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  1. Interrupting a spell

    Yes, getting hit in combat interrupts your incant. It's why people bum rush enchanters. "Taking damage during the verbal componentnegates the spell. Taking damaging hitsto armor and/or magic armor still counts as being damaged. This doesn’t mean the points are spent, butthey must begin their incant from the beginning." Also relevant, you need one unwounded hand free to cast. If that hit you took wounds your free casting hand and you have something in your other hand, you have to free up your other hand to restart the incant.
  2. Dragon Pendant for Draconus Worshipers

    Wow, that is nice. Has both the dragon and moon motif represented for Draconus, nice find!
  3. Another Newbie Arrives!

    Hi I'm Don! I still come to game occasionally after moving out of state. First shift starts around 8-8:30 pm Friday night, the other three are on Saturday.
  4. Drake Inquiries

    I just rediscovered this post from the last new drake we had and the prosthetic he used. My prosthetic from Northfur FX just arrived today so I'll be doing a review of it soon.
  5. it might be one of those consumables that used to be a thing and aren't any more, but a few are still floating around. That or they're not craftable but as you said, rare loot drop. I mostly know they are a thing because I hear of contemporary veterans using them semi regularly, or encounters with NPCs that used them. I've been informed there are thingsin game, but not on the alchemy list, that require special formulae to create with alchemy.
  6. question on your poison stun vs magic stun Guile, even if you've been hit after a poison stun so that you can move again, are you still "poisoned" for the sake of healing being ineffective?
  7. Yeah, Yebbing powder. Guile brought up the other reason I was on the fence with moar magic - Alchemy and tinkerers cover a lot of stuff straight up magic doesn't. I'm still learning new things (or re-learning when I finally come across something IG) that alchemy does besides poison you. Also, like Guile's invisible ink suggestion (use actual invisible ink), I think Thaerion's first game she came in with "crystals from the ___ mountain" in small vials, that when poured onto the fire outside the inn turned the flames green.
  8. True my example of dominate was a bit forced, unless it was from a rod or other magic item instead of personal power I doubt they'd use it so trivially. As for blinking, there are other game systems that use it (one down here in VA lets fae travel between shadows like we have bog lurkers dissipate in standing water). I think the ability to move in such a way should be reserved for leylines however due to the power needed to do it A) keeps most players from being able to do it right away and B) keeps most players from being able to do it at-will. Your "healing damage to undead" idea should probably be a ritual to convert healing spells into damage, however thematically I feel like it goes against the will of the Mother. It might also be confusing to hear someone incant "da da da , heal body! 4 resto!" as they throw a tag bag. I also like your invisible ink spell idea, but you'd need a way to signify it has been turned invisible, and probably a counter spell to reveal it again (although dispel probably works fine). I do like the idea of "out of combat" lower level spells, I'm thinking they would be passed over by the combat intensive players as "cantrips" but scooped up by the RPers, meaning you won't have as much competition for what to spend power on. Because they're not likely to be used in combat, you'll likely see more utilization of scrolls because of the available power limit.
  9. I'm a bit on the fence here. On the one hand, cool new things for spellcasters would give me more incentive to bring back my spellcasting drake. There's a wizard side of me that wants to see more structure and order given to our magic system, but there's a sorcerer side that says "cry havoc and chuck more fireballs." We do have a fair amount of spells with varied effects that have a wide variety of applications that not everyone thinks about. It's hard to look at a tree and think of a new spell to add for an effect you can't use a current spell for. You want to blind someone? Dominate, command to turn around and walk away from you (or in a non combat situation if they agree to go along with the RP, command close/cover your eyes). We have a version of disengage for virtually anything you come across (repel undead, repel nature), as well as dominate (command (greater)undead, command nature), all sorts of magical protection spells and specifically a rule that makes it so you can't have all of their effects at once because it would make you invincible. So I'm mostly a no. RP-wise I'd love to see hedge wizards teach (legit) alternate applications of spells that get PCs thinking outside the box with their spellcasting, but I don't think there's room for an extra 35 spells without significant overlap of what already exists.
  10. Titanium

    The relevant rule you're looking for is "Metal plates must be at least .0478 inches thick. (18 gauge or thicker for ferrous metals, 16 gauge or thicker for non-ferrous metals). All edges of metal plates should be safely blunted or rolled." Titanium and aluminum fall into the non-ferrous category, so you'll want 16 gauge (slightly thicker, still much lighter than steel). I'm not aware of an IG nerf on protection points for going titanium vs. steel so I'll leave that part of your question for someone more versed in the rules side. I believe it's usually only when the game is flooded with the lighter material that they consider nerfing it. Aluminum chain I believe is nerfed but aluminum plate hasn't been (yet). I have a coat of plates project with 16 gauge aluminum plate I'm hoping to complete before it becomes too prevalent :D/>
  11. Drake Inquiries

    Ah, that would be better! And let us know about the glove trick, I'd be happy to be rid of my current ones.
  12. Drake Inquiries

    It's a good start, very similar garb to what I did (although I have a long bocksten tunic as a base) and there's plenty of mobility there. I did a hard color to match (white) painted leather mask with a balaclava but I didn't paint on mine, so hopefully it'll work better for you. I would advise with your mask material that it be something you're comfortable getting accidentally knocked in. Head shots are illegal, but accidents happen, and I wouldn't want hard plastic/resin shattering near my face. I did leather, others have done vinyl or latex masks. on the glove idea, you might want to cut the last digit and paint your fingers so you can have some grip/dexterity, because if the glove is supposed to be your hand, you can't take it off to fish around for some coin, or to eat. I use thinsulate fake leather gloves and I constantly have to remove them to pick up coin etc.
  13. Drake Inquiries

    I'm one of those drake players that did a whole head mask. While my mask is technically grandfathered in as "ok," I've retired it and elected to have my drake "molt" and come back with prosthetics. I'm opting to go with a baldcap as it allows me to do similar ridges and horns as the original mask had. Garb-wise, I believe influence is wherever you want your drake to come from. my character is from the mountains on the Western side of Gersh, so I went with a sort of Skyrim robe, lots of layers of wool and linen and some embroidery that covered most of my skin. I meant the character to be played mostly in the winter so it worked. Also gloves - easier than constantly touching up the paint on hands. The fun of playing a drake is being able to establish your own clan/coven/monastery/what have you. There's a lot of possibilities with the remnants of the Drake empire that spanned most of Novitas.
  14. Chronicles of Elyria

    I've been keeping loose tabs on this as it develops, but I didn't kickstart it. I'll likely get into it when it comes out, but I need to replace my PC first.