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  1. Old face, new character

    Just a lap loom, nothing fancy. I do have a table loom, but it takes up space and would require re-threading the warp if I dissasembled it every event. I also have a drop spindle (easily portable) and a spinning wheel (which I might be persuaded to bring up for Feb Feast or Harvest Fest, but it's a delicate piece of machinery). I've spent the last year and a half working at a living history museum, doing 1840's medicine & textile making.
  2. Old face, new character

    Hey! Yeah, I'm thinking of just going straight up human, Freelands-born... though the idea of her being Terran has been kicking around the back of my mind. I plan to bring my textile stuff, spinning, knitting and maybe even weaving if my portable loom passes Props & Atmo.
  3. Hi all, long time no see! It's Emily Travisano, AKA Akane, AKA the perky elf samurai chick who died a lot. With the new location, I'd like to start coming again, with a fresh start and a new character, specifically a resident of Maplewood. A merchant who focuses on Alchemicals, maybe some enchantments and a healing spell or two, along with hot herbal teas and massages for weary backs and shoulders. I look forward to seeing all of you, and I'd love any info you might have on building/playing a Maplewood native, and any of the massive amount of stuff I've missed in the past... two years?
  4. Wood For Novitas, Please Help?

    Here's a few pictures, with my dad (5'7") for scale (And sorry this reply took so long, I couldn't add pictures from my phone)
  5. I wasn't sure where to put this, but I have a proposal: We have a lot of wood at my house. 5 sturdy old fence posts (over 6" each), some old pieces of fence and (most importantly) a very large swingset, all made of solid cedar. No pressure-treatment, no chemical additives. We want to donate this wood to Novitas, probably as firewood but some of the pieces are sturdy enough for building materials. Would anyone be willing to come down to Oneonta (preferably with a big truck and a knowledge of carpentry) and help us haul this stuff away and/or disassemble the swing set? I don't know if this would count as a donation, a work-day, or just begging some friends with more disassembly skills to come and help get rid of this giant swingset, but I wanted to put it out there before my dad just gives up and hires a contractor to trash the thing. Any takers?
  6. Set Up/Clean Up

    Did a lot of set up, unpacking and moving bins, hanging up clothes, etc. Didn't do any clean up.
  7. Best of April 2014

    Yay, Novitas! So many good things to list... The good: + Akane finally has Medium 1! Yay! I've been planning it for her forever. Narene and Barvyn and our first ghost at the haunted pavillion were all awesome. Now she has to figure out how to be a Quv... That's gonna be FUN, going from slave to ghost-priestess... + FINALLY donating my pouches to Props & Atmo. Gimme the XP, baby! + All the enthusiastic new players. Seriously, everyone was so awesome. + The suicidal pixie plot. (For those if you that weren't there, I was a pixie whose Brownie boyfriend died of the fey plague and was about to throw herself into a pit containing an ooze and a lot of poisons.) Lauren, your role-playing was absolutely amazing. The fact that you didn't just talk me down from the ledge, you SANG ME DOWN!? UNBELIEVABLE! NPC Amythest will be watching each new sunrise with thoughts of you and Nylo in her heart for the rest of eternity. I had literal tears on my cheeks. + Screaming for help as the hook for the Yeb encounter. Apparently, they could hear me across the field ;)/> + The Killer Rabbit! Awesome and ridiculous and stupid and a cottontail for the ages. + Being cursed the Scarecrow in the Wizards of Oz plot. Walking into town with the Tin Golem and the Cowardly Kasvac, trying to go to Al for help and getting closed out of the Temple while the old guy shook his head at the sheer ridiculous. And then, after we hooked Ith and his crew, watching the look of comprehension finally dawn on his face at the sight of the Flying Monkey. We skipped away from that plot singing "We're going back to Pinedale, and everything is ok!" To the tune of "we're off to see the Wizard". + Buzzering. "Always bring adventurers. Mabel didn't, she said she didn't need them. Then Mabel got eaten." Buzzer PSA: "don't be a Mabel." Then giving the heroes the Blackout Juices we got from a sketchy guy, and giving Richard's PC ALL THE HUGS! + On the way back, getting jumped by Daitoro!Dave's Kasvac I totally didn't know was there. + The Fatvack Wizard. + Freezer ziplock bags kept my feet totally dry for my first event EVER! + The bag I accidentally left in my cabin in December? Still there. + The Temple looks AWESOME! The bad: - I was so exhausted from my week of early work mornings that I spent most of my PC shifts sleeping. Akane was only out for a total of two hours. - Didn't get to see everyone... - Forgot my belt. - Slept most of the weekend and still felt tired on Monday.
  8. Fake Incense For Shrine

    That's awesome! I'll check those out. I ordered a pair of these from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00IMIN4JG So if I don't get a spot in the temple I can use them outside.'
  9. Musings on the Cherry Blossoms

    A very good point. Thanks, all!
  10. Musings on the Cherry Blossoms

    I wish I could, but I don't have Lore :(
  11. I was reading the world book, and in the section on Gershan behavior and etiquette it said: "Ironically, it is a Civenite by the name of Miles Castigus who has chronicled this system of honorifics, understandings, and traditions in his seminal work Musings on the Cherry Blossoms. For more information on Snow Goblin etiquette, the reader is advised to turn to that work." Does "Musings on the Cherry Blossoms" actually exist? If so, does anyone know how I could acquire a copy?
  12. 2014 Player Census for Shift Balance

    Emily Travisano, Akane Akayuki ("Aki") Independent Requested shifts: 1st and 4th, so I'm a useful NPC and not sacking out 4th shift.
  13. Knitting by Emily / Akane

    Twig's belt pouch is complete! Any more takers?
  14. Feb Feast 2014

    Are we doing the tables by party/group? Is that what it means by "best table setting"?
  15. Best of December 2013

    I almost didn't go to this event, but I am HELLA glad I did! I had a total blast! THE BEST: + Being assassinated! I am so happy and gratified that people went to the double of sending me personal plot, when I've been here less than a year. You guys are the best! The whole thing was amazing, from the initial moment of "oh my gosh, this lady wants to talk to me about Red Snow?" to the terror of being stabbed and reaped in the darkness, to the way everyone rushed off to find my spark. I have never had more fun being dead than when I was lying in the Temple, wondering with baited breath what was going to happen next, and whether it was really the work of Ten Arrows. And then the role-play afterwards, watching peoples' faces as I told them my backstory and broke down into genuine tears of emotion… Everyone was AWESOME and it made me feel like a real part of the game and the world. Kudos to everyone, DM's, NPC's and PC's alike, and I hope everyone gets these kinds of moments in their LARP experience. Related to that: + Titus's "You should have killed yourself." That culture clash and clash of ideals, both of which oppose modern sensibilities… it was amazing, and made Akane consider and reaffirm her choices. Kudos for not holding back. + Krod's barbarian viewpoint, AKA "kill the fuckers!". Akane and Krod are now partners in vengeance. + Commissioning Richard to write a song about how evil the people trying to kill Akane are. Because self-preservation is for other people. The Good: + Seeing everyone, including some faces I'd not seen in a long time (hello, Christopher Robin!). You guys are the best! + Not dying so much! I still did die, but my friends and my new Aegis spells saved my butt plenty of times. + My fluffy hat! Everyone seemed to want to pet me. + Getting a bowl! Thanks, Daño! + Two buzzer plots! Akane loves them, they're the perfect innocents to protect, and giving one freezing buzzer my cloak while we cleared her hive of waspoids made me feel like a chivalrous & noble knight. + Being a nasty, sadistic hag who cursed a little girl for stealing her grapes, and was then completely unrepentant. Too bad Chris Robin dodged my Dominate… but he got an awesome necklace so happies all around. Although, apparently, my face is so smooth and wrinkle-less that age makeup is a major struggle. + Being a happy NPC merchant who bred Scroll Paper Waspoids… and getting completely conned by the PC's. I need to read the Iron Golem Manual… + Inn fooooooooood! Warmed me up from the belly out. + NECKLACE. OF. RESILIENCE. + That undead fight in the field. We'd just been through two brutal encounters, one of which left Akane bleeding out, the next one left me dead. Got revived by friends, heading back to Pinedale with resources almost spent and WHAM, bodaks! Only Reginald casting Abomination on Akane let her survive that fight… and now she owes her life to a frickin' VAMPIRE! So confused… + Shouting match with Ivan about rescuing Richard. Akane is still so naive and innocent… she has things to learn. + Scotty Travis's incredible dedication as he went out to lie shirtless in the snow. The Bad: + My feet. My toes froze and my orthopedic inserts got soaked through, so changing socks didn't help. + Knitting a giant bag of stuff to sell, arriving early… and discovering I'd left it at home. The Funny: + Getting drunk off my pointy ears with Van'ya's wine. Akane is a silly, giggly lightweight and poor Daño got the brunt of it. "Your beard is fluffy. Are you made of rabbits?" + Watching JC's new PC, accidentally Magic Locked in the temple with a dead girl while others ran around looking for her spark. He mooched the Enchant Weapon from my sword and hid next to the door, waiting for a wraith to walk through. Then the time on the enchantment ran out and he hid behind Jaroth's bed. + The undead fey. Yes, Tom. You are the prettiest skeleton princess. + The special, special puppet weed. An archer, a swordsman, a werewolf, an alchemist, and a gorilla in a hat. "It's wearing a hat… that means it's people, right? Should we bring it back to town?" +JC's plans to fix Akane's problems: "Find a piece of the Darkness's shadow at EvilMart. Motorboat it until it turns you into a snow goblin, then get laid."