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  1. Balancing A Calimacil Sword

    I just realised I posted this in the wrong section. Woops.
  2. I love my new feb feast sword. The one downside, however, is the balance. The center of the balance is a few inches up the blade. I mistook the description, "The short version of this sword is balanced directly at the guard and can be handled without any difficulty." as being applicable to the long sword version. Normally I wouldn't mind the balance too much, but this sword is on the heavy side at 500 grams (I’m much more used to lighter swords). Given that Calimacils naturally are more firm and hit harder, the weight and the hardness prove to worry me. I fear that if I swing hard enough to carry the weight and swing with quick succession, i'll strike people too hard and hurt them. That is why i've been brainstorming how to balance the weight closer to the handle. One idea is to wrap the handle in leather and somehow apply metal weights to the leather. This would balance the sword in the handle, allowing me to calibrate my hits better while still maintaining a quick swing speed. I'm looking for ideas on how to do this or alternatives to the balance situation. TLDR; Need ideas/help balancing my sword https://www.calimacil.com/collections/larp-sword/products/nilveth-dark-elf-saber?variant=8753027874867
  3. 2018 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    Will these items be auctioned in any specific order?
  4. Lost and Found: October

    Thanks! Someone said the lost and found pile was on a chair in logistics. Never found a bottle in it though, just garb. I'll ask around and try to find out who Gail/Macie is.
  5. Lost one of my 30 bottles this last event. Its one of the small locking glass flasks used for crimson/cerulean minotaur. I also may have lost another small locking bottle last event. If someone may have mistaken buying a bottle to keep it, I need it back! Only Amanda should have an ooc purchased small locking bottle.
  6. RP Skill Approval & Advancement

    Player Name: John Harrington PC Name: Ralen Elkund Current RP Skills (Level): Medium 1 and Merchant 1 Requesting advancement to Merchant 2 Why advancement or new skill?: Ralen's drink selling business has been extremely successful. A larger basket, larger bottles, and more bottles were added. Two signs detailing the drinks were attached to the basket. A new drink was added and became very popular. Ralen regularly employs the PCs Phoenix and his new recruit Duncan as bodyguards to protect him and his wares. PCs commonly drink his drinks in celebration (a nearly whole basket was purchased for the brave companions liar's dice game). Ralen's new 'buy 5 get one free' deal has enticed people to purchase more. Ralen advised a couple traveling merchant entrepreneurs that alcoholic drinks are very popular. Ralen's drinks have been the target of poisoners once or twice. Ralen acquires between 300-560 coin per event from selling drinks. Ralen is attempting to open a clinic in a neighboring town. Occasionally Ralen's drinks are used in bartering for goods.
  7. May lost and found

    Found in GoST cabin: -Modern light brown boots. Size US 12EW. Manufacturer is GORE-TEX -Light brown/grey thin medieval shirt -Logistics pregnancy prop pillow w/ straps -Logistics orange hats (3) -Small simple black leather pouch with red stitching. The pouch stitching appears to be torn along one side. -Blue bag with floral design. Top of pouch is a light blue, transitioning into a darker blue towards the bottom. Does not appear to be numbered. -Logistics(?) lavender(?) simple plastic flower prop -One shoulder of plate armor with leather strap. Appears to be segmentata-esque. Five plates riveted onto thin black leather.
  8. Quaterstaff suitable for fighting

    I'm sorry but I wouldn't know if that first staff would pass or not. If you wanted to you could get the same staff as mine as mine is heavily painted. They'd look similar in design though, but I wouldn't mind. Weapon purchasing is difficult sadly. If you ask around a bunch and nobody has experienced the weapon then it can be a high stakes gamble. Sorry I can't be more helpful...
  9. Quaterstaff suitable for fighting

    Also my staff from Epic Armoury Is indeed able to strike with both ends. I try to never push the ends into the ground and also rest the staff bottom atop my boot when stationary and not in use.
  10. Quaterstaff suitable for fighting

    Ralen here, I bought my staff from Epic Armoury. I recommend their staves. I purchased the metal braced staff and painted it for my master staff of restoration.
  11. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Ralen Elkund (John Harrington) for Merchant 1 Ralen has been selling Crimson Minotaur and plans to expand his stock to Monster Brew as well. He also has a history of traveling as a potion merchant as he trained in the magic field of restoration. He plans to one day return to crafting potions, but has his herb mixed drinks to sell in the meantime.
  12. Thanks a ton MK! I bought one and plan to buy another of the third link you listed. I also bought two metal spigots to replace the plastic ones on them. Good idea zach! I could add alcohol to the bottles in game by fake pouring alcohol into the bottles. I'm also told I could purify spirit the bottles/jug to make the drinks non-alcoholic. It's all just a matter of figuring the best way to add alcohol to the drinks in character.
  13. Attachment didn't work, uploaded here: http://postimg.org/image/4vos3e9ip/
  14. In the past couple of events my character, Ralen Elkund, has been selling energy drinks. While I have been primarily selling Red Bull, renamed Crimson Minotaur, I plan to sell Monster energy drinks as well. I have a few questions regarding the sale of these energy drinks. 1.) I've been primarily selling them in glass bottles with corks, but I've stumbled across a new, easier to use bottle. This bottle (see attachment, sorry it's kind of fuzzy) is stained red and has a simple locking mechanism. The problem however is that I don't know if stained bottles are a common sight, and if the plastic top is acceptable. The plastic top on the bottle can be mistaken as glass. This bottle would be nice as it fits the name Crimson Minotaur (crimson bottle), has an easy to use locking mechanism, and rids the problem of losing corks. 2.) Many players mistake Crimson Minotaur as an 'alcoholic' drink. I assume this is because Red Bull is fizzy much like the 'alcohol' served in game. I correct them that it is a mixture of invigorating herbs, but I feel like I've heard that fizzy = alcohol. If the drinks are bubbly, does that mean it must be alcohol as carbonation doesn't exist? I plan to sell the Monster version as Monster Brew (after hearing it was sold as such) as an alcoholic drink. 3.) I haven't yet found a large container to dispense Crimson Minotaur and Monster Brew, but I plan to buy a couple full glass ones. The ones that didn't work out that I have found have plastic spouts much like the water 'barrels' in the inn. Are plastic spouts acceptable on the glass coolers?
  15. To my dismay I remembered I forgot my feast wear. I forgot in the inn: A burlap messenger bag (hanging by the door) A metal cup with a glass bottom A deep wooden bowl A shallow wooden bowl A couple metal utensils (a fork, a spoon, and a two pronged fork, one of these are already found) I know that often times forgotten items are thrown out. I heard these items may be thrown out. I will pay for returned items if asked to do so.