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  1. The Basic Information

    I recommend it. It's quite the experience however there isn't always as much role playing between households. Many of us still do but you've got to find the right household sometimes. You may or may not get attitude to from certain Quebec folks. It depends on the group but thats the same with every larp.
  2. Wanderin...

    Hey everyone, My name is Ali and I am a larper from Canada whom travels to larps all around the world. I just stumbled across your larp page via fb I believe and I'd love to come try it out. I have some odd questions; what is the least played pc race? Please tell me I don't have to start off as human. Is there a specific meal plan. Is there a touch/ no touch policy. When are people allowed to set up at site? Is it strict cabin's only/ can we tent? How many people do you average a game? Annnnd is there a bold soul who can walk me through making a character. Ali