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  1. Kingsley Scout Camp Director

    Hey Rob! Congratulations! I was the Executive Director of the Vanderkamp Center (where Kingdoms called home for over a decade before this recent search), and I can say without qualification that KoN was the best user group we had among the hundreds I served there. They took great care of the property, were respectful to all of our needs, always paid promptly, and even helped us with several big projects to make the site better for us and them. A word of warning, on this: "And who knows, if my schedule allows, I'd love to maybe help out as an NPC some weekend in the future. I've never LARPed but did plenty of table-top RPG stuff "back-in-the-day", some of it in the very buildings you'll be using." I said pretty much the exact same thing, and I went from twilighting as an Orc a few nights, to rolling a PC, to helping rewrite the world book in a few years after. Either way, you should consider yourself lucky that they've landed with you at Kingsley, and I envy you for having the opportunity to get to know these special folks a bit better. Happy to chat at any time if you have any questions - just email me at james@dfsr.com :)
  2. Dragon Prosthetics

    For anyone reading this thread in the future - the original mask looked beautiful in game.
  3. Best of June

    An incredible last full event. I literally felt myself tearing up walking home on Saturday night, probably because I am a loser. Thanks again to everyone who makes this game go - from old timers to new players. Going to miss you all times a million. BEST: Kyle's sportsmasnship. Both Akken and James felt totally awful after the event went down, and his taking it so well made a huge difference. The game only works if people understand it's a game, and Kyle handled it A+. Interactions with Sylas' people after everything went down. Getting shaken up can give a group totally different purpose and meaning. You guys really seemed to be running with the idea of becoming a new thing. Hope that sticks. Arguably my most fun fight ever - when JC used his low level alt to distract a group of bandits that we were not equipped to fight and we silently slit their throats while the leader was distracted. The leader then calls out to make sure the rest of his group is okay and gets no response. Oops! Then being humbled by Pat Lane as he took on 3 of us for 10 minutes with his featherweight shield. My goodness, I don't think I've ever been blocked and stung back so many times in a row before. Fighting the toughest NPC I've personally seen - 4 piercing Dan with minions he can bring back from the dead. Was fun doing full skirmish mode with the twins. RP with Tony's new character, Sebastian. So much depth there, and courage to make tough stands and put things on the line. Happy to know that Akken's role as self-righteous sneerer will be filled after I go :) But seriously - it's always awesome to interact with a character that isn't a run-of-the-mill whatever, but who also isn't a "special snowflake." Nice job there, Tony. Terrific talks with so many PCs - Vany'a, Jason, the list keeps going. THE BOWL OF MEMORIES! Can't believe no one robbed those guys - that bowl is seriously badass. HUGE ups to Steve/Grog for the way he handled the reaper. Akken came to him with an easy way to beat the Reaper and the willingness to not share that information with anyone else, and Grog refused. I'd like to think I'd RP a character so true. New players being amazing. Holy cow to the new black Drake, from both an appearance and an RP/mannerisms standpoint. Very well done. RPing with people that Akken will be leaving with the idea that "it probably won't be for long," but knowing full well that it will be. Didn't want to spend the whole event hugging people goodbye. And who knows, maybe Akken will go missing off camera or something, only to return some day :) I didn't retire him officially for a reason. See you all in July! James
  4. Hey all, I just wanted to let you all know that June's event will likely be Akken's last (at least for a long while). My family and I are moving away from Vanderkamp in the fall, and far enough away that attending the game in the next year or so after we move will be extremely difficult. I love you all so much for welcoming me so readily, taking me in to your fantastic game (and community), and giving me a much needed respite from what is otherwise an incredible amount of work. I'll likely be at the Dungeon Crawl as well, but if you have any last licks you want to get in on me or my PC, June will be the time to do it :) I also wanted to assure you that the Vanderkamp Board will be apprised of how terrific our relationship with KoN is, and I'm working with Dave to ensure that relationship between VK and KoN continues to grow and flourish even after my departure. See you all in a week! With love, James
  5. Farewell, good friends

    The honor has been all mine, folks :) As for the crown - you better bring your RP pants, Ms. Vany'a. James wants to leave it behind, but Akken will need a good reason!
  6. Farewell, good friends

    Lol! Cornelius Hightower was my first ever NPC Roleplaying role.
  7. Best of December 2013

    Ha! There's a long story behind those cheezits :)
  8. Best of December 2013

    Lol Lauren - Vany'a got a taste of the warm side of Akken. It's in there somewhere. Just wanted to say I had a ton of fun RPing with a bunch of pcs I hadn't before due to my group being MIA. Lots of fun, and highly recommended!
  9. Let me disclaim to start: my character casts shadowskin and it's fundamental to his success in encounters. This is not an attempt to nerf other people's abilities, it's an effort to enhance new player experience. So, I talked to my friend (who also works here) that I introduced to game some time ago, and this is how it went: "You should come NPC feb feast." "Nah, it wasn't great last time." "Why not? Seemed like you were having fun." "I thought it was stupid when we surprised that group of people and they started saying "no effect," staring at us while we wailed on them." "Right, that's shadowskin, most characters can't cast that." "But there were 6 of us, and right before that the guy who explained the rules to us had said how "In this game it doesn't matter - if a level 1 surprises a level 100, he can kill him easily. It just seemed stupid that we all stood there hitting him while he slowly turned in a circle and killed us all." "..." And I realized, I felt this exact same way as a new NPC, and had heard this comment from another couple who had come to game (and then never came back). Basically, I know Shadowskin allows for those "hero moments." I was drawn to them, and like I said, spent all available skill points to secure this skill. And I have heard complaints by other shadowskin casters that it's annoying that every NPC seems to enchant weapon these days. I'm just not sure it's helpful to have something in game that creates "hero moments" for very experienced players at the significant expense of the experience of newer players (a given NPC is much more likely to be a newer player given other roles taken by longer-time players, or the fact that they NPC 4 shifts in a weekend, or whatever). With the way game currently is, new players are told by many that they should npc for 4-6 events so they can be "useful" as a PC. That's fine. The problem comes when you NPC and you feel like you don't have a chance at all. I never minded being a skeleton and getting my hits in only to die to 1 hit. But to be told "no effect" by a dude who isn't even fighting back? It crushes the experience, and is jarringly different than the realism felt elsewhere in the game. So my proposal is as follows: Make Shadowskin grant monstrous-type to all body, armor, and enhancements on a caster - except vs. elven steel, which damages as normal. Change Abomination back to its original form, which is just monstrous body type, and allow abomination to also add the other powers of hulking undead (that have been proposed, not sure if they are finalized). I don't buy that the "math is too hard" for abomination to effect only body. Most players would do better to just know how many of a given hit they can take, anyway. So if a player has 4 monstrous body, 3 armor, and 4 magic armor, they would know that they could take 6 hits of 4 damage or whatever, if they had abomination up. If they for smoe reason were getting hit by a bunch of different things also swinging for different damage, it would be harder, but not the end of the world. I think that a feeling of fairness is essential to the growth of the game. Many new NPCs will encounter shadowskin over the course of an event, and it just doesn't seem to jive with the flow of the rest of the game. It makes one feel like cannon fodder, not an active participant. The proposal I've offered would keep shadowskin very viable, and would A) stop NPCs from being sent out with enchant weapon all the time, since they currently are ONLY to make it so shadowskin casters don't break the encounter and stop new players from feeling frustrated by being completely powerless. One man's opinion! Ready to be yelled at by other folks who cast shadowskin, or who otherwise think this is a horrible idea Also happy to hear from people who remember going up against Shadowskin and thinking, "This really is no fun."
  10. Merchant question

    The new merchant rp tree allows merchants to trade unlimited amounts of coin for xp at a certain level. Can merchants then sell this XP to others? I.e., if i am a merchant, can i take coin and give someone ELSE xp? With the amount of loot currently in game, I am concerned that this is a bell that can not be un-rung. As soon as someone hits merchant 3 I fear that the "haves" who currently have a bunch of levels AND mountains of loot will then instantly also have access to even more levels, and the disparity between the long term players and short term ones will grow. And the skill only has to be in game for a couple of events before most of the in game coin gets turned into permanent assets on character sheets. Thanks for any info!
  11. Cabin Upgrades!

    Your going out on a limb is correct. We are very grateful for these and any other measures taken!
  12. Lore

    Dave is currently perusing the current draft of the world book. When he's done, I imagine we will have some final edits, and it will be in your hands.
  13. Grabbing someone's weapon

    Alright, trying to dust off the details of this rule and make a proposal. As it stands now, one can grab and hold any part of someone's weapon that is not a striking surface, yes? Including the handle? And if they grab a striking surface, they take the limb wound? If my summation is correct, I would like to offer the following observations: This makes all weapons that aren't just long blades much much worse. People wanting to go the extra mile and have a weapon that suits their character more are handicapped significantly. If you use an axe as a terran, or a staff as more archetypal magic user, you just open yourself up to unnecessary headache. It is a disincentive to use creative weaponry. Our weapons are not meant to be played tug of war with. JC made me a high quality staff that was broken by someone grabbing it and twisting around forcefully trying to disarm me last year. Grabbing weapons is by far the most forceful part of our game. In a game where we ask people to offer detailed searches for personal space reasons, forbid grappling, shield bashing, and even charging, players frequently will grab and yank someone around by their weapon. And in the case of reaching for the handle of a sword, they will also be likely touching the person's hand and grabbing as hard as they can. Just wondering aloud if this rule has outlived its usefulness, or if others feel there is some big balancing aspect to it that I am not understanding. Thanks!
  14. Grabbing someone's weapon

    One never knows! Thanks.
  15. Best Of September

    It was not confirmed that it was anything other than a person making a bold claim. I suspect many Dellins have said things like, "Fear me, for I an am Avatar of Grak himself!" And also, when you don't have holy fire, it is best to at least try talking :)
  16. Damage requirment rule

    This is very cool if it is how we should play. I, for one, have never seen it played this way, and have not done so myself.
  17. Best Of September

    "The sketchier characters in town more or less entertaining an Avatar of Grak, because now Eliana can't be naive about it." Pinedale: where talking to people you disagree with instead of killing them on sight makes you "sketchier" than the kill first and not bother to ask questions later crowd!
  18. Hey all, Akken's brown robe was left out while I was helping with the dungeon crawl and Zach moved it in to get it out of the rain. Did anyone on clean up crew notice it getting stashed anywhere? Prefer to know so I can dig it out and have it de-mustified by next game. Thanks!
  19. Missing: Akken's robe

    Cool, thanks. All 3 pieces I hope :) will check this week. Thanks.
  20. A New Posting in the Inn

    Akken sees the letter, reads it silently, gives a curt nod of approval, and continues along his way, hand absent mindedly drifting to the hilt of his glowing sword.
  21. Merchant question

    Agreed with Chris. It doesn't matter that it takes a long time to get this ability, because players already have it, and if they sell the service, the whole game will instantly have it. The ability is still the best in the game (by far) if it is self only, but it doesn't shut the economy down over night in that version the way it does if the exp mechanism is effectively changed to 1 xp for 10 coin with no cap.
  22. Merchant question

    Right, Zach. My PC got 200+ coin this event, which would be 20 xp, or more than those people who worked for 15 hours in the grueling heat and dust to make the dungeon crawl possible in June. If we want people to gain xp by OOC contributions of time and money, this is definitely not the way to incentivize it. And again, once this cat is out of the bag, everyone will presumably convert their excess coin to xp immediately (unless they have RP reasons not to) and the game will forever be altered. It's one thing to allow people who have RPd a merchant for 2 years to get this ability for themselves, but it seems like a much different thing to open this Pandora's box for all.
  23. creeping rot buff

    It is definitely not "better". You still have to expend all the energy and resources to kill the thing first. With dominate, you don't.
  24. creeping rot buff

    If you need the stats the spell becomes awful. Dominated creatures keep their abilities. Why not reanimated ones?
  25. creeping rot buff

    It's just different than dominate. With dominate you have to hit your target with a tagbag, but with reanimate you have to kill the target first.