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  1. Hello!

    I'm finally back home again, after going through a 5-day-LARP just after getting off the plane, and I'm a very, very tired wood elf now. I will surely write more at some later point, but for now: Thanks everyone for having me, and for playing with me. I had a very good time, and who knows, maybe we'll meet again some time!
  2. Hello!

    And yet another question, as i've just seen your tag bag construction guide: Since i'll be playing at another game during my stay in the US, I made those bags according to their specifications - meaning round, and, tied with string. Additionally, I had to fill them with rice, as it is illegal to import seed into the US. My question is, of course, whether those might still be okay to use at your game - or whether I will have to bring some empty ones and fill them on site.
  3. Hello!

    We'll buy them in the US, basically something in near 100% cotton with a wooly surface. No synthetic ones, obviously, or anything with brand names. After I was writing this I remembered that I'll be bringing braies anyway, so I can just also bring a pair of thin wool or linen hose to attach to them. My gf can then wear said tracksuit bottoms and cover them to the knee with my character's leg wraps, which I won't wear for NPCing. Ah, seriously? What a pity...would have loved to say hi, and maybe swap stories!
  4. Hello!

    With the August event drawing closer, I was wondering what we need/should do beforehand. I will hand In a character background shortly, and print character sheets to take with us. But apart from that? Do we need to register in some way beforehand? What would be quite important to us is to have a place to sleep (that's not the ground) - luggage space is very limited for us, and we can't bring a tent and/or cots. Also, will plain tracksuit bottoms (brown, blue or whatever we can find) with a linen tunic on top be acceptable as NPC gear?
  5. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Having a weekend with literally nothing to do for the first time in months apparently leads to this: Since I have a mold now - might make a few more as trading goods... And yes, that's the star from the world book that I copied, minus the hatching. It's a bit more than 2 inches (5.5cm) in height. Also, might need a bit more polish.
  6. Hello!

    Thanks, that helps. Couldn't find a seven-pointed star anywhere on sale so far, so I was thinking of just casting a few from pewter. And will definitely have some appropriate head gear/accessories for her/us. I've already thought about the issue of fighting in these dresses, should be fine if we don't make them too long. And dirt won't be a problem. Depending on character, i'll "pre-age" our gear anyway with dirt, paint, bleach, burns, sand paper and/or patches. Having extra garb is not an issue (I have clothing/armour/weapons for some 30-odd characters I played over the years), but since we come by plane, bringing it is We'll try our best to bring something generic, though, space permitting. Not sure when you will make those decisions, or how secret they are - but If, before mid-july, you already know what kind of npcs you will probably want us to play in the august game (i.e. "We'll need some civenites"), you can of course send me a message, and we'll prepare for that specifically.
  7. Hello!

    Since my girlfriend (very much new to LARP) is going to join as well, I'd like to ask a few questions in her stead. She'll probably play a fighter role; but she's still undecided. If we can manage to bring a bow, she might want to be an archer. Currently, we're thinking about dresses for her, and her favorites so far are from the 15th and 16th centuries. Would a dress like these work for any culture in the game? Vlean comes to mind, of course - or possibly the Freelands? Green dress Orange dress Or should she maybe aim for something a bit older? Yellow dress Red dress Yellow and green dress
  8. Rise, thread, RISE! Funny I should only now see this... So, yes, this video from the "Talsker Wölfe" is entirely choreographed, and certainly doesn't accurately depict fighting in German LARPs. Although, depending on event, the things you see are certainly in the realm of the possible. I'm playing at one of the events(*) where this group (or rather, an off-shoot) plays, and kicking shields, running into or jumping onto people to drag them to the ground, stabbing and shots to the head are considered fair game. But that's really the upmost end of the spectrum over here. Oh, and their production values have improved greatly since their first trailer, too: (* If you care to see what fights are like there, and bring a bit of time: )
  9. Hello!

    Excellent - thanks for the clarification!
  10. Hello!

    Ah, i see. That's great. Then i can dedicate more time to that single costume. The question for me is, though, whether as an elf, would a beard just be "acceptable" (people will simply ignore it), or is it actualy normal for your elves to be able to grow beards? EDIT: I just saw a bearded elf in your image gallery, so i guess the answer might be "it's normal". Based on what you said I would rather not play as a human wildrunner then, because I feel I would need to get more of a feel for your world first to play any "unusual" combination.
  11. Hello!

    Well, 6 months later, and still 4 to go. So a little bit of an update here: After originally planning for your July event (Yes, there is no July event. Yes, i'm apparently illiterate.) I will join you for your August event this year. I still like my original Civenite concept, and already made some clothing for that. Still, due to luggage restrictions and me playing in another event (Knight Realms in late July), i'm now considering changing it so I don't have to lug around 2 sets of clothing. And the kit i'm currently working on for KR is almost done. I will be playing as a ranger character at KR (lots of browns and greens, some leather stuff perhaps, a short word and maybe a hatchet) and would like to know if a similar character (or one that used these clothes, possibly with some alterations) could be played at KoN. Say, a human that moved into the Great Forest to learn from the Wood Elves. (A wool elf would not work for me due to me having a beard, i imagine). Would I be able to play as a Wildrunner, if i'm human, *and* don't have a bow with me? If not, what kind of human character would be a good fit?
  12. Hello!

    Hi Octavius! It's good to know that this kind of character isn't played out yet, so that'll be what I do. I'll buy the fabrics tomorrow, and a tunic, some braccae and a paenula will be quickly done. I'll post the results when everything's done. As for shoes - my caligae have flat-head hobnails anyway, so I guess they won't be a problem. Yeah, i guess i shouldn't worry too much about the rules. And what you're saying about not knowing the actual spell/weapon/... that hit you: Really, that's how most of our games work - just show some reaction that you feel is appropriate (and don't use it to your advantage). i.e. get wounded and/or die.
  13. Hello!

    Alright, so that shouldn't be an issue then. The only thing i'm sooort of worried about, really, is the rules. Read them twice now, i think. Just hope I don't break any of them accidentally, given that usually, the rules I play under in a lot of games just amount to something like "Be cool. Don't do anything stupid. And no biting." Different damage types, magic being abundant with a huge spell list, or even having to ask OOC before touching someone in a completely modest way (say, carry the wounded back home) will be quite different for me. It will be interesting!
  14. Hello!

    Hello Maggie, and thank you for your quick answer! Of course i'm also very much looking forward to meet all of you - and i will be happy to talk about (and listen to) various exploits in our common hobby. Italian renaissance? I guess this might be alright then, but still - for convenience's sake I think I'd prefer something roman-ish. Oh, one more question for now: Since magical items are color-coded blue, is it a problem if any non-magical item is partially of fully colored in blue? (Might be good to know before going fabric-shopping).
  15. Hello!

    Hello! I guess I'm not exactly new to this forum, but given that my original introduction was in the wrong section, is outdated and that - finally! - I can start some actual planning...here I go again: I'm Dennis, i've been LARPing for 11 years now - mostly in Germany and Switzerland. And barring some sort of global catastrophe, next year I'll be visiting the US again to (among other things, of course) join you for a game. When exactly I'm not sure yet, as it depends on some events over here that still lack a fixed date, but it will be either your april, may or june event. The big (and interesting) question for me right now is, of course: What will be my character? If I had unlimited space to bring my existing gear onto a plane it would probably be a Civenite soldier, a Dellin warrior or maybe a Vlean septon, but, alas... So I was thinking: Runaway Civenite slave. Garb can be light, can be made easily and cheaply, and can be discarded (or rather: donated) after the event so I don't need to lug it around with me anymore. He could have been wrongfully convicted of a crime and is now fleeing his punishment, or something like that. Would this be okay/interesting to play, or is it a boring character seen a thousand times? Oh, and a few more questions: 1. In the world book it says "typical medieval European garb" for Vleans. So...any age/style in particular? After all, it's quite a long period of time. 2. Given that I do have a (only slightly, i hope) noticeable German accent - is there any race that would benefit from me playing it, regarding how they typically sound? 3. In case I play a civenite - is there any point in brushing up on my Latin a bit? 4. Would Roman caligae (sandals) be appropriate/safe to wear at Vanderkamp, or should I rather bring some leather turnshoes that fully enclose my feet? Or something even more robust? 5. From what i see, average temperatures from april to june will be from 45-65°F (7-18°C) - so, rather chilly. Correct? Aaaand that's it, for now.