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  1. Quils and their acceptable-ness

    That is fine yes
  2. The first sword should be fine. I say "Should" because it still (as any weapon does) needs to be checked for safety by our rules team. The second weapon looks like a "Heros Edge" Brand weapon, they do not meet safety requirements.
  3. My first homemade boffer and questions

    John I understand your frustration. I think part of the problem your having is the term boffer is generally used for the more cloth covered weapons you are seeing. At KoN we have a very high aesthetic value and do not allow those. A general rule of thumb is if it does does not appear to look like a real weapon, it will fly. On what MK said Re Dag/boffer style weapons for NPC. We are moving away from this being permissible and I highly advise against it.
  4. Medieval utility belt

    Those are both fine
  5. My first homemade boffer and questions

    Unfortunately, I can not link you to a tutorial. What I will suggest is you search for the group on Facebook "plastidip artists" the method many of them use will be acceptable.
  6. My first homemade boffer and questions

    Honestly, unless you have all the materials already, making a weapon does not come out much cheaper than buying a cheaper one. When you get into making a larger amount the cost per weapon drops. I highly suggest just saving and buying a cheaper weapon from a reputable manufacturer. Or seeing if anyone wants to sell a used weapon.
  7. My first homemade boffer and questions

    Hello, I'm Dustan, the Props and Atmosphere Marshal. The video will not make a legal weapon, aesthetically speaking, in our game. The link you provided, aesthetically they are just fine. Safety wise, it depends on the manufacturer of the weapon. I suggest looking for similar weapons from a store that would not have to ship over seas. Also, if you are planning to NPC your first event, which is generally what we recommend as it allows you to get a handle on the rules and familiarize yourself with the setting before committing to a character concept, then do not worry about a weapon. We have weapons to use for NPC purposes.
  8. That is the standard rate yes. However, this is the only month we take open donations.
  9. It's October 1st. Halloween stuff is in stores in full force. Every year (November event) we take OPEN DONATIONS FOR XP on props that would be good for game. Typically, any masks we ask that you purchase multiple of the same creature. This year, I have added a scavenger hunt of sorts; a list of things we are in need of. Take advantage of sales, especially immediately following Halloween. To reiterate: HALLOWEEN DONATIONS ARE IN NOVEMBER. If you score stuff early, msg me so I can update the list. Also, If you are unsure of something, hit me up on Facebook, I check my phone often. 1: 2 of a Humanoid/Ogrish mask for Ettin. 2: Additional Skaven masks 3: Additional Troll masks 4: Lizard/Reptile masks (I need 4-6 of the SAME creature) 5: Undead Masks (Zombies/Ghouls etc) Preferably whole head and/or well fitting 6. Prosthetic Elf Ears 7. Prosthetic Monster parts (For Snow Goblins) 8. Fairy Wings (Adult Size Only) 9. Small necromancy component props 10. Plastic chains 11. Bloody latex body parts Update 1: we probably do NOT need werewolves or skeletons.
  10. New to Larp ...and upstate NY

    I'm going to add to this. Simple pants that are cheap and last a long time are scrubs. I have several black pairs that still see NPC use from when I first started. Just remove any visible pockets with a seam ripper. Get ones a little large and they go over warmer pants for winter. Tops - ceilidh mentioned under armor or similar. I just want to add, your permit lted to wear whatever modern things you want, especially in winter, to keep warm. However, and this is VERY important, it CAN NOT be visible. Even just a neck line. It is for that reason I highly recommend a hood with a good mantle. Google skjoldehamn hood. There's a few good patterns. Again, as I said in my other post to you, I am happy to discuss anything related to this. If you want help with fabric choices, patterns, anything garb related, let me know.
  11. Foam Smithing - Is this tutorial acceptable?

    Hello Kane, P&A Marshal here. So, I am familiar with this guy and his videos. He makes weapons that are both acceptable, and not acceptable, for our game. A good rule of thumb for anything like this is to ask yourself "if I seen this in Lord of the rings (or similar), would it be out of place?" I am happy to talk about appearance and design of anything prior to you making it.
  12. 2018 Junebilee A&S

    Minion, In advance is preferred. Just bringing stuff is fine though.
  13. 2018 Junebilee A&S

  14. Trap Requirements/Upgrading

    1) Your aesthetic goal here: to be discrete. Yes you can use modern electronics; I do not see how you could do it otherwise. But, it is optimal to hide as much as possible. 2) What your looking for is a piezo buzzer. Personally, I prefer the ones that can run off a single double A. The ones I use have a Voltage range and can function safely on several battery types. A 9V is as loud as a fire alarm, going down to a single double A keeps it loud enough that it is known/won't be missed, but not "HEY EVERYONE ON SITE! I SET OFF A TRAP!"
  15. 2018 Junebilee A&S

    At this years Junebilee, Props and Atmosphere will be hosting the first Kingdoms of Novitas Junebilee Arts and Sciences showcase. What is an A&S Showcase? Well, it's a contest, and a gallery of artistic work, made by YOU and others from KoN. Below, I have attached a .pdf that explains how to enter, what categories you can enter, and even who to contact if you want to be a judge. 2018 Junebilee A&S.pdf