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  1. I would like to see more random stuff, bandits jumping people taking a walk back by the MS cabin. Make the pcs go look for adventure, I remember when I first started playing there was random treasure laying out in the woods, perhaps it's not realistic, but it was cool. I think if you have random encounters out and about people who want combat can just go for a walk, those who want to RP go to the inn.

  2. Lord Iga


    I would like to offer my services durring the Winter Feast. I would like to improve my relations with the House of Cherry Blossoms and I believe this will give me an opportunity to do so. I am well aware that we never resolved a conflict over the looting of the Orc Chiefton several months ago. This I also wish to address some time before or after the feast.


    May your ancestors grant you wisdom as you consider my offer, and may peace be yours for many years to come.

  3. In game my sister is married to a merchant in Civen and I like to role play that I go visit her from time to time if you want to use that I'm all for it I've been trying to make Hazar more of a role play character. Perhaps her husband could hire me to do some business for him in Pinedale. I've got some odds and ends, not to mention my own potions I could sell.

  4. I think we are getting off topic with the dispell stuff. That being said I think Necromance is weak in compairison to other magic schools. I'm in favor of making Abomination last the gameday, and covers everything, that way we won't have as much trouble calculating damage, but make the person immune to healing magic until the spell is gone.


    It might be cool if necromancers had some attack spells that harm things other than undead. Perhaps they can cast Poison Dart, it could be like a hand of death 2 armor skipping damage, make it a level 2 or 3 spell. Or give them extra role play abilities, perhaps they can speak with undead, but not spirits. Undead could seek out a necromancer if they wish to be final rested, and the necromancer could aquire their sevice for a short time in return.

  5. Someone told me that when you dissipate you can't see, thus negating blink fighting, I guess I was missinformed though. I like the idea of blink fighting, but if that is legal then it should also be legal for people to recognize when the spell is being used so they don't get blind sided. I like the idea of alowing the caster to move ten feet, but others who can use the spell can mark the spot where he dissipated.

  6. I think it works for just about every spell except for (the new versions of) Maelstrom and Magic Swarm. It's actually worse for Magic Swarm that Maelstrom. 2 darts for 1 power is .5 power per dart, where 3 power for 4 darts is .75 power per dart.


    I'd hate to ditch the idea just because of these two spells though. Hmmmm....


    Perhaps make it a once per game day, or every hour? Or perhaps in battle magic you get an anti magic shield that deflects the first tag bag from any battle spell and you can recast it for 1 power point. Or battle mages could get a + 2 power bonus like ordained.

  7. I think I've been getting charged quite a bit by npcs, mostly duel wielders, I'm not much of a fighter though so I naturaly avoid hand to hand confrontation. I'm still unsure as to where to draw the line, clearly people are going to run at you in battle, and if they are using shorties they will need to come close to running me over.


    It's always safety first, but I just don't want it to get to the point where if I'm back pedaling in a fight I don't take damage. Is there a rule of thumb to follow when being charged

  8. I'm not sure how much I like this idea but I'll throw it out anyway. What if we made it easier to cross class with spells, for example if you have a level 5 spell in one class you can jump over to any other class starting at level 2 or 3. Problem is that players could get way to powerful, but it makes sense that if you are a great spell caster in one class that you could go into another class without starting at the begining. Perhaps spells cost an extra power point if you don't have the prerequisite.

  9. I like the idea of 1 power = 1 dart, as it is battle magic is a little lame. Spell store is a great way to use up 3 power without acomplishing anything. And battle mastery would be cool if it lasted longer than one fight.


    What if Spell Store allowed you to store a spell for the event, rather than a game day.

    And Battle Mastery grants you + 1 damage for the game day, but not allow you to use other weapons, I wouldn't want to carry a spear or something around just so I could use it for ten minutes anyways.


    But battle magic is not very diverse right now, and it would be great to have a mage who can use magic as a primary weapon, rather than cast a spell here and there, which makes for a better RP I think.

  10. Another option if you want to get more people to pc as drakes and snow goblins is to give them special abilities. Perhaps a drake could spend ten skill points to become monstorus once they have four body. I know that would be a huge thing, but I think players that put in that much time and money into their costume should have some kind of reward. They make the game a lot more fun and interesting for everyone so personaly I wouldn't mind if they were a bit more powerful in game.