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  1. Calimacil mace

    Ok, Thank you! And by proper care do you mean making sure its not in extreme temperatures and stored properly?
  2. Calimacil mace

    So from what I've heard Calimacil weapons are really good and I found this mace I'm thinking about getting: http://www.calimacil.com/weapons/hammers-and-maces/larp-skull-mace.html My only concern is how well will it hold up over time due to its unique design?
  3. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Anibal slowly approaches the board and tacks up a crumpled paper reading: Anibals taxidermy service, you kill it I make it last forever! able to find various other curious objects upon request. At the bottom of the paper there is a large letter A that appears to be written in blood.
  4. RP Skill Approval: Summer Edition!

    I sent in an advancement one! I also sent a request for a new Rp skill! I'm not sure if now is the time for that though! Thanks!
  5. Just saying Hai

    Another person! Yay!
  6. I have found a bunch of lost and found items in camps costume closet I have found A black belt with a floral buckle A generic silver mug A grey ceramc bowl with ivy patterns on the sides A generic wooden bowl One orange fabric whic appears to be a bandana of sorts! If anything is yours let me know and I will return it to you! Thanks!

    I'm really interested in da crossbow! If you are there in sept I would love to buy it! I'm also interested in the helmet!
  8. Best of June

  9. Best of June

    -future farmers of pinedale! "what do you mean future farmers?" "well we know how to put the seeds in the ground but we don't know what to do then." -Buzzers! They wanted to take me back to their hive and have me grow them flowers! But Atticus said I was his so they couldent have me, but now they are my pen-pals! -Thr Bear! The whole ritual was amazing! I had such a good time roleplaying with the bear even though we diddent get too as much as the last time. I feel happy for being able to fix my mistake, and also successful at lighting candles while having elementals throw things at me! A huge thanks to all who helped make this possiable it was amazing! -all of the bear puns! Octavious lost his arms after making one too many, one might say he diddent have a right to bear arms for a while. -so much Druid stuff! Roleplaying with Naloween and Atticus about having Druid classes eventhough Atticus refuses to create any lessons just answer questions! The whole thing was great! -Horse! Twig couldent believe that there was a friendly minotar in town, he was hoping it was the actual mythical horse but a friendly minotar is the next best thing. -killing a bunch of things! I was able to get a lot of help in proving myself a warrior this event! I got to fight someone one on one and also killed an ork with a dagger which was a lot of fun! No matter how hard I tried I could not kill a vampire with a dagger tho, Sadface. -Hissing at a nights child and living to tell the tale -Mindflare! "Ooo those tentacles are pretty can I just take one for later?!" -Discussing philosophy with Aya after reading some Druid tales! A huge thanks to everyone who made all of these awesome things possible as well as all of the things I did not mention,you are all amazing! I can't believe I've been at game for over a year already! I can't wait to see you all again!
  10. May 2014 Lost & Found

    Also if things end up being forgotten which hopefully they dont and are there over the summer I will be sure to set them aside!
  11. First time LARP

    Tim! I'm so glad your deciding to come to this month! If you need help with anything let me know!
  12. I'm also planning on going! But I don't have any idea of when yet.
  13. Improving the Gaming Table

    I think for me if there were some small prizes given to the winners of the non-prize draw games that would be incentive for me! For example like some useful potions or a small magical item or a small number of coin. I would love to play hive and if I win receive a reward of some buzzer honey!
  14. The Best of May 2014

    Amazing event! I had a great time as always! Thanks to all who make it possiable! Npc: -red bandits ALL of the red bandits! -fake crimsion curriers managed to scam a few players out of some coin and then finally someone realised we weren't actually the real thing! -being a part of personal plots! -farmers with silly ideas "do you think we could use bulls to kill bandits? Armored bulls?" Pc: -personal plot! I was finally able to grow a plant from my own body! Twig now feels very accomplished and would not be supprised if he now wakes up with random buds everywhere! Also many people in town think I have a pet bear now! He taught me a lot and now I will improve based on that! The whole plot was amazing and I am so happy with it! -halfway to fixing the seasons! -booking it back to town to take care of the twigblights -Thinking that I may have found the large canine that I was looking for, but in reality it was just a carpenter with lycanthropy. -actually killing things for once and not just running the other way! -every time I walked away from town the nights children came, twig wanted to see what they looked like but part of him is glad he diddent. Overall it was one of my favorite events! I can't wait until June! Thank you all for being so awesome and making this an amazing event!
  15. Chest plate

    I'm planning on eventually getting some type of plate mail and was wondering where is a good place to find it that's affordable and good quality.