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    Thrown weapons are a different beast entirely. The power behind a thrown weapon wouldn't be as much as that of a bolt or arrow. Thus the thrown weapons cannot exceed 2 damage nor receive the pierce effect. (This is my understanding and logic, I'm not rules.)
  2. December Event Double XP for Monetary Donations

    The total amount of donations is $3778 dollars. We did a great job with this and I'm happy everyone donated what they could! Ryan Staring beat me to it
  3. December Event Double XP for Monetary Donations

    I will get back to you shortly after a response from Ryan.
  4. The Big Shed Move

    Hey all, The shed is finally ready to be moved! We will need help transporting the props from the shed location (4455 Oswego Road Blossvale NY 13308) to Camp Kingsley on Friday December 8th at 3pm. Below is a copy of the Facebook post I made earlier this week. All help is appreciated, especially if you have room in your vehicle to transport totes! Friday we will be unloading the shed and transporting everything to Camp Kingsley. We will meet at David’s fathers house (4455 Oswego Road Blossvale, Ny 13308) at 3pm. We will be taking trips with the trailer until everything is moved out. We will need helpers on both ends to load and unload. If you have room to shuttle things in your vehicle, help is appreciated. The shed is being moved to the campsite on Sunday morning or early afternoon. We will also need help moving everything back into the shed Sunday. Please contact myself or Dave with any questions. See you all Friday, John - Building and Grounds Second
  5. Fish Fry

    The answer to this is, if you want to eat fish, bring your own. The fish from the lake are all catch and release with barbless hooks. As far as ice fishing, that is something I can ask the ranger about next game.
  6. December Preproduction

    corset of resilience 1/GD Master crafted earrings of toughness 2/GD Lesser wand of magic lock exchanging 1 scroll of ghastly visage for 1 scroll of toughness Total: 100 coin Additional things: Mirror of Sophistry Hermetic Rod Thaumaturgists Mortar Philosophers Stone Total: 115 coin
  7. Crafting suggestion

    That being said, the forge props that I have, even though I have gone with the cheapest options I have found and they do not work effectively, have still cost me well over $100 to put together and are a large burden to bring to and from game. As the anvil is upwards of 30+ pounds and the rest of the stuff is still a decent weight and size to prevent easy storage. However, it would be cool for more craftsmen to have some form of physical props around their shop, though it is true that they probably don't live near town.
  8. November Preproduction

    1 goblin iron masterwork martial sword 16 points 1 bracelet of silvershine 8 points total owed: 180 coin
  9. Questions: status charm and succubi

    Is there anything that would protect you from a succubi stealing half your heart?
  10. !!!!!

    Hey Hannah, It was great to meet you and welcome to our game. I'm the crazy innkeeper you tried to convince to marry you when I had a wife and kids that one time this event. Hopefully we will all see you the next game!
  11. Build a Pc

    Racial language: Canine
  12. October Pre-Production

    1 Ring of Dissipate 8 points 40 coin 1 Bracelet of Restore Limb 8 points 40 coin 1 Pin of Heal Body 4 points 20 coin Total owed: 100 coin
  13. Magic Lock and Lean-Tos

    There may also be the possibility of using the canvas sewing machine we moved yesterday if we can get the machine to start working again. If that makes things more feasible.
  14. Best of September 2016

    + Exploring the site was awesome. - Could have used a little help setting up the inn but it looked good enough. + Cooking in that huge kitchen was great, I had a little problem with drying space but for the first time we used it, it worked great! + We had enough equipment in the kitchen to get everything cooking all at once so the inn wasn't short on food. - Carrying the food and water from logistics to the inn is very difficult without lights on the trails at night and we need another pair of pot holders. + The huge sinks worked great for cleaning dishes in logistics. + The new Innkeepers did a great job as well as those of us with experience. + Helping out with the player outreach videos was awesome! + Bag of tricks, made some friends as intelligent bandits and enjoyed the beautiful weather with some friendly elves, caused a lot of problems as lycanthropes and trolls. + Little ol' lady lost her treasure, playing orcs wandering the woods as granny wanders lost trying to find us. The pc's never found the treasure, but a group of pc's consistantly found us orcs and killed us several times. One of the Rhino's decided to get cocky and take us on by himself, he died, his group came to rescue him and ran off. It was a pretty fun time. +Innkeeping with Shane was fantastic. Had some extra time inbetween cleaning to come down and enjoy his riot of an innkeeper.
  15. Flint's Armor Sale!

    Update: Both Pieces have been sold.