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  1. Calimacil weapons, leather gear, & other goodies FOR SALE

    I'm definitely interested I the chest armor. Dibs! What is the waist circumference? Also considering the shield.
  2. Build a Pc

    Oh Man! Way to meta-game it! should have let players wonder why you disappeared and figure out your death eventually. No one is supposed to know you died in game yet!!! It was done in secret! All we know is that you did not show up at the S&T that night as usual... BAH!! I should have killed Ban myself when I had the chance, which I considered it, when I started realizing I could no longer vouch for him nor trust him. That Shady MoFO! And Vincent better watch out! Anywho. You know my answer. BROWN EEEELLLLLLFFFFFFFFFF. DEW EEETTT!!!
  3. Tips To Bring Your Encampment Up A Notch!

    I agree that reactionary language is kinda inevitable. I find myself realizing it when it's too late that I could have worded things differently sometimes... I'm trying really hard to keep words such as "cool, dang, shit, that's awesome, and oh my God" out of my PC's vocabulary. But the fact that we become more and more aware of it helps towards the process of modifying them and actively thinking of alternate words to use... Sometimes I find it especially hard considering English is my second language and I know my vocabulary is not that extensive or fancy... but things like reading the bible help lol. Also, I've been trying to make my character not as predictable or "bubbly" like I normally am to really make this character stand out above my real self, so pardon me if my PC is purposely "short" with you. It all really comes with practice and maintaining an awareness of these things as much as possible, as well as buying into the fantasy aspects of a whole different world than the one we live in. Having decent acting skills also helps I guess. I'm just so excited to see so many new faces and can't wait to see what they all bring to the table. and Lady Kate, that is hilarious! I might steal that one hahah
  4. Tips To Bring Your Encampment Up A Notch!

    These are all great tips Dave! I hope I can stay at a Cabin or cool encampment one day (When my group becomes more consistent in attendance and gets dibs on time). I would totally go to town with the period decorations and props. I gotta say, though, and this is not to stir up an argument, but merely to voice my opinion (and based on some discussion, a few people I've talked to have agreed as well)... The BIGGEST anachronism for me are not objects as much as modern language (specifically foul language) and expressions are. I totally don't mind or care about any kind of language OOG, but in game, hearing people (especially those that have been in game the longest and have a more respected character) say all kind of limitless modern foul words and mindless cussin', or modern expressions, especially with the cynical or sexual innuendos, Those REALLY throw me off immediately from the fantasy of the game. Even if they are kind of funny, they are funny for ME, not necessarily for my character (PC or NPC), simply because I know it is not the kind of language or expressions you'd hear in ancient times and lands. Not that people were all innocent and naive... but I'm sure players can find ways to express themselves more "professionally" without sounding so modern or shallow. Think Lord of the Rings books or movies... there were plenty of hilarious innuendos or expressions of anger, humor, sex, and even name calling, but none of them made you feel thrown off the era. I get it that most people might not admit this in fear of sounding "uncool" or simply cuz they don't personally mind it. But I do believe certain modern words, cynicism and forms of expressions should not be the go-to easy way to communicate with each other in game, just cuz "that's how we talk, period". In the same spirit of trying to "up" our garb, props and encampment stuff, we should all make an effort in "sounding" and "acting" more "period-like". ie: Expand our vocabulary a bit more (even for insults or cussin'), extend our sentences, read a fantasy book sometime, use an accent, (Thankfully, I naturally have one of my own, lol), write/read poetry etc, say honorable things more often, heck! sound cheesy if you must. Cheesy is better than in-your-face modern. Basically, don't talk in-game the way you do with your buddies at the club/bar/school all the time and call each other "fucktards, pussy, fags, niggas", etc. Effing this, F that, WTF...all day long. I mean, you want to be an IN GAME perv? a drunk? a thug? a dictator, a whore? a jerk or a DOUCHEBAG? BE one! just don't act like a modern one (or like yourself in real life) and do it with a little class, 'doncha' think? I too have to learn to get better at this, and I get amazing inspiration from some of you who manage to stay in character for hours making me believe you really are that mysterious being that talks the part... some of these inspirations are Daitoro (Asian Dave, who still manages to scare the shit out of me in the dark and acts nothing like himself in character), Gabe Coccyx's character, Thomas Hafner, Kyle Egert, Randy Darrow (Lord Richter), David Morgan, Maggie (Baevynn), Justin Capen, and many others that inspire me to make an effort to be more professional period-minded in language, expression and character. By not acting exactly like themselves ALL THE TIME, they really bring their created characters to life! Thank you all! And I hope I didn't offend anyone with my comments, I certainly did not mean to.
  5. Notice of Price Increase for 2017

    This is VERY reasonable. We appreciate still keeping it affordable, especially with the commodity of always having the option to stay in a heated room close to a bathroom. That is SO important for me. Thanks for all the hard work and making it possible for all of us to enjoy game!
  6. Lost and Found: October

    I took some of that garb left in logistics home cuz I felt bad they would not be saved as lost and found. I have that nice black coat/hoodie that someone left. Will bring it back next game. Message me here or on Messenger if it's yours and want it back. Lucia Smith (aka Lady Jazmine)
  7. In Action

  8. Greetings, oh excellent people of Pinedale: My name is... well, you may call me "Jazmine" for now. I am a relatively new in town. I am a Civenite and noble. If you must know about my purpose relocating to the Freelands, I will share some of my story with you. I am the daughter of Civen Senator who's name I cannot yet reveal, for my safety. I had a loving mother, two brothers and a sister who I know not whether they are still alive. I grew up in Civenopolis and have lived there my whole life. I was educated in the fine arts, and I particularly enjoyed music and singing. Being the daughter of a senator gave me many opportunities to showcase my gifts and gain people's support and appreciation. That was, however, the extent of the benefits I had for being the daughter of a well liked politician. Although my father was a senator, he sheltered me from politics, claiming that the political arena was no place fora Lady. I never had a desire to engage in such matters as I could see how easily it could lead to corruption and manipulation, which were the very reasons that our family nightmare began. My father was a man of integrity and a good leader, and he refused to give in to the wishes of those who wanted to use their political position for their own greed. This caused him to have many enemies within the Senate and with organizations who had a vested interest in keeping their illegal activities secret. Unbeknownst to me, my father was offered a lot of money to cover up an incident involving another Senator. When he tried to make moves to bring this matter to justice his opponents accused him of crimes he did not commit. This prevented him from being able to address the corruption of the Senate and he knew that his enemies would most certainly go after his family to gain leverage over him .My father quickly started to make plans for the family to flee to the Freelands. For our own safety, he kept the plans of fleeing from me and my siblings, except for my older brother, so I did not know the details of the plans. At one point however, I overheard my father talking with my brother about a town named "Pinedale"and someone who might be able to help us there. I never learned this person's name or any other details. Knowing I was about to leave Civen, possibly forever, I went to visit a friend, one last time. We have met when he started working with the security company for my father and became great friends since. I did not share any plans of escape with him, as I knew that he knowing would compromise his safety, so I spent some time with him and then left. When I returned home that night, I found the house ruined and my family missing. At that point there was nothing for me to do but to flee as soon as possible, as I knew they would be looking for me too. So I gathered up a few essentials and left to find this Pinedale that I had heard of. Perhaps some of my family made it there, or at least I could find someone who can help me to either locate them or at least move on. At this point I do not know if any of my family is even alive, I can only hope. In the meantime I am trying to settle in Pinedale for my own protection in case my father's enemies are still looking for me, under the belief that I know valuable information, but do I, really?. I intend to learn about the arts of healing so that I can prevent anyone else I care about from getting hurt. I also expect to learn to defend myself as I can no longer rely on anyone for protection like I used to. While in Pinedale, I hope to at least find people I can trust again and renew my hope, master my healing techniques and become the woman I was born to be, with all of my pain, all of my despair and my story. I believe the worst of one self can be used by the Gods to bring the best of one self. I hope you can receive me with open arms and offer counsel while I venture to take the few next steps on this journey. Hope and courage, Jazmine