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  1. Chosen 5 ideas

    Like I get it most healers that are septons follow the mother for good reason and most warriors are the knight or soldier. But then what about the elemental her "worshippers" are druids already an Rp skill. Mediums would be the closest thing to the best Worshipper of the Stranger. Weaponsmiths and ornementers would be followers of the Craftsman and then alchemists and scribes being the scholar. All the gods are worshipped differently not everyone needs to be chosen to do so. Adding more stuff to the game that makes a skill sheet harder to follow is not what we meed. There are other skills in game that represent the Gods other then Chosen as stated. Most of these would be great rituals though.
  2. Best of May

    Oh gods where do I begin. So glad to be back after the Hiatus again. Shift 1 NPC: Trying to get PC to eat Berty Blots every flavored beans and bean boozled beans in the hopes of Magical experiments. They were magically infused but also needed more testing. Good flavors were good buffs bad flavors you get the idea. Sadly no one bit. Shift 2 pc: Legion Breakfast cooked by Leon as an NPC thank you. Upon entering merchant town on patrol with Alareon we found a group of Yebs an 11 year old boy was trying to get away from his home. Already gave him a bug repellent but it wasnt working as intended. Used the Eldritch gloves for the first time. Led the Yebs away peacefully. When I came back finding two PCs with their heads cut off and carrying them back to Marcus to have them revived. Going on patrol as the entire Legion and having two scarecrows run into merchant town. The odds of Marcus and Jaroth being there at the same time were slim but it happened and well they died quickly. Dealing with another Yeb issue in Elf town by paying a Pixie in cookies and song to command them to leave. Jaroth being peaceful with Yebs? Seems strange. While dealing with the Yebs a group of Skaven attacked and where dispatched quickly. Thank god for being immune to poison. Then getting attacked by Iron golems and a mana golem and chasing down the person controlling them apparently she worshipped darkness. Taking care of a person auctioning of Monsters. The Rhinos beat Jaroth to the monsters but helped him get rid of the shady auctioner. Learning of Kiba and Helena's issues with a slave they freed. Jaroth is not sure what to make of it but seems things worked out anyways. Killed two scarecrows that were built to guard a couples farm but were enchanted accidentally to guard a box the maker had. Failed enchantments must be a thing now. Shift 3 PC: Being around Kiba and Helena learning about their stories. Jaroth loves having new members in the Legion. Getting take to wake up a "sleeping" princess. As I walked down the path towards them one of the Terran NPCs runs up asking, "Are you Prince Jaroth? I heard you are 7 foot tall and made of pure gold." Great that story will not end well. Finally getting to the Princess and being told only true loves first kiss can awaken her letting Kiba try first it fails. Jaroth tries second also fails. Asking the 7 terrans with her what they have tried. Uses grounding on her it fails. Oh great Etherial Sealent someone go get Oz. After the Princess wakes up Marcus trying to marry her of to Oz first and when that fails going with trying to marry Jaroth of to her. Jaroth was not amused at all. Getting a pin of Elemental Dart 2/gd. Jaroth may be handing that off to someone else in the Legion soon. Telling Marcus to buy a necklace of Nature immunity for Helena as a welcoming gift. Welcome to the Legion we like you now stay alive. Shift 4 npc: Being sent in as a hook for smart bandits. Ley lined out of a pit into the Jenny. Crawled through an open door with a stab wound in my back and two broken legs. Loved Amanda's elderwoman and the pcs reaction. Getting to play a minotaur and making some new pcs run just by snorting. They return with the inquisitor only to forget to tell him it is a minotaur. "By the power of Grak I cast resilience.""By the power of the Sept I cast Dispel." Get hit but the dispel amd no effect it only to watch the Inquistor back pedal for a moment. The unfortunate part of the month: All the damned rain and having my cloak clasp pull off so being without a cloak most of shift 3. My knee acting up during shift 4 making me less combative. Then stretching/pulling my groin while fighting as the minotaur. But still had an awesome event. Thanks to a post shift bonfire at Maplewood cabins and 24 people all chatting away.
  3. dnd

    I will play any edition of DnD currently in a 5e campaign on roll20 so I would be up for it if time and day work into my schedule.
  4. NNY items

    So question about the Katana. The immuities it gives you take priority but if I have my ritual that lets me have two immunities do they take one slot? Or if you have an item that lets you have multiple immunties do they only take one
  5. Best of June

    Where to begin... I am glad I was able to make it Friday night even if it was late. I am glad I was able to push through with you all night. 1st shift: Being part of a roaming bandit group with a kazvak. Yeah I will eat hearts. Oh I am also 7/6 fuck yall. Being a rot harbinger they are starting to become my favorite undead to play. Sorry Tavon you will forever seem to be my target as them. Being dead as the corpse shambler was able to attach itself to Michael mordison. Welp that sucks. 2nd shift: Pcs where awake for orc oclock... that never happens. Being a group of bandits seeking religious artifacts to "study" super casual bandits win and never got suspected of anything. New possible returning npc role I have as Shax Guild master of the House of Carnal Pleasures. Sold of two of my best prostitutes to Artemis. Easy 210 coin. Then made 150 of a contract with Beryl. Well then easiest 360 coin in 30 minutes ever. Being Drax a darkness worshipper that was sacrificing his virgin girlfriend to darkness. Best rp with Micah ever who came back and revived him just to let him go. Well then. 3rd shift: (pc) Entering the town with Dagny and being told that Marcus and I would be having a visitor. First time I have heard that and it been a good thing. Dealing with a group of skaven that where planning to poison the lake. Truth serum on and try to talk it out... ends in stabbing them. Talking with a geoup of bandits that Marcus was able to get to lay down theor weapons and head to a farm he runs for people he rather not kill but reteach. Jaroth intimidsted two of them for all of their coin. 4th shift: Saved a wildrunner from being sold into slavery by a bounty hunter. Now Jaroth has the bounty hunter as a source to use in the future. Learning the ritual failed to destroy the ritual item I was carrying and waiting to see the effects of it. The partial in fighting that happened between Jaroth and Marcus due to getting ready to rescue Ricter and Michael Burnheart and company from Cairnhold. As Jaroth stated to Marcus he is not going through something like that again. The last fight of the shift was awesome. The creature created by the ritual was epic. Jaroth feels like if that was what happened from the item then what happened to him. The RP between Marcus, the necromancer from his order, and Jaroth. "If that item created that creature what effects could it have had on me. Not only that but the Grak shrine and the book of darkness I carried around. Jaroth has fallen into a dark place in his mind.
  6. Jaroth Returns

    Jaroth slowly crosses the field as he has slowly made the return trip back to Pinedale. He has been gone a while yet he notices that the town has done little to change in appearance. "What have I missed in the monthes that I have been gone?" He slowly finishes the walk across the field and takes a seat on a log outside the Inn. The young elf looks rough around the edges as if he has spent the last few days searching all day and night. He looks at the fire pit and wonders if anyone he knows is going to walk up upon him today. "I am going to hear it from quite a few people for just leaving I know it," he mumbles under his breath as he stretches.
  7. Nature weapons

    At that time there were no babies. So ha Amanda.
  8. Nature weapons

    Primal sword of awesome. Is mine and already red with black veins. Kerrie you should know this.
  9. I happened to notice that my small brown leather bound journal that was on the table in the Barracks/ Covenant cabin went missing during the days shifts on Saturday. Please let me know if you have it.
  10. It's Chloe/ Lori!

    Greeting from Damien aka Jaroth. Glad you had a great time the first interaction we had was perfect. I can't wait to see more of that between our characters. :)
  11. Dragons and stuff.

    Jaroth looked up from a book he was reading. As he had decided to take a seat. He waved to Dano as he entered and his eyes returned to his book. "Hello Dano." The young elf pulled out a notebook and a quill before begin to scratch down notes of some sort that he was taking from the book. His scholorly mind was eager to learn anything he could.
  12. Dragons and stuff.

    Jaroth nodded about the dreams. "Yes the last few weeks they have gotten much more vivid. As for the power I felt. I felt an immense wave of chaotic energies from the ley lines." The young elf rubbed his temples and sighed. "I am very new to these ideas but for some odd reason I feel invigorated and energized by them."
  13. Dragons and stuff.

    Jaroth nodded as Vay'na scolded him. "My apologies next time I will merely leave it on the door. Well as for dragons I feel as if maybe the godbeast has something planned for me and the sword was the beginning." The young elf prince sat on a bench and stared at Vay'na's shrine. "So far I journeyed to the Shrine in the swamp to study its properties. Call me intrigued by the aspect of power the godbeast can instill. Also I fregently have nightmares of my dead fiance. It is possible that he Has been doing it to me."
  14. Dragons and stuff.

    Jaroth pokes his head into the Temple having just arrived from a journey to the Shrine of the Godbeast. He had spent the day studying it trying to understand it. Hr was convinced the godbeast had something to do with his sword. "What was with the crash is everyone all right in here?" He looks over and notices the letter near Vay'na's belongings. "I see you found my letter."
  15. Best of April 2014

    I have no idea where to begin. So might as well start at the beginning. Pre-game: Immediately talking to MK about me repairing shield and boom I am in props and atmo without having a say. I cant't wait to help out in anyway I can. 1st Shift: Richard and I hashing out plots and me effectively running them with the newer people. This is going to be fun. The New people they were amazingly fun to have with me like 75 to 80 percent of first shift. They all brought renewed vigor in me and brought up some great questions. You all made my night. Bandits at the wall by the lake. Ledger what Ledger? The hilarious rantings back and forth between me and the Covenant was great. My Npc gets killed finally and whelp revived and then tortured by Blagar go figure. Marco Master teacher from the Vlean Academy and his traveling students. I am sorry Michael Burnheart you basically asked for me to fear you. You got you dominate for free and the other Michael got a whole bunch of coin for chasing you. Michael: "Why come to Pinedale?" Me aka Marco: "The Ley Lines all converge here." Michael: "Okay but why at night?" Blagar: "UNDER A FULL MOON... oh wait." Repeat this about 3 times it was like a Saturday night live skit. Pat Lane ask Marco for his Vleanoan papers. His shock when I handed him mine and two students papers. His response was priceless. "Wow that actually worked for once." When past plots come back to bite you in the ass. Hat Bandits at the climbing wall. The Covenant makes there move on us with a wait for it a Dominated Scratches that took me down no problem. Only to be healed and blunted once more so Blagar could humiliate me. Shinobi plus Minotaur plus Shepards equals a bad day to be them. After 2 fights with 5 Shinobi the Shepards were tapped only to run into 5 more Shinobi with a Minotaur that hate one Healbody from a belt. All but PAt Lane only to have him run for town. Kill all the things only to have Ith, McFathom, Ricter and so others I could see arrive to save the day. 2nd Shift: Saturday morning Orcs. Yep is enough said. You all had me rolling I love the time spent in huge groups like that. Boglurking and basically throwing out my arm with acid tag bags. Never again am I fight with the wind on that one. Mario plot actually having the game themes song by OOC NPCs. Creeter the researcher and the assassins at the wall by the lake. Thank you GoST for trying ever possible idea before ultimately breaking it into a fight. Can't wait to see where this goes with the Lore they dig up on the Helmet that was stolen from him. 3rd Shift: Jaroth immediately gets to the inn to be dragged down to the lake. Primal sword in tote to find yep it would be his luck Trolls and a casvak. What luck no power needed to end the trolls. Ooze pit that a Pixie wanted to jump into to end her life. Sylas and Jaroth protecting everyone from acid with our bodies. Thank you poison immunity. So how to kill a ooze in a 10 foot deep pit. Let Jaroth handle it of course. Jump in break my legs, kill ooze, wait for my buddies to get a tree limb that can pull me out, okay time to heal up... wait Jaroth can heal only if he has second breath up... Killing blow myself and then climb out after self reviving. Yes stupid idea but it was well worth it. Vayna, Sylas, and Jaroth going after you got it more damned trolls. Okay I understand Jaroth has the power to end them without costing him power yet I knew it would happen. Sylas's and Jaroth's torturing of the Red Dragon. Vayna calls Jaroth sick for it. He is just doing what his father would do for information. Rabbit of Death. Okay Tim the Enchanter to you have some sort of Holy Hand Grenade? Nope just explosive charges. Let Grog try and handle it. Elven steel no effect. Uh okay let me try Primal... yep that hurts it cast shadowskin on me and go nope. Ryan you are a dick. Never chasing him for almost and hour again. Jaroth explaining to Vay'na and Akken where he got his new sword from and the fact it seems to always come back to him. Wait a sword found in a dragon's horde on a alter shaped like a dragon with 5 heads... Is this a gift from Draconus? Jaroth might have somethings to look into now. Going to the Temple after all this just to talk to Balder. Only to have him say go talk to Veria about going the new group. Wait what?! Okay talk to Veria and Aquilla and wham I am in with Balder's vouching for me. So its official Jaroth found another home in Pinedale let us see where this goes. The RP that followed this in the Temple. Priceless. I love your new PC Al. I am no longer sitting at the inn all the time. It is the Temples turn. Having people arrive at the Temple to Swords at the door. Oh your here to pray come in. Oh your here because one of the Hightowers is in trouble. Time to move quickly. 4th Shift: Tears of Apple pie most amazing drink Jaroth has ever had. Sylas and Michael both getting some action that night only to find out the women they did it with were either engaged to be married the next day or married. This is why Jaroth is still commited to his dead fiance. Wraiths suck. I hate wraiths. enough said. Balder's RP with Jaroth about him having to make a very difficult choice. Yep Jaroth never saw this coming. He will always have Balder's back though. Overall one of the most fun events I have had in a while. I can not wait for May.