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  1. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    KROD son of KROD for chosen 1
  2. I don't have PayPal are any of the marshals around the Schenectady Albany area?
  3. Holiday Loots!

    An anvil stone grinder large vice and the promise of a workbench to put them on
  4. Bulk Magic Cards

    It is all stuff from a big con Draft 3 years ago I just picked em up while cleaning the room I'll bring them to Feb feast and if you think they are worth some little item that works for me
  5. Bulk Magic Cards

    I have a tin of old magic cards that i'll sell or trade for a small item
  6. Belts!

    I was to buy one are their any pics of them?
  7. New To Knights Of Novitas

    Well I haven't met the other dellins yet are they on the same shifts?
  8. New To Knights Of Novitas

    Hey man I'm glad to hear you are thinking of going Dellin! We can use a good tribesman. I play Krod son of Krod a simple Dellin from the far north decked out in fur and armor all piece meal and cobbled together, there is also grog the kilt wearing Dellin shaman, otherwise there are a few half Dellin but not so much straight from the Dell people can't wait to have you at December's game it is going to rock
  9. New player.

    As a noob myself I just wanna say if you have a character in mind don't be afraid to dive into being a pc! I did it my first event and had a blast the role playing you can do icly is so much fun and even if you aren't a crazy fighter you won't be board
  10. Coat of Plates Party tools

    No problem man sorry for keeping them so long
  11. Elven Steel Sword

    I'll buy it
  12. Fabric Patterns

    Anything worn on game of thrones would be good right?
  13. First Level Personas for Harvest

    Mmmh dellin stew
  14. Leather breast plate needs refitting

    Send your squire for a breast plate stretcher
  15. New Player Post

    Welcome! I'm relatively new myself October being My second game but wanted to say welcome. I have some larp xp and have to say this is the best larp I've ever been to the atmosphere is amazing and the players are the greatest.