the inn and pointing out to someone a newer player was trying to sell it to that it wasn't actualy that laughable an item for lower level characters... so at least I got something that night. - Turn in at 1:30am before anticipated horde of undead that caps off the night, because gimpy and mass combat is a bad combo. Sleep at Odds because... no tent. Shift 4: - FUCKING WRAITH. Wake up from post NPC nap. Get dressed and wind over to logistics for my mug that I left behind when I ended 3rd shift, see dudes in field on way back but decide not to meta, so come back into play as I pass the tent I'm sleeping in. They follow, start a conversation. Get uneasy... walk faster. "4 ACID! 4 ACID! 4 ACID! WRAITH! REAP HER!!!" Fuck my night. - Eat Two Grilled Cheese. Buy one for Elaina because, she revived me AGAIN. - Go to bed at 11:30, because fuck this shift. At least I got grilled cheese. Also the tent was niiiiice even in the rain. NPC: - Declare non/low combat because... still gimpy!!! - Paint up a Molly Dryad. I really enjoy doing makeup. - Picean girl has an "Upriver Problem." I was afraid the Snow Goblins were going to steal the playboys off us, but instead they were also going to the covered bridge. Serendipity!!! - Old Lady Druid Makeup was fun, being all cantankerous was also super fun... GoST's personal plot running up on them during the plot was superfun. - Senile Old Lady Beggar got the serious cold shoulder from most of Pinedale. Ya'll are dicks, with exceptions that know exactly who you are. Thanks for the donations nice people. - Adam was the strangest hook ever for our graverobber plot, playing up the crazy grandad thing... and came in for the win making sure a low level character got the ring I was carrying that everyone missed while looting me because it was under the sword... while Grog was taking all the loot, AGAIN. - Flower picker bandit girls. I almost dropped Eliana florentining her ankles below her armor with mini-beaters I picked out of the grass while pretending to get flowers. It was epic... but the better part was when Balder got confused and wasted a Heal Mortal on me and I started hitting him in the ankles for 3's while still sitting in the grass. (I knew there was no playing it off and as soon as Eliana saw I was up I was going to be down again, so why not get in some hits?) - The "hungry young ladies not opposed to stealing if the opportunity presents itself" didn't get to steal anything, but the stories were nice!!! And we got people to buy us food and ale. I had a much better time as an NPC than a PC this month... I really must learn grounding and start to carry a scroll of revive because all this dying and loosing my spark is getting out of hand. 8^)
  21. The Best, Worst and Funniest Moments of KoN May 2013

    How did Jimity Bee-Bob Perm? Last I saw was end of 1st shift when the Playboys Revived him after retrieving his spark... The Good: - Found my lost character sheet and got it reconciled with my current and my archive. Leveled twice!!! Woot!!! - Dryad Plot on Night 1. Got dropped, as usual, but had fun anyway and Titus and Atticus let me loot a bandit all by myself. I got 12 coin!!! - The gem I got from Shen a few months ago was worth 50 coin and I offloaded it on Blagar who needed it to pay someone... so between that and the bandit have about 70 coin. I will never skip seconds at the inn to conserve coin again!!! I may even turn in a little for XP. YAY COIN!!! - As shitty as the result was, I have to compliment Anne on her performance as the Sucubus. I had a major shit my pants moment when she threw that stun at me and started fondling my face. - Got a ring of dissipate off Raines out of pity/guilt after the succubus incident, so now I have a whopping two magic items, that cast a total of 2 power. - Made full use of Kiralenn's new encampment by spending all of 4th shift on my bunk in my bedroll eating at the Inn with my blue strip in one hand waiting to dissipate in case of danger. - At least the Sucubus plot gives me an excuse to be on the boards this month, since Kiralenn is not making the journey home in her condition. - Chasing Raines around the tents as a skaven while he was trying to reload his crossbow. Comedy Gold. - Watching Ivan take out a three man ooze all by himself, and not take any of the loot the buzzers had to reward him with, just pecks on the cheek. - Speaking of buzzers. OMG SPRAYGUNS. Also was a buzzer for the first time. - New waspoid Masks and at least one Gravespawn mask, are glasses compatible, at least for me. So are the new Skaven masks, but they have other problems. The Bad: - Being an NPC during the Evanendran trial shift... Kiralenn has opinions on what the elves are doing to "her peoples" legacy down by the lake. - Orc-O-Clock dispatched 10 minutes early, so I didn't get to go on it, even though I showed up on time. I <3 Orc O Clock. It's why I took 2nd shift to NPC. - Skaven mask kept tilting down, couldn't see a damned thing when it did. - The buzzer/slime encounter was down the trail that you have to duck between two dumpsters to get at... those things are an immersion kill. Wouldn't be so bad if they were both on the same side of the path, but walking between them is just... meh. - Having only half a spark sucks, since I drop in every combat, so I have to stay indoors till someone fixes that... should get a period book cover so I can read something up there next month while waiting for my spark back... going to feel like an idiot if Synchronize should have protected me from that stun, and also ANNE HAS COLD COLD HANDS!!!! 8^P
  22. Using the Cabins

    It's cool. I can fall asleep thru pretty much anything. I slept thru the pie baking in confirmation. The warmness and nearness to the bunkhouse sound like excellent. Plus I tend to get really tired by the end of 4th shift and turn in early. If my bunk is in the Inn, I can nap there in character and still get up for interesting plot. I actually had a lot of fun at feb feast comming down from upstairs in just my tunic and leggings like I'd been sleeping in them when I finally got up for game because there was a fight going on down there. So the idea of sleeping in character is appealing... even though the idea of outdoorsy isn't. I've also been invited to Molly's Tent that she plans to buy, so she's not alone in there at night, but I'm uncertain about tents (see that issue with outdoorsyness,) and don't think Kiralenn has any business sleeping with Triss and so certainly wouldn't want to sleep there in character. If I were to keep Molly company in her tent sometimes, if the weather's good enough that I can handle it, would I loose my indoor bunk? Or is it ok to be invited to a tent now and then while maintaining a primary bunk in a cabin? 8^)
  23. Using the Cabins

    For charactors who don't live in Pinedale, and have no party living in Pinedale to shack up with, is encamping a single bunk in the Inn feasible? I'm thinking about decking my sleeping bag out into a bedroll, and whittling my luggage down to one bag of OOC stuff, and an actual rucksack of some sort that Kiralenn would ostensibly be carrying with her when she comes to spend a weekend in Pinedale. 8^)
  24. Best, Worst, and Funniest moments of April

    I got sick Friday night and spent the whole event in my bunk and I got bit by a chicken on Sunday while packing to go home. I missed April again. 8^(