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  1. Photos Sept 2013

    I know its a first. me posting pics in timely manner. Enjoy. Sept 2013 Photos just signed up on flickr, hopefully no issues.
  2. You know you play Novitas when...

    lol. this stuff is comic gold and sooooo very true. ive thought alot of this. when you only know a person by their characters name. when you forget about life and all its troubles for 2 days a month.
  3. WTB chainmail, or poss ringmail

    anyone selling any?
  4. Second Breath

    ok, so after mortal wound or kb. got it. yeah for new cheap tactics! guess it does make the spell more fun for pc,s.
  5. Second Breath

    As an NPC last event I came across this from 3 different people at 3 different encounters. They went down from damage, mortal wounds, and then jumped back up when my back was turned, or whoever the were fighting. They were not KB'd. Thats wrong right? you must be KB'd or wait 10 minutes for bleed out correct? If I'm correct about this something should be said.
  6. Best, worst, and funniest moments of November

    Thank you all so much for the warm welcome back! I missed you guys, and the game. I had a fantastic time NPCing, especially with Dan, Christopher Robin, Lauren, Natasha, and a really really good time as a smart bandit elf with Zach, so intense! It was great to spend time and have fun with all my friends at frat house GoST!
  7. Double Dissipate?

    error on the safe side and just take their heart with you, leave the body. :)
  8. Loot Is Broken

    I had a thought about a way to use up the money if it gets to be too abundant. Magic items only last 1 year from when they are put into the game.
  9. Loot Is Broken

    I like that this system will set the PC's expectation of loot more accurately. Which is in the end what seems to cause frustration. When we hear of a group that killed 1 wraith and 5 skeletons in the field and got a magic sword, and our group had to trek out to the shine and defeat an army of ghouls and necromancers and we barely made enough to pay for the consumables we used, its frustrating. If I know I'll be compensated fairly for my troubles I'm freed up to RP more. And since KoN doesnt mirror real life, a reality that's rarely fair, but rather tries to optimize fun and escape from reality, why not try to balance a system of loot, which the only real randomness is whether you get an extra cool thing every now and again ontop of your fair share. As to the RP being its own reward, it seems unfair to the people who love loot but don't want to kill for it. Just because you love to RP, doesn't mean you don't love to receive gobs of loot. In fact we should always be encouraging RP since thats a huge part of what makes our world cool/fun/awesome! so I would encourage us to have a similar system for NON combat encounters, not just a small discretionary fund. i think its funny that in the real world we are discussing fairness of wealth, and thats even carried over into KoN. Oh to have all things fair.
  10. Feb Feast Pictures 2012

    thank you for the compliments, they are as always much appreciated. Glad you all enjoy the pictures.
  11. Feb Feast Pictures 2012

    One of KoNs bests characters now retired. You'll be missed Iga! I call this photo, "Daddy Issues" http://stephenmarshphotography.instaproofs.com/buy_print.php?event=558971&type=original&id=150706839
  12. Feb Feast Pictures 2012

    Here are two different links, one goes to the main page and I think the other will take you directly to the slideshow viewer. PASSWORD: kon Main page: http://stephenmarshphotography.instaproofs.com/category.php?id=1409186&event=558971&pageSize=20&pageNumber=1 Slideshow: http://stephenmarshphotography.instaproofs.com/IPSlideshow.html?event=558971&id=1409186 I was having difficulty going to the normal route I upload to, and I dont like photobucket or flicker. so I decided to use my business proofing site. Please dont be put off by the fact it looks like I'm trying to sell you something. I'm not. However the thought did occur to me that if you do want to order some prints, I'll donate all the profits to KoN.
  13. Players with personal crises

    sure seems like the media got alot of facts wrong, media....
  14. New T-shirts for Feb Feast 2012

    1 - XL heather still wants to know about a girly shirt, like a tank top or something?
  15. Super short term opinions

    I'm late here, and so it doesnt matter, but for the record. in this order: magic Hat #9, Sam Adams Cheery Wheat, Blue moon, Newcastle.