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  1. After bowing to the snow goblin hazar sits down by the fire, only to stand again as Eleos walks up. Then turning to Joran. "I believe I may know most of it by now, sir, I have been working on it for the past few months and I think I have a fair handle on it. Perhaps if I have time I can teach Eleos."


    He sits back down again, lets out a long sigh, and shakes his head and tries to clear his head after his exchange with Lord Daizo. "I agree with you Veria," he says turning to the healer "I mearly did not see what I could do, for I am no healer. I just sat down where I was which just so happened to be right by the orc chief. I never touched the body, several people came over with the loot and started to divide it. Please I think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion, in hind sight it appears I may have done wrong, but in my heart I felt that I did nothing wrong. I took what I was given thats all. Truely I would give anything I gained back if it would clear things up."

  2. "Honestly sir" Hazar says to Joran, "I only took a few coin and a potion. After the orcs were dead I was one of the few people near the cheif, I don't think I even touched his body, he was looted by others who then came up to me to divide it. I do remember attempting to try to get more people over there, the others claimed to represent the main groups at the battle, and so far as I could tell they did. This is one way we divide loot these day's one person from each group takes what is deemed fair and split that with their group. The battle field was spread out from where we sit, to the cabbins beyond these trees, the wounded were being tended to, and I am no healer. As I said before, the loot is not an issue for me, I would gladly have taken nothing, but the others insisted I take somethings, perhaps they did not share what they got with the rest of their group. I did what I could with the situation, perhaps I did wrong, and I am sorry. I will do what I can to make up for the mistake"

  3. If I recall corectly Darrius, a member of the Raven watch was with me and several others, when we went over the loot. I called out to see if anyone else wished to be present at the time but had no responce. I admit that I should have waited for things to settle down, for this I am sorry. All I took from the spoils was a magic potion, and perhaps a few coin nothing else. I believe it was Darrius who took a strange item that the chief had, but I may be wrong. There are many newcomers in pinedale so names and faces may be missplaced. If you would like some coin, or perhaps I could make you a potion Lord Daizo?


    Though I did take a good portion of the loot, more than my fare share most likely, I did not take it all. And I let Darrius keep what appeared to be a magic item of unknown value, thus giving raven watch a chance at getting something quite powerful. If anyone who was there wishes a portion of the loot, I would gladly give up some coin, but there was not much there. I do not want any dissunity amongst us, especialy at this time, if there is anything I can do to make amends I will do so long as it is with in reason.


    Once again, my lord, I am truely sorry.

  4. Lord Daizo, forgive me for not answering you earlier, but I have been confused as to the

    nature of your words. For I do not recall anything that I have that is yours. I think the last

    time I saw you was after our battle with the wraith lord and I have not come by any new

    possessions since. If I do have something of yours I assure you I have no knowledge of it.

    Perhaps this is not the place to discuss such matters, but what exactly do I have of yours?

  5. When and where would I be able to take the test? What do I need to do to arrange it?


    I haven't missed an event since before last september, and I feel like I've got a fair grasp of the game. I've already got some plot ideas and would really like to GM, or at least help out by running a group of npcs, or something.

  6. Hazar walks up to the fire, his eyes are red from lack of sleep. He gives Deirdre a smile, which then grows into an expression of joy and shock upon seeing the old templar. "Joran, it is truely good to see you." He walks over to his friend, and shakes his hand, "You bring hope to my heart, for times have grown ever darker. The gods have answered my prayers. There is much That should be said, but perhaps this is not the time.