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  1. Pants?

    Wow. Sorry I did not see this sooner. As long as the top is covered and stays covered they will be perfectly fine. In fact, my main pair of wool pants were thick dress pants that were very similar before modifications. I removed the buttons and the belt loops and replaced with a draw string on mine.
  2. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    CJ you certainly have a great start to a future PC! Most everything above looks great. While we have some time off due to this virus, I recommend you keep crafting :) Your sheaths will need a little work for our game as we do not allow tape covered anything. I am digging the aesthetic you are going for. Second thought. We are working on dulling down the brightness of lights and lamps that are being carried. I recommend hitting plastic/glass on your lamp with a "Frosted Glass" spray paint.
  3. bottle holder?

    Hello Avery. I apologize for not replying sooner, I have not been on the forums in awhile. First, I want to start with, I think you may be under the impression that you need a drink with you at all times. As an NPC, between roles you will report to Logistics. This is where we stage plots. In Logistics there are always drinks available. Always water, and usually something like a water cooler of Gatorade. You are welcome to bring something to drink other than those though. For example I usually have a bottle of iced tea. In Logistics your container does not need to be in anything specific, and is certainly fine in whatever it's sold in. As a PC, you are correct in assuming modern bottles need to be hidden. However, there is an "inn" as well as other another player run establishments and merchants that always have drinks. For them all you need is an empty cup/mug. The item you pictured above would be fine in the circumstance that the lid remains relatively hidden, especially if it is brightly covered like that red one in the picture. Speaking as a player to future player, I would advise against that purchase. It will be handy, and you will like it at first. Give it 3 events or so, and it will likely sit on the bottom of your tote and never get used. The reason? Comfort. 16 oz. extra in a bag, or hanging from your belt does not seem like much, but over the course of the day will grow old. IMO, you would be better investing in a good mug.
  4. This is currently a work in progress. The information contained is accurate, but may contain writing errors. Over the next several months it will be revised. When completed a V1.0 will be released. Player-EC-2020-V.9.pdf
  5. Skjoldehamn Hoods

    Extra heavy beige felted wool lined with natural color linen. (3 of these available).
  6. Skjoldehamn Hoods

  7. Skjoldehamn Hoods

    Hello all, I'm lowering my fabric stock pile. I have sold a few hoods already, but I also made a few that are not spoken for. $50 each. Pictures in the comments.
  8. Greetings

    Black scrub pants, without cargo pockets, are great summer time NPC pants. I often see scrubs in their own section at thrift shops, or sometimes on a maternity rack.
  9. Χαιρε!/Hail!

    Hello there, Here's an excerpt from the garb rules that might help you. Civen characters should draw influence from the Roman Empire between 27 BCE – 610 CE. Vleanoan and Evenandran characters should draw influence from medieval western Europe between 1066 – 1500
  10. Henlo

    Hello, Mortinn. We gladly welcome help in the P&A workgroup. Shoot me a message some time.
  11. Arrows

    Sounds good, I will have my bow.
  12. Arrows

    Hello. My name is Dustan and I am the Props and Atmosphere Marshall. I double checked with the rules Marshall, Pat Lane, about your arrows. The design of these specific arrows are good. Some, that look similar to this, are not ok. Arrows of this design are wildly inconsistent on how they are designed, and will be handled on a case by case basis. Please contact Pat Lane, or myself, BEFORE purchasing any arrows/arrow heads. For reference; the problem lies with the stopper of some arrows. The ones linked above look acceptable. WoodlandsWanderer. Your arrows were tested on your 24# bow. To confirm 100% they are ok, I would like to test again using a 35# bow as that is the maximum our game allows. Please let me know the next event you will have them and I will meet up with you to test.
  13. Venders/weapon approval?

    Those are the same link. But, the Cali Kiefer mace looks great.
  14. Ye

    I didn't answer sleeping situation. We have bunk beds in cabins as well as lot's of lean-tos with bunk beds, completely in a cabin or out in the environment a little more in a lean-to is up to you.
  15. Ye

    Aiden, Props and Atmosphere Marshal here. For NPCing, Weapons and armor are not required. We provide basic meals, but they are that basic, bring snacks and things if you want them. Clothing wise, I suggest Non intrusive pants (hospital scrubs without cargo pockets work great), A basic medieval-ish shirt. And boots, we do not allow sneakers. I am more than willing to help you find any of the above at reasonable prices if you want help. Also, if you find anything yourself and want to know if it works, just ask.