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  1. January Preproduction

    Retiring the bard, Richard. Figured I should put that up here.
  2. Best of November

    I was only around for shift 2 and three, but some highlights.... -the bandits serving the new bandit King. We rolled a bunch of PCs, then started to kill each other to become the new bandit King. Most dysfunctional bandits ever. -skeleton fun. Got to smash some newbies. -Bringing in my new PC, Captain Zadeth. -trying to figure out something to sell as a merchant -being bad at gambling -in general just being snarky about everything -I AM NOT A PIRATE! -avoided fighting all night until the final fight...where I turbo murdered a Nosferatu with a knife.
  3. Old face, new character

    Hey you're coming back?! Awesome! I look forward to seeing you again! I'm going to be a newer character at Maplewood myself. The bard died.
  4. RP Skill Approval & Advancement

    Player Name: Tom Hafner Character Name: Zadeth Do'Avinrai Current RP Skill: none Why Advancement: he wants Merchant 1 since he used to be the captain of a trading vessel.
  5. RP Skill Approval: Summer Edition!

    I wanted to see about status 1 for my alt Lord Yamakuma
  6. mu bad. That last post got sent to the wrong person. Not sure how I ended up on your page instead of theirs. I blame my phone. Sorry man.

  7. Ummmm,.....you may have the wrong dude. I'm Richard the bard.

  8. Best of April 2015

    Well because I was woefully underprepared, and easter with my in-laws, I only got to hang around for the first two shifts. I still had a blast! I also got to reveal Richards new garb, which includes a suit of halfplate armor. Shift 1: -The yeb plot. We sat in the woods for ages while it poured rain. Cool thing is, the yeb shell makes an awesome umbrella. -I got to be an undead protecting a necromancer performing a final rest ritual, and that was pretty bad ass. -The plot for Artemis was amazing! I got to be the guy who brought him to the compulsionist behind it all. Shift 2: -Richards return to pinedale! It was pretty awesome. -Making a bunch of coin playing the mandolin! Finally a more period appropriate instrument! -Saturday morning orcs was way more epic than usual. A handful of us formed a bottleneck in the door to the inn and fought our way through the entire horde. It got to the point where there was such a huge corpse pile in the door to the inn that the rest of the orcs couldn't get in. It felt pretty awesome because it seemed like something out of a movie. We were outnumbered ten to one and still won the fight. -Richard found a new group and joined up with the Guardians of the Sept. Keeping with his old ways as a Knight, I knelt and offered Geoffredo my sword, and he even did a cool little ceremony making Richard the Knight of the sept of pinedale. It was pretty awesome. -Investigating a murder as my first official act as a Guardian. No real combat, and I didn't find the killer, but I learned a lot about what was going on. -Questing with Krod, always a blast. Though waspoids are a royal pain in the ass, even if you have a shield. -Hanging out in the sept, getting to know more about Krod and Geoffredo. It seems like this will turn out to be a pretty cohesive group, even though it's just the three of us at the moment. My next order of business...find a squire. I ended up dropping at the end of second because of horrible unpreparedness, and so I could make Easter with the folks so this is where I cut out. All in all though, a lot happened this event for me. Can't wait to see everyone in May.
  9. Best of September 2014

    Oh my sept I was killed by the same wraith, this is hilarious
  10. Harvest Festival 2014

    Last year at the inn we ended up having a sort of impromptu "Bard-off" where a random NPC group came to challenge me to a competition to see who was the better entertainer, and the whole thing just sort of snowballed, and half the town got involved. I would love to do a bardic competition as an actual thing this year.
  11. Best of September 2014

    Right, so September, first time back in ages! Definetly had a blast! Shift 1: NPC -Being a super effective bandit. While the main group drew the attention of the party of adventurers sent out to deal with us, me and another bandit, both equipped with giant spears just lazily leaned against the side of the colapsing red barn not ten feet from them and no one noticed us. Odd considering we were both in full armor. They left behind two men to guard the quest hook, and that's when me and the other bandit attacked, jumping the guys left as the rear guard. We blunted one down, grabbed a bunch of his stuff. The girl playing the quest hook couldn't really see what was going on so she yells, did you deal with the bandits? And I respond "YES FAIR LADY! THEY ARE DEAD!" only to have the archer shout, "No! the knocked out my companion." All I could think of to do was yell back "Spoil sport!" Then we lifted up the unconcious adventurer and used him as a shield while we approached the archer untill the rest of the party showed up. We dropped him in the middle of the path and booked it into the woods. -As part of the same plot, my fellow bandit and I wandered the woods for about twenty minutes and ended up comming across the same adventuring group. They questioned us, and my friend convinced them that we weren't bandits, just hired swords. They let us go without even searching us for the loot we stole so we got of scott-free and a bit richer than when things began. -Big ol' undead fight! I spent the fight hurling javelins at people to great effect. I loved grabbing everyone we killed and piling them up on the far side of the field for the PC's to come rescue. Shift 2: NPC -Heavy armored orc! I actually got to do stuff as an orc instead of just running in and dying immediately. Also, dragging Ferrous into the inn, throwing him on a table and carving him up like a turkey was epic. Sorry Ferrous. -Bridge Trolls was pretty awesome. I heard someone say "Why is it trolls are always demanding tolls to let people cross bridges?" And I got to shout back "THAT RACIST!" Also, debating whether or not a pig should pay the same toll as a human was pretty great. "Why? Pig not important enough to you? Pig have less rights than human?" -Stupid water elementals. Running around flailing my arms and yelling "Blub blub" was hilarious! Shift 3: PC -Being Richard again is always amazing. I ended up somehow being the defacto leader of a group sent out to deal with some orcs. I sent out some scouts who reported to me the exact number of orcs and we marched out to deal with it. We beat the twelve orcs we were informed about without a problem, not loosing a single man, and then they respawned out in the woods. I got to turn to the scout and say "You told me there were twelve." In a calm but accusatory tone of voice that was just hilarious before we were overwhelmed. I got revived by Eliana who said we were totally reckless and wasting resources. I dunno, I thought my plan was solid. And the inital twelve orcs went down without a fight.....I was just misinformed. And the fact that they found me lying in the middle of a pile of orc bodies should have been more impressive if you ask me. -Saving the sisters. A group went out to deal with a hag mind controlling a mans three sisters. They brought down the hag, then rushed out to meet the impending Kasvac threat, which turned out to be an army of children bent on fighting the undead hoards. I got left to deal with the dominated sisters, who insisted on running into town to find a healer to fix the hag. I was under the impression that town was under attack by monsters, so I did the sensible thing and knocked them out before running back to town. Later two of the sisters came into town to thank me, and stuck around for a while asking me to play songs and such. -Saving the sisters.....again! Apparently while looking for a treasure box on the shore of the lake, two of the younger sisters ran into some scarecrows. One was killed and the other escaped to town and a bunch of us went out to help. My favorite thing was when someone asked, "Richard, can you hurt a scarecrow?" and I responded "No, but I can sure make myself a big flamboyant pain in the ass distraction." The scarecrows were defeated, the box recovered, and the sisters saved, and they ended up recognizing me. It was pretty funny all things considered because when they left the inn earlier, I had told them I hoped we met again. This was not what I had in mind. It must be my fate in life to rescue damsels in distress. Not that I mind. Shift 4: PC -Apparently Im some kind of wraith magnet. While heading out to save someone by the barn, I was ambushed by wraiths, and the rest of the party I was with went on ahead to help the person. I stared at the moon for about a half an hour before they picked me up and dragged my corpse to the inn. The wraiths forgot to reap me though, so there was a stroke of luck. I got revived by Steve's new character, grabbed an ale, and sat down near the door. About two minutes later, the door flies open, a wraith jumps inn, stabs me to death, and then runs off....this is not five minutes after I got revived from another wraith attack. Steve revives me again, and at this point everyone in the inn is in stitches because of how much terrible luck just took place. -I spent most of shift 4 playing music and drinking heavily in the inn, also I had to leave early because I had a morning shift the next day, so not much else happened. Got to hang out with Daitoro after a several month absence though, so that was cool.
  12. Titles

    Sir Richard Alderen, second born son of Lord Regulus Alderen of Vlean, former knight of the sept, current Emerald Bard and free knight of Pinedale. Usually referred to as "bard".
  13. Best of June

    This even was definetly a high note to leave on, and I can't wait to come back in september, though I am signed up for the dungeon crawl, so Im sure I'll see people there. PC: -RP with the chicken farmer I accidentally cut down. I felt really bad about it, but it's understandable. Fighting bandits in pitch darkness and someone comes at me with a weapon. Still, while we were trying to keep her alive with first aid, just talking with her and trying to get her to stay with us was really awesome. -Training outside the in with Vincent and Vargulf (Think I spelled it right). That definetly helped me get over my mental block when it comes to polearms and such. -The hostage plot. It went so wrong but it was so freaking cool. Right in the middle of negotiations a full band of orcs showed up and we had to hurry negotiations along. We might have been safe, if the hostage hadn't kept trying to yell and alerted the orcs to our presence. Hostage got freed, and then he and the quest giver strolled right into the orc band and got torn to shreds, leaving me out the coin I contributed to the release of the hostage and the reward. Then me, Vincent, and Vargulf had to make a mad dash up the path by the field of giants to reach town with a horde right behind us. It was one of the most epic things I have ever been involved in. The best part was, I got way too tired to run at one point so i shouted to the rest of the group, "Keep running. Im going to hold them off so you can get back to town!" And launched myself into the horde, guns ablazing. I actually accomplished my goal and held off the horde long enough for both Vincent and Vargulf to reach the town. I got completely overwhelmed, but it was in the coolest way possible. -Richards actual death at the hands of the orc horde. I got carried to the field infront of the town and litterally ripped to pieces. It was pretty bad ass. -Taking on Vargulf as a squire. I had been talking with Tidus all day about the best way to go about starting my own Knightly order and this just fell into place for me so well. Vargulf showed bravery and a willingness to help others that really surprised Richard during the hostage situation, so taking him as a squire only made sense. Soon my dream shall be realized, and the Free Knights of Pinedale will be a thing. NPC: -Corporal Punishment Ogre. Best.....thing......ever. Going into town with the hag and seeking out the men who wronged her, and actually having the town agree with us instead of killing us on sight was awesome! Plus just playing the part of a bored ogre was too much. "It okay, me not kill......me only spank till spit out tailbone!" i also managed a Red Vs. Blue reference that worked out. "Me rip out skull and beat to death with own skull!" "Ummm....that seems improbable" "YEah, that what last guy said. This seem improbable....this seem improbable! Wouldn't shut up about it!" All of this culminating in an ogre bending a man over a bench in front of the inn and spanking him to resounding applause. -Being a rot harvinger. jeeze those things are bad ass! I got to run down several PC's and drop them with my poison pierce. -Lothar of the Sun and Moon tribe! I wanted to get food, and I decided to be a Dellin because I wanted and excuse not to wear a shirt. I gave him a scottish accent and the habit of introducing himself with his mouth full, and I had a blast! -Lola.....best random NPC ever! All spawned from me looking through costumes, trying to be shady, and the girl behind me saying, "Hey Tom....you should wear a dress!' So one bright purple dress and a septons tabbard later, Lola was born. Lola only speaks in the third person with the deepest voice I could muster. Best part of the shady drunks plot was hitting on Krod and having his girlfriend glare at me. "You are very hairy....Lola finds that attractive!" lol. It was great. -The iron Golem. I had everyone stuff me into a suit of full plate at logistics and having people step back and go "Oh shit.....that looks terrifying!" The only bad thing I can think of is Mosquitos, oh and the fact that I dropped full weight onto my knee cap at one point and bruised it down to the bone. Can't wait to see everyone again at the dungeon crawl.
  14. Elder Scrolls Online

    I've been playing for a few weeks now and I've been having a hell of a time. It's definetly worth it I think.
  15. The Best of May 2014

    I have to say that was a great event, especially after my long hiatus. With being sick at the feast and missing april, I was out of commission for about 5 months. I ended up arriving late, which was a bummer. Rolling in at 3:30 am, and waking up about 4 hours later was somewhat exhausting, but I still had a blast. PC Shift: -Seeing everyone again was awesome. I spent quite a bit of time in the Inn just playing some new songs and generally entertaining people and I made a load of coin. THanks for the many generous donations to the keeping your bard alive fund. -Run over by orcs. There were four of us hanging around the inn, one of us was my friend who is completely new to the game and didn't even have a weapon. We kept them at bay for a few minutes, but eventually numbers won out and we got stomped hard. It was still a pretty fun fight. -Going off to find the Dire Werewolf. This was pretty cool because we didn't just go up and stab him. We convinced him to head to town and seek a cure. It feels great for my character when a life can be saved. This also led into my personal plot. -Personal plot! WOO! Richard's back story was revealed, and it was pretty heart wrenching. I shed a few manly tears over it. No really, dead serious, I cried a bit. Props to whoever played the survivor of the village Richard helped destroy. I spent the next hour honestly feeling depressed and drinking at the inn, and it hurt so freaking good. It has given me many plans as well, since Richard, while responsible for the death of the survivors family in part himself, has vowed to seek out those behind the attack and help the Dellan get justice, trying to atone for his past sins. It has also given me reason to try taking status with my next level. Richard plans to reveal himself in hopes of drawing out the Knights so he can deliver said justice. Also, the general party reaction was pretty good too. "Wait.....bard is knight?" -Playing chess and getting stomped. I lost quite a bit of coin on that match but it was well worth it. I need to ask the guy I was playing to teach me a bit. -MORE MUSIC! I wrapped up my PCing exploits by sitting outside the inn and just playing for about half an hour. Always a fun time. NPC: -I got to do all kinds of crazy awesome stuff, probably the most memorable is playing Gorm Son of Morn! Krod told me his backstory a while back, and I jumped at the chance to be the guy who murdered his friends. I love how I was told to play up being a coward, so when my duel with Krod started going bad it culminated in "BY THE POWER OF MY HAIRY DELLAN BALLS, I CAST LAYLINES!" and my lackeys being left high and dry, and utterly confused. -The big bandit fight at the end of shift 3. That was so freaking epic! At once point I actually managed to jump a flying arrow and continue my charge. The only thing that would have made it cooler would have been if the armor I was using actually fit me. lol. A bad choice on my part. -Crazy farmers! We just went for food and I kept going on about how the bandits took my cows. THen I created a huge conspiracy that they intended to ride into battle mounted on them. Thus "Cow-valry" has been born. Also, "Bun Magic". -Cocky ass minotaur. "Why don't you let your troll friends fight us first?" "Then there would be nothing left for me!" My troll friends got beat hard, so I launched myself into the middle of the party and started laying waste! I couldn't see, so whenever I felt a player hit me, I just spun in that direction and started smacking anything i could lay my hands on. Evidently this is an effective tactic. The party survived, but they took loads of damage. I went off like a grenade. lol. On an ironic note, that wasn't even the party who got hooked. They just happend to run into us by chance. The real party showed up a few minutes later when we were all dead. -Final undead fight. That was so freaking cool. I charged in the front lines and did some decent damage, even dropping a few people in the process. Plus being a vampire was pretty awesome. Overall, this was an awesome event. I got to bring a friend of mine up, and he plans on comming back, Richard has new purpose which I hope will lead to fun things in the future, plus it was great seeing people again and getting back to pinedale after 5 months away. I'll definetly see everyone again in June.