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  1. October Pre-Production

    1 Ring of Dissipate 8 points 40 coin 1 Bracelet of Restore Limb 8 points 40 coin 1 Pin of Heal Body 4 points 20 coin Total owed: 100 coin
  2. Magic Lock and Lean-Tos

    There may also be the possibility of using the canvas sewing machine we moved yesterday if we can get the machine to start working again. If that makes things more feasible.
  3. Best of September 2016

    + Exploring the site was awesome. - Could have used a little help setting up the inn but it looked good enough. + Cooking in that huge kitchen was great, I had a little problem with drying space but for the first time we used it, it worked great! + We had enough equipment in the kitchen to get everything cooking all at once so the inn wasn't short on food. - Carrying the food and water from logistics to the inn is very difficult without lights on the trails at night and we need another pair of pot holders. + The huge sinks worked great for cleaning dishes in logistics. + The new Innkeepers did a great job as well as those of us with experience. + Helping out with the player outreach videos was awesome! + Bag of tricks, made some friends as intelligent bandits and enjoyed the beautiful weather with some friendly elves, caused a lot of problems as lycanthropes and trolls. + Little ol' lady lost her treasure, playing orcs wandering the woods as granny wanders lost trying to find us. The pc's never found the treasure, but a group of pc's consistantly found us orcs and killed us several times. One of the Rhino's decided to get cocky and take us on by himself, he died, his group came to rescue him and ran off. It was a pretty fun time. +Innkeeping with Shane was fantastic. Had some extra time inbetween cleaning to come down and enjoy his riot of an innkeeper.
  4. Flint's Armor Sale!

    Update: Both Pieces have been sold.
  5. Flint's Armor Sale!

    Picture 5 Picture 6
  6. Flint's Armor Sale!

    Picture of Rust
  7. Flint's Armor Sale!

    Picture two Damaged Hinge
  8. Flint's Armor Sale!

    Picture one
  9. Flint's Armor Sale!

    Hey all, Below are some pictures of armor I'm selling. It will fit a 42 inch chest size reasonably. There is some damage to a shoulder hinge and a rivet that needs to be replaced, some rusty spots. IT IS NOT STAINLESS STEEL! Original purchasing price of $300 a few years back. The helmet is in great condition, just too narrow for my head. Originally $40 for the helmet. I'm asking for $200 or 2000 coin for the pair, or best offer. I will negotiate with dollar and coin mixtures. Contact me with any questions, John Spencer AKA Flint RP Section: *Flint pulls his cart up to his blacksmith shop and unloads his new wares* Flint yells "Armor for sale, with a helmet. Trinkets and supplies too!" Flint returns to his anvil to work on a knife while there aren't any customers around.
  10. Late September/Early October Pre-Production

    Flint Malachite June Production: Merchant skill: Exchanging 1 strength scroll for one reap spirit scroll Craft points: 1 Lesser wand of Ghastly Visage (4) 20 coin owed 1 Bracelets of Magic Swarm (8) 40 coin owed 1 wand of Magic Lock (8) 40 coin owed September production: 1 Wand of Heal Body (8) 40 coin owed 1 Lesser wand Reap Spirit (4) 20 coin owed 1 Necklace Magic Lock 2/GD (8) 40 coin owed Total coin owed: 200
  11. Merchant Wares

    Hey Teyva, I have a response for your original statement. If you are making something that is unique and useful, people will buy them. Maybe not as much as magical items or food, but profit is profit. My best suggestion for you, when game gets up and going again, is to make a character, become a merchant, and try to sell various things and see what sells best. I know for myself, I started selling rock candy, now I am working on building a portable forge to bring to game and build trinkets while I am at my shop selling things. As you learn the game and learn what people want to buy, you tend to change with the flow of things. Good luck selling!
  12. May Preproduction

    Elvin steel non-martial
  13. April Preproduction

    Martial goblin iron heal body 1/gd sword. 16 points, 160 coin
  14. 16 Weaponsmith craft points for sale!

    Offer sold.
  15. 16 Weaponsmith craft points for sale!

    Hey all, Flint here. I have 16 craft points for sale for an item to be brought into game tomorrow. Cheap sale, 160 coin OBO. You must have the prop ready and at game tomorrow. It can be anything up to 16 points. One time only deal! Please contact me ASAP!