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  1. Hello All

    sure did, lol. Fixed!
  2. Hello All

    Hi Sophia! My name is Maggie. I'm the Marketing and Player Outreach Marshal at Kingdoms of Novitas! You've certainly come to the right place! Our next event is April 20-22. Until then, I recommend checking out the Learn to Play section of our rules wiki. You can find that right here http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay I also recommend reading our World Book which is a pretty good summary of all of Novitas' lore http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf If you have any questions, definitely be sure to let me know. If not, well, see you in April!
  3. Hello everyone!

    We provide weapons for our NPCs so you just need a latex weapon for when you bring in your PC :)
  4. Hello everyone!

    You're garb is looking good. However, we tend to use latex weapons for PCs as they are more aesthetically pleasing and therefore more immersive.
  5. Hello everyone!

    Hi Luke! My name is Maggie. I'm the Marketing and Player Outreach Marshal here at Kingdoms of Novitas! Welcome! We have a lot of players who have transitioned from Amtgard and it's all gone swimmingly. The best place to start will definitely be our rules wiki http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay I've linked the Learn to Play section, but there is a lot more info to read especially about character creation. I will also very much recommend reading the World Book which is a book of all of our lore http://www.mvgc.net/larp/worldbook.pdf If you have any questions about anything, please let me know. Welcome to Novitas!
  6. Transportation

    We've already been talking through the facebook page :)
  7. The Powers That Be...

    done, check your email
  8. ID magic in mobile form

  9. Mae govannen

    Welcome to the forums! You've already gotten a proper greeting on facebook, but another one certainly couldn't hurt!
  10. Our new wiki has a wonderful Learn to Play section! Here's the link: http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Learntoplay Kingdoms of Novitas has a Facebook page and Player Discussion group. You're welcome to find us there too! Did you know we have blogs? Many of our players write blogs detailing the lives of their PCs and more. Check them out here: http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/forums/index.php?/blogs/
  11. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Yep, that' the whole of third shift. Anytime within that shift. Sort of join the party for a while
  12. Nash Smash...

    Hey, Lucas! You know me, you know the drill. Welcome to the forums! See you in two weeks :) beep boop
  13. It's Joseph Weeg!!

    I won't lie, I got the email alert for this post and was like "Joseph knows who I am." and then didn't post anything, lol
  14. November Preproduction

    1 Ritual Ink
  15. Post-Halloween Donations

    BUMP Most of this is still relevant