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  1. At least 7 years ago. Before then it seemed to be a risk, but not especially terrible. This was life in the Free Lands. But then the skeletons weren't just snatching a child that wandered too far. Then the chained ones and the wights came. Then nosferatu. All manner of powerful, willfull undead began hunting us. There were mortals doing their evil work too. It it got worse as time went on. Culminating four or five months before the dragon came. At that point it seemed the attacks were less common and more powerful undead seemed to become rarer further afield from their base of operations. For some reason there were fewer raids with Caten and Nosferatu. It has long been known the Helix deters the lesser undead more readily. There were rumors that the Lich Lord needed ever more bodies as conflict rose and fell. The abductions continued to increase over time, lending strength to the idea it was in response to pressure. It became common knowledge that the adventurers in Pinedale agreed to treaties with the Undead Horde. Traders and townsmen alike posited that while Pinedale and the Stealing Dead left each other alone the dead were safe to forage afar and spread outside the local area. All the while Maplewood's population fell. The Helix seemed to cover less ground. It became clear that without a boost to our population the light of the Helix might fade entirely.
  2. Contact: Kyle Name: The Black Bag Area Merchant Town Request: 4 Man Encampment: A shop with real tools, repair and fabrication of goods IC. Need more sheltered space to avoid tools and materials getting damaged by moisture and blowing/spilling in the lake wind. (2-3 currently expected to occupy bunk.s)
  3. Meridius Keep

    It's a general location from when we were laying down filler on an early gen map. Same time as Sol Centura and Vecia Sol. Border Keep from the Civil War iirc. To my knowledge it wasn't Drace's backstory material. We just liked the name.
  4. Wrong location
  5. Sabine

    No born faekin with colored hair and eyes before puberty. The border war only ended a handful of years ago. A Western fiefdom with a small force patrolling the border is absolutely within the bounds of reason. In terms of rank for the "Lord Paladin" I don't recall a set rank structure, but I'm not infallible. There is some question here about *why* she wasn't executed outright. Possibly we can reveal in her later story that she was an illegitimate child of the Lord Paladin figure.
  6. Colder Months and you.

    Seconded. Neatsfoot and Pure Mink will condition the leather and prevent cracks/reduce wear. Some mink blends have a high wax content which will help with water resistance.
  7. Bring a cup!

    OOC: The Elves will be having a wedding sometime this event. If you are invited/attend please bring a cup or drinking vessel. This is something we don't want to have to tell people IC or interrupt OOC to say over and over.
  8. Elder Erland Mayhew, Human. Shift 4.
  9. Medical bunks for September

    I need one, please. Planning on attending.
  10. June Lost and Found

    I put a brown velvet floppy beret down at the base of a tree near the lodge. It was at the corner of where the field and access road come together near the little brown barn. It's got a silky teal/blue liner. It wasn't there when I came back a couple hours later. Hoping someone just put it in general garb and I missed it when I looked. If someone has it, I'd like it back. I've had it for 10+ years.
  11. Crossbow Draw Weight Table

    File Attached. KoN Crossbow draw weight table.xls
  12. Sanctuary Question

    It's a contradiction. Wording and interpretation used to make it a one-way barrier to physical objects (including people). Those things could go out, but not enter. Magic, of course, was two-way.
  13. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Sidhan Celeberyn Druid 4. Sidhan's name translates to "Peacemaker of the Silver Tree". Integrating the needs of The People and the needs of our Sylvan neighbors as his duty-bound priorities is the lens he used to make decisions about who gets priority. As a high-profile representative it's doubly important that he be seen as an example and someone his citizens can rely upon to have their best interests at heart. Spent the 2015 year focusing on balancing "natural" conflicts with those of townsfolk and traveling humanoid concerns. Achieved a personal RP goal! Preserved the life of EVERY Bog Lurker, Yeti, and Ooze I encountered. All of them. I had to heal a couple, but I did it. Primarily used combination of compulsion, classic conditioning, and negotiation to redirect them. Guided them to areas they could make homes away from them path of travelers and townsfolk. (Feel free to contact me about where I send each type. It's an RP thing between us and them.) Redirected all Yeb encounters except for 2 in the same way. (There seemed to be absolutely no way to avoid the fight.) RP conversations out loud with trees and stones BEFORE talking to any PC on NPC on the start of my shift. Moved a "child-aged" Dryad (and her sapling tree) out of the grove where her sisters had been cruel to her. Relocated her tree wholesale to a spot 20 yards behind the Fae Circle with the intention of helping to raise her to become a healing spirit and eventual wise-woman to the people of Pinedale. Women in the next human generation should be able to come to her for training in healing magic,herbalism, and alchemy. (i'm finishing Savant in April so that I can act as her teacher in Alchemy and Potion Brewing. Roping in Temperance to teach her Healing.) We spent an hour clarifying mortal free will and how it is dangerous for men to see her more than 1 day out of 4 because they can become ensnared by her magic. She gets it. She had a traumatic experience with a Treeman that was partially changed but when he got separated from her he realized he wanted to go back to his family. There was no reversing the partial change. It was terrible. I deliberately spend time every event walking the trails alone as Sidhan for "meditation". I makes sure I get seen out there away from town alone and in the forest. Perception cements everything. Agreed to take on a new PC in training as a Druid at the end of December Event. Dis gun be gud.
  14. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    Merch 2 was the Status 3 ability since we expanded the RP skills. The real advantage to it is that it provides access to item creation that can cost up to an arguable 19 build to achieve. (10 for 5th lvl spell, 2 read magic, 2 scribe scroll, 5 production). It's a moderately inflated value because you *could* also buy power and cast the aforementioned 5th level spell. Then again, you might not. Some players don't use Revive scrolls often or only bother expending Wraithbane scrolls at night. There is a power cap in play and you cannot store up unused power. Consumables persist. The 5 from Merch 2 also break cap. A Savant with Merch 2 can make 35 production (5 from spells they do not even possess themselves) if they are clever with their resources and trades. It's a tradeoff of versatility over dedicated resource application. As powerful as being able to cast all those Disengages? Not quite. But it does give you access to a wide variety of effects if you are a crafty player who thinks ahead. As far as the idea that Merchant give zero RP opportunity, I disagree. Rather than hand Merchants cash we are handing them superior access to goods with which to barter and sell. They are better equipped to RP the acquisition of cash and goods from other players. If a player wants it, a Merchant can get it for them. Combining a bunch of salvage items into something one otherwise needs a crafter to spend very limited resources to make is a real advantage in the Craft Point game. If you want to take advantage of this you need to be out there bartering and haggling with players. Do that, and do it well, and you have effectively unlimited Craft Points. Merchant is the RP skill with the fewest simple GD lasers and the most opportunity to have everything for everyone in the persistent economy game.
  15. Best of December 2015

    So glad Beryl isn't scared of Sidhan. We had a good talk.