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  1. Event Scheduling

    As the title reads: When is the earliest you can arrive on site to meet and greet and possibly help with set up on Friday(s)? Also when is the time called everyone to be off site on Sunday(s)?
  2. Swordcraft

    I saw a video about this organization on YouTube. Still fairly new compared to other LARPs, what intrigued me was their meta-game and various PC unit setup. Swordcraft/Medieval Live Action Battle Game and LARP This group meets weekly and has a monthly weekend called Quest, where the plot/world map changes, i think. Swordcraft-the geopolitical game
  3. Hail and Greetings to All!

    Well then, it's a small world...we should definately meet n greet and maybe plan events together!!!
  4. Hail and Greetings to All!

    Thank you for the welcome! After reading (skimming) the worldbook and rules errata, my creative juices have been flowing and I've already told myself to try stirring up interest(s) in playing...I'm pacing myself...slowly. I do hope for a May event...but we'll see how my schedule looks. Definately seems like a worthwhile and awesome time!
  5. The Basic Information

    If not this year...then next....Bicillone always intrigued me...In Darkon, there were some members in the country of Elidor which had attended events with a unit called Redemption(?) . Heard some good stories.
  6. Hail and Greetings to All!

    Greetings to Kingdoms of Novitas! Arion Lightseeker at your service! At the beginning of February this year I moved "home" to CNY from Virginia and still am getting re-acclimated. I lived in Virginia for nearly 10 years and during that time I fell in love with Darkon and Dagorhir. So much that I organized a club in the area I lived in prior to me moving north. So yes I've played Darkon, Dagorhir and Amtgard in one form or another and have some garb and armor...unfortunately my move up here I lost alot of items....oh well...that's what happens with a fresh start. It was such a blessing that I literally stumbled upon word of this club. I happened to wander into a gaming store in Herkimer to inquire about Warhammer 40k and some other card games besides MTG and the topic of LARP was thrown in. I was shown the wonderfully put together and impressive looking worldbook about KoN. It was then I knew I was finally home. So anyway, I live in Dolgeville at the moment, looking forward to putting together some resources to try to make it to an event...eventually. I really look forward to participating.
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