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  1. Here's the ID magic and Estimate value for May 2019, please only use these IG if you have the pre-requisite skills, Thank you :) idmagic-May-19.pdf estimatevalue-May-19.pdf
  2. Here's the lists for April 2019, please only use these IG if you have the prerequisite skills idmagic-Apr-19.pdf estimatevalue-Apr-19.pdf
  3. Here is the ID Magic and Estimate Value for March 19'. Please only use these if you have the prerequisite skills/ estimatevalue-Mar-19.pdf idmagic-Mar-19.pdf
  4. Here are the ID Magic and Estimate Value list for February. Please only use these if you have the prerequisite skills. ID Magic- ID Magic- Feb '19.pdf Estimate Value- EV- Feb 19'.pdf
  5. ID Magic idmagic-Jan-19.pdf Estimate Value estimatevalue-Jan-19.pdf please only use these if you have the prerequisite skills.
  6. ID Magic Dec. 2018.pdf Est. Value Dec. 2018.pdf Only use these if you have the prerequisite skills.
  7. Est. Value Nov 2018.pdf ID Magic Nov. 2018.pdf Only use these files if you have the prerequisite skills.
  8. June Lost and Found!

    Post your lost and found stuff here!
  9. Best of February

    Everything was great, granted the main road was slippery as hell, but that didn't stop Sorien and Zariel from having fun with that. I was kinda happy that one of the main elf groupies came back, we wanted to teach them the "great forest, elf way to eat" and went past the helix to show them, but then dissipated when they went to say Hi the "elf way" to someone, and when they came back and past us, we all ran away and left them as fast as we could. So much mischief, it was so much fun, I got to bond more with the elves it was great. Amazing event
  10. Best of Novitas New Year

    Before and after elf wedding was a blast! Elf wedding itself was nice,even though I almost changed it...whoops! Human groupies for the elves were hilarious with there "vitality" tattoos in elvish, trying to convince Arbor that it didn't actually say vitality but said soup was a bit difficult. Arbor Teaching the humans that things meant this or that "the elf way" like saying Hi by waving your hands up and down and making a weird noise. Then having them go up to different elves and doing that in their face was hilarious. And we only felt a little bad.
  11. NNY items

    Thanks Dave!!
  12. NNY items

    That's completely understandable with stuff like that. I just want to know what month we need to have Items paid off by so, if I do get an item this year, I know how much to save in whatever span of time Thanks!
  13. NNY items

    I know at past feast's with auction items, people had until April's event to pay of said item. But since this event is a month earlier than FF, and we also have more games at this site than the old site, would we still have until April to pay off Items, or would it be moved up?
  14. "Land Grab" at Hoover

    Individual/Group/Character/Party Names: Amy DiLallo (Zariel; who isn't offically in game yet) Space Requested: Logistics (might come to change when she's in game for a bit) Encampment: No Willing to occupy in winter months: yes Willing to keep mundane junk under bunks: yes TOTAL years as staff (Marshal or Second, or corporate officer) for entire group: 0 TOTAL years attending KON: 1 1/2 years going on 2 Extenuating circumstances:
  15. Something something best of May...

    It's okay!! Though it was startling it wasn't the worst hit I got hit with that event!