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  1. Greetings

    Black scrub pants, without cargo pockets, are great summer time NPC pants. I often see scrubs in their own section at thrift shops, or sometimes on a maternity rack.
  2. Χαιρε!/Hail!

    Hello there, Here's an excerpt from the garb rules that might help you. Civen characters should draw influence from the Roman Empire between 27 BCE – 610 CE. Vleanoan and Evenandran characters should draw influence from medieval western Europe between 1066 – 1500
  3. Henlo

    Hello, Mortinn. We gladly welcome help in the P&A workgroup. Shoot me a message some time.
  4. Arrows

    Sounds good, I will have my bow.
  5. Arrows

    Hello. My name is Dustan and I am the Props and Atmosphere Marshall. I double checked with the rules Marshall, Pat Lane, about your arrows. The design of these specific arrows are good. Some, that look similar to this, are not ok. Arrows of this design are wildly inconsistent on how they are designed, and will be handled on a case by case basis. Please contact Pat Lane, or myself, BEFORE purchasing any arrows/arrow heads. For reference; the problem lies with the stopper of some arrows. The ones linked above look acceptable. WoodlandsWanderer. Your arrows were tested on your 24# bow. To confirm 100% they are ok, I would like to test again using a 35# bow as that is the maximum our game allows. Please let me know the next event you will have them and I will meet up with you to test.
  6. Venders/weapon approval?

    Those are the same link. But, the Cali Kiefer mace looks great.
  7. Ye

    I didn't answer sleeping situation. We have bunk beds in cabins as well as lot's of lean-tos with bunk beds, completely in a cabin or out in the environment a little more in a lean-to is up to you.
  8. Ye

    Aiden, Props and Atmosphere Marshal here. For NPCing, Weapons and armor are not required. We provide basic meals, but they are that basic, bring snacks and things if you want them. Clothing wise, I suggest Non intrusive pants (hospital scrubs without cargo pockets work great), A basic medieval-ish shirt. And boots, we do not allow sneakers. I am more than willing to help you find any of the above at reasonable prices if you want help. Also, if you find anything yourself and want to know if it works, just ask.
  9. Double XP for Tagbags

    We have not done one of these in years. But, it is time again. We are in need of tagbags. Normally they are 1xp per 20 tagbags donated, but in AUGUST it will be double. That's 1 xp per 10 tagbags. I am posting this early, you have LOTS of time to make tag bags. Tag Bag Construction Guide.docx Note: The tutorial states "Sewn closed, tied shut with string, or closed with cloth tape" Although these are fine for your PC, only sewn shut ones will be accepted for donation. Note Note: This is totally just my preference, but blue fabric makes the best tag bags. It's easy to find in all weather conditions and blue represents magic in our game.
  10. Newcomer

    And I'm Dustan the Props and Atmosphere Marshal. If you have any questions concerning, or want some help finding, garb for NPC and PC alike let me know. It's not too late to get stuff ordered if we act quick :)
  11. Ling here.

    Hello, my names Dustan. I am the Props and Atmosphere Marshal. The ears in your picture do look a bit long for our lore. Typically, elves have ears on the shorter side. This is not a hard rule and what lean toward is shorter than the players longest finger past his natural ear. Once again, it is not a hard rule more of a guide to help players purchase ears for their character. We shy away from longer "anime" ears for elves. The longer they are the more they are leaning towards a snow goblin mutation. On another note, We also require that elf ears be blended to match the skin, if you are good this will have very little seam. On a bare minimum the ears have to be painted to match your skin tone. What I, and many of the elves you will meet here at game have come to wear are silicone ears. Vendors of them are more limited, however, they look much better. Here are a couple ears that will be great at game. One more normal length, one on the upper end of longer ears. https://www.etsy.com/listing/459405972/elf-ears-classic-style-silicone-long?ref=shop_home_active_13&frs=1 https://www.etsy.com/listing/558953841/zelda-inspired-ear-tips-in-very-life?ref=shop_home_active_3&frs=1
  12. Wing-capes? Yay or Nay?

    The issue is, these are not capes, these are wings. KoN is a fantasy game with fantasy creatures. There is no real world way of telling the difference between a guy wearing a "cape," and our winged creatures when the prop used is very similar. Therefor we do not allow something like this that can be confused with a creature. If you want a fancy cape that's fine. But, my first thought can not be "Those are wings."
  13. Keyblades? Can we use them?

    "Original" is not the correct word. What I mean, there is nothing original about a calimacil bellator, however, it is a good sword that lots of players own. You can not use a recognizable weapon from any sort of fan fiction or anything for that matter. Also, your weapon has to LOOK like a weapon.
  14. Wing-capes? Yay or Nay?

    No this is not.
  15. Forged Foam Weapons and colored blades

    Hello Matt, I am Dustan The Props and atmosphere Marshal. I looked at the 3 colored blades on your other post. The red and blue ones coloring would be acceptable as your PC under the conditions that someone brought them into game as magic items via our crafting system. This requires in-game coin and Crafting skills. If you are interested in knowing more here's a link to the weapon crafting rules. While I am Linking that, here is the link to our rules wiki. We do not have weapon damage that requires purple. That said, a purple blade would be not be acceptable because of that reason. Forged foam generally makes decent equipment that will pass our safety standards. However, only recently have they started making non-boffer style weapons, and can not say for sure they will pass a safety check.