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  1. Magic Power / Magic Objects / Consumables

    I personally would like rules clarification from Dan/Pat on the encampment item part of this. I do not believe encampment items fall under the same premise as they are not worn items and can be used by multiple people within a "party"(selected people).
  2. November Preproduction

    Crafting: 100 coin Ring of Reap Spirit 1/gd Ring of Dissipate 1/gd Bracelet of Antimagic Shield 1/gd and Magic Armor 1/gd Production: 30 coin - savant with lab Ritual Candles: 4 - 12 pts Scroll of Reap Spirit: 1 - 1 pt Scroll of Antimagic Shield: 2 - 4 pts Scroll of Magic Armor: 1 - 1 pt Scroll of Dissipate: 1 - 2 pt Theriac alchemical: 2 - 8 pt Wolfsbane alchemical: 1 - 2 pt
  3. Catapults and other stuff

    I have made a post to get an idea of numbers, I'm guessing at least 3 as many as 10. I plan on attending as long as work permits it.
  4. June Lost and Found!

    Found: Various blankets/tablecloths/curtains in the slap and tickle. They reside in the props shed.
  5. Coming in not blahhhh

    I am one of the few that started this game pcing my first ever shift and at level 2 at that. It was a challenge and I regret doing so because I should have at least npced beforehand. That isn't because of my level that I regret starting at that point. The reason I recommend people npc at least their first shift is to figure out how the game and fighting/survival works a little better than on paper. I also suggest practicing fighting beforehand if you are planning on fighting for your main roles. As well, I suggest finding a group of people that aren't as low in level to help support you as you grow in level until you can support yourself. That is why the under 20 rule exists. More power in numbers et cetera. Starting at level 10 is not necessary and very rare. If you are choosing to start at level 1/2, that is your choice, it is not forced.
  6. Puzzle Boxes

    So as long as I don't keep anything lootable in the box it is fine yes? So like, I could keep extra gems and adhesive in one for emergencies if I loose a gem on my face (for my terran) and it's all cool and dandy right? A few tinkering items can be stolen, not just the lab. With the spirit of the game in mind, if we were to make a puzzle box a numbered item similar to that of a lock, they would have to pass a "picking" test just as any locks have to at sign in for approval. Even without them being numbered this could inherently be the case. Maybe with a colored mark other than a number placed underside the box to indicate that it is in fact approved as a puzzle box lock.
  7. Id magic/ EV April 2108

    So long as my phone isn't being used for logs, I have service most areas of the site. But I should also download them.
  8. Workday April 28th 2018

    Hey all, This weekend is a work day for the scouts. Ranger Al won't be there due to training. Paul Obernesser will be there instead. The work day starts around 8-9 am until we finish work. Lunch will be the only meal provided, so please plan accordingly. As well, bring rain and cold weather gear. Anything can happen. If we have a large enough crowd (50ish) there will be double XP for the weekend of work. If you have hand tools (no chainsaws!) like shovels, rakes, limb saws, mauls, etc. you should bring them If you're competent with basic construction tools - drill, level, circular saw, sawzall, etc. bring that stuff too. I don't know if you'll use it or not but it may come in handy. Looks like this work is a lot of cutting and hauling downed wood, and a lot of shoveling and raking gravel and dirt that's been torn up b the winter plowing. For those that have already contacted Dave about staying, be prepared to work Friday as well. I am not sure of the plan but it could happen. Please contact me with any other concerns or questions. See you this weekend, John
  9. Lost and Found April Edition

    Will do.
  10. Lost and Found April Edition

    Please direct your lost and found posts here. Found: Brown biker style boots with 2-3 inch heel - found in the slap and tickle Black lantern with three led candles inside - found in the middle A frame Large Gold Necklace of Resilience 1/gd - Found near the A frame OOG Small Throwing Dagger - found on a trail in the woods Wooden bowl - Found in logistics Additional items that I have found will be added to this list as I rediscover them in the pile of stuff.
  11. Feb Feast item Logs

    I have the transmute one weapon into any material type. (Weapon has yet to be produced) and the pin that adds 2 points of armor to anything it is pinned on. (I don't have a prop for said pin)
  12. Hey Everyone, Starting this event, there will be no more sleeping in the logistics building. There are plenty of beds in heated cabins to comfortably support our player base. Logistics is reserved for medical needs or overflow sleeping in winter/cold events. Anyone sleeping in logistics is to clear their gear out by 9:45 on Saturday morning or you will loose those privileges. Please contact myself or Dave H. with any questions. Thanks, John Spencer - Operations Second
  13. February Pre-production

    Crafting: Ring of Spellstore: 12 points (master crafted) Ring of Dissipate: 8 points Bracelet of Magic Armor: 4 points Total: 24 cost 100 coin Production: 4 Ritual Inks 4 points 1 Ritual Quill 2 points 1 Heal Body Scroll 1 point 1 Scroll of Spellstore 3 points 3 Rejuvination Elixirs 6 points 2 Wolfsbanes 4 points Merchant Ability: Changing 1 Scroll of Heal Body to a Scroll of Magic Armor Changing a lot of copper to silver, amount to be determined later
  14. Workshops question

    Hey Rules, Question 1. Does a workshop (or ring of craft points) count as coin for 4-8 craft points if you already have your 20 craft points? Question 2. Can you give an example of a prop for a workshop? It is not described via the new wiki. Thanks, John
  15. New Coinage

    Our choice on a design is still not made, though we are moving forward with the project. We will announce the winner shortly after choosing one. This may take some time, don't expect it before this event.